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This project welcomes anyone who has been predicted or SNP-tested as Y-Haplogroup L.

Haplogroup L is found in South Asia, Western Asia and Europe and is defined by SNPs M11, M20, M61 and M185.
Until 2011 it was considered to comprise 3 main groups - L1, L2 and L3 - but a rare ancient split in this Haplogroup has been identified and the main subgroups are now L1 defined by M22 and M295 and L2 defined by a new SNP L595. The former L1, L2 and L3 will become L1a, L1b and L1c. Until the FTDNA tree and database are updated both old and new naming conventions will appear on the results pages.

 L1a (old L1) occurs mainly in Western India and Southern Pakistan, L1b (old L2) occurs in Western Asia and Europe, and L1c (old L3) occurs mainly in northern regions of Pakistan and India.
L2 (formerly L*) has to date only been observed in Project members of European ancestry but may trace its origins back to the Middle East or the Caucasus.

For more information please see Marco Cagetti's web page

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