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About us

This project was launched by Patricia Greber around 2006. She coerced Bill and Jim into joining her in the task of management and we've been expanding the Project ever since. In April 2012, Patrick McMahon joined us as a Project Co-administrator. Patrick is a retired geneticist living in Wexford and has been a Co-administrator for the 'Clan Colla 425 Null Project' since 2009. Patrick has run the Project as administrator for the last two years.

The project continues to grow and we have emerging McMahon (and derivative) categories. The DNA technology is also providing insight into
the different McMahon branches. To date (Jan 2014), there are 130 McMahons in the Project (inclusive of those with different names but McMahon type DNA). The current breakdown is 34 actual +12 probable Colla (Airgialla 1), 9 Airgialla 2, 8 non-Colla Aran, 11 other, 23 Clare (Thomond), 18 unclassified, 7 Unmatched and 8 haplotypes not derived from R1b1a2. The 130 members are currently distributed among 25 categories.

If you are a McMahon or one of the Project specified names, then come and join us. We will try our best to position you in one of the Project categories and advise you on the best tests to achieve this.