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Bridge Project to J1 and J2 with subclades. Join if you have no SNP evidence and like to discover more about Y-Chromosome Haplogroup J. Shortcut to: Donate
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Dear J Haplogroup Project members,
Thank you for your participation in our project. Because of your contributions, the project has grown to the point where it has become too large to manage effectively.  We've realized that the interests of the individual member will be best served in J1 and J2 projects partnering with even more terminal projects. The J project administrators will automatically add members to the appropriate J subclade project as test results dictate. This project is only for those J kit owners who are willing to be added to the appropriate subclade projects.

Y-DNA_J-M304 MapJuly-September 2013: J1 transition done.
Since August 2013: J2 transition is in preparation, and J2 members groups are notified when research will be migrated.
The J Haplogroup Project will remain in place for some time, though without research on J1 and other terminal groups. If you have any questions, please contact us. 
The J Haplogroup Administrators

Links Y-DNA J Research

Haplogroups / Phylogeny:
FTDNA: Ytree J (Draft), Ytree J (YCC 2008)
ISOGG: Y-DNA Haplogroup J and Subclades, Index Y-DNA SNPs
Public Research: J1-M267 (by VictarM), J2a-M410xL24 (by ChrisR), J2a-L24 (by LudmillaR), J2b-M102 (by J2b Project)

Y-DNA_J-M304 MapJ Haplogroup Projects (member numbers updated July 2013):
  • J1 (J-M267), 679 members, Victar Mas, Jaber Al Haddad, Marco Ricci.
    • J1*, 185 members, Peter Hrechdakian, James Honeychuck, Paul Givargidze.
    • J1 Arabian, 430 members
    • J1b (J-M365), 5 members, Ricardo Costa de Oliveira.
    • J-P56, Aug. 2012, 8 members, Victar Mas
    • J1c3 (J-L147), 645 members, Jaber Al Haddad.
    • J-L817 (clade of J-P58, formerly Bnei Yahya), 189 members, Vitaly Goldberg, Janet Akaha
    • J-YSC0000076, 80 members, Bennett Greenspan, Judy Simon, Roberto R, V. Mas
    • J1c3d KMY, 50, Marco Ricci.
    • J1c3d1 (J-L222.2), 448 members, Arab focus
Y-DNA_J-M304 MapGeographical Projects ca. members July 2012 ( J1+J2/Y-DNA):
Fertile Crescent, Levant, Middle East, Caucasus, Arabia, North & Northeast Africa: Arab Tribes DNA (930/1250), Arabian-Gulf DNA (238/548), Arab World DNA (753/1353), Armenian DNA (134/417), Assyrian Heritage DNA (13/58), Chechen-Noahcho DNA (4/6),  Iranian DNA (36/78), Kurdish DNA (5/13), Kuwait DNA Project (53/83), Lebanon-Syria-Palestine-Jordan DNA (45/107), Maghreb DNA (86/233), Middle East DNA (113/382), Saudi Arabia DNA (273/412), Saudi Arabia Najd and Hassa (100/116), Turkey DNA (43/171), United Arab Emirates - UAE DNA (45/112), Yemen DNA (94/123),
Mediterranean Europe, Balkan, Danube: French Heritage DNA (88/1682), Greek DNA (48/209), Hungarian Bukovina DNA (22/246), Iberian Peninsula DNA (136/1250), Iberian Basque DNA (12/180), Italy DNA (133/558), Italy Abruzzo DNA (19/79), Italy Calabria DNA (49/210), Italy Campania DNA (28/81), Italy Frosinone DNA (16/76), Italy North DNA (18/183), Italy Sicily DNA (108/401), Portugal DNA (31/260), Slovakia DNA (15/144), Spain DNA (36/430),
Asia Central & South: Afghan-Pakistani DNA (5/50), Alash Kazakhstan (13/143), India subcontinent DNA (55/367), India Kerala Syrian Christians (23/80),
Europe North, East & Atlantic: Benelux Y-DNA (15/301), British Isles DNA (101/4015), Czech DNA (18/287), Denmark DNA (12/330), Finland DNA (15/1972), German Language Area DNA (132/1841), Germany Palatine DNA (12/240), Ireland Y-DNA (62/4604), Netherlands Y-DNA (4/130), Norway DNA (6/429), Polish DNA (155/2059), Russia-Slavic DNA (19/212), Scandinavian Y-DNA (7/585), Sweden DNA (2/272),
Rest of the World: Azores DNA (22/169), Brasil DNA (24/169), Cuba DNA (16/183),   
ISOGG: Y-DNA Haplogroup J and its Subclades, Index to Y-DNA SNPs, Composite List of Papers/Presentations Cited, Glossary of Genetic Terms, Genetic Genealogy Wiki
Y-DNA J Haplogroup Project: Y-DNA J-M304 Resource Site (Images, Archive, Y-STR-Markers Tables)
Y-DNA Databases:
open database by FTDNA with over 85,000 Haplotypes;
SMGF: Y-Chromosome Database over 38,000 samples also from rarely investigated regions;
Semargl.me Y-DNA, map Y-SNP distribution, Y-SNP search, map of branches, map of haplogroups; kit # search (based on FTDNA-Projects and Ysearch, J-Admin Jan/JaG J2a3b1 M67+ L556+);
YHRD - Y Chromosome Haplotype Reference Database over 101,000 haplotypes; see also NIST forensic Y-Chromosome STRs;
US Y-STR Database over 18,000 haplotypes; Database descriptive statistics (PDF);
Y-STR Haplogroup Predictors: Vadim Urasin YPredictor; Whit Athey Y-Haplogroup Predictor; Jim Cullen & Ken Nordtvedt: World Haplogroup & Haplo-I Subclade Predictor
Y-STR Comparison: Dean McGee Y-Utility: Y-DNA Comparison Utility, MJost Mod: Burgarella 2010 mutation rates; Clan Donald USA TMRCA Calculator (Most Recent Common Ancestor); SplitsTree4: Software for computing phylogenetic networks;
Y-SNP Comparison: Adriano Squecco Y-DNA SNP Comparison Project based on 23andMe and deCODEme raw Y-SNP data; Facebook page;
Y-DNA J Papers: By searching "Y-Chromosome J1 J2" on Google Scholar; PubMed Search; see also ISOGG;
Y-DNA-Trees: Marko Heinila speculative Y-DNA STR/SNP maximum likelihood trees (phyloXML based on FTDNA data), Terry D. Robb TMRCA Y-Haplogroups (based of 1000 Genomes Project data - Preliminary Results)
Tree Software: Archaeopteryx (Visualization, Analysis, and Editing of Phylogenetic Trees / phyloXML), TreeGraph 2 (phylogenetic tree editor, Stöver & Müller), jsPhyloSVG (javascript library for rendering phylogenetic trees), PhyloWidget (viewing, editing, and publishing phylogenetic trees online), PhyloBox (online environment for viewing, editing, sharing, and publishing phylogenetic trees), TreeGraph (Generating PostScript- and SVG trees), Treevolution (visual analysis of phylogenetic trees), TreeViewJ (viewing and analyzing phylogenetic trees), HyperTree (phylogenetic tree viewer)
Haplotype Software: Wikipedia Haplotype#Software
Blogs: J2-M172; Dienekes Community / Discussion: Personal unsubstantiated theories, prejudices and bad manners can happen, unfortunately. Always try to contribute positively and constructively.
eng.MolGen.org Forum J Haplogroup (Y-DNA); J1 Haplogroup, J2 Haplogroup;
Anthrogenica.com: Forum J Haplogroup (Y-DNA), J1-M267, J2a-M410, J2b-M12;
Facebook: Haplogroup J1, Haplogroup J2, Y-DNA Project Administrators, ISOGG;
Projects of enthusiasts: sources and/or authors are sometimes not listed and the influence of unsecured theories or beliefs can not be excluded. So use with caution and a critical review.
TheGeneticAtlas Map J, Y-pop-tree, frequencies;
Eupedia Map J1, Map J2 & Table, Forum Y-DNA Haplogroups;

General Fund

Current balance: $38.65

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Debit $39.00 7/30/2014       Unknown
Debit $78.00 7/26/2014       Unknown
Credit $25.00 6/19/2014 Carolyn Sullivan Fillingham     Honor
Debit $72.00 1/10/2014     N76595 Unknown
Debit $39.00 1/8/2014     E14539 Unknown
Debit $19.00 11/21/2013     278654 Unknown
Debit $39.00 7/21/2013     253629 Unknown
Credit $100.00 7/14/2013 José de Moura Neto     Unknown
Debit $39.00 6/28/2013     197150 Unknown
Debit $39.00 5/21/2013     E7054 Unknown
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Project Stats

Statistic Type Count
Big Y 239
Combined GEDCOMs Uploaded 136
DISTINCT mtDNA Haplogroups 358
DISTINCT Y-DNA Confirmed Haplogroups 278
DISTINCT Y-DNA Predicted Haplogroups 0
Family Finder 719
Genographic 2.0 Transfers 142
Maternal Ancestor Information 948
mtDNA 689
mtDNA Full Sequence 350
mtDNA Plus 554
mtDNA Subgroups 24
Paternal Ancestor Information 1702
Predicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 565
Total Members 2034
Unpredicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 0
Unreturned Kits 23
WTY 15
Y-DNA Deep Clade (After 2008) 327
Y-DNA Deep Clade (Prior to 2008) 205
Y-DNA Subgroups 30
Y-DNA111 459
Y-DNA12 1980
Y-DNA25 1709
Y-DNA37 1648
Y-DNA67 1129