Jewish_Q -- YDNA Haplogroup Q1b of European Descent - Goals

Our first goal is genealogy. We would like to find our relatives. By sorting us into one Haplogroup we know we are related within some time frame. We would like to narrow down our relationships so that we can confirm our relationship with paper documentation.

We find it interesting that Q1b in Europe is mostly found among Jewish men. We would like to have more participants to see if this is coincidental or is a Jewish identifier.

We do not concern ourselves with current religious practices or views of any participant. We are interested if you have the tradition that your father's relatives were from any place in Europe and were Jewish.

We are fascinated by the question of how yDNA with SNP M378 entered our population. We would like to find and put together more pieces of the puzzle.

We want to put ourselves into groups and closely related individuals and help them find their common ancestor or at least point them in directions which will prove to be most useful to them.