DNA Test results for the McMahon Surname Project - Goals

To identify all branches of McMahon in order to enable those of us who live in the US or Europe to:

1) determine the most likely lineage  of McMahon, McMahan, Mahon etc that we descend from

2) identify others to whom we might be related.

In order to achieve these goals, we would like testers to try and test for 67 markers. This in our view is the essential first step in establishing your position in the scheme of things.Testing at this level allows:

  • FTDNA to make a more accurate estimate of haplotype
  • Distinguish Colla from non-Colla (Colla = null value for 48thmarker)
  • Produce a more statistically significant result.
We are tracking the DNA results from male testers, which is done through Y-DNA testing.  Y-DNA testing only tracks the male lineage, in a similar fashion to the way a surname is passed down from father to son.  Mt-DNA testing tracks only the female DNA haplogroup lineage.  If you have done no Y-DNA testing, we will leave you in the project under the assumption that you plan to do Y-DNA testing in the future.  We will evaluate your DNA once the Y-DNA results are in.