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About us

The Avotaynu yDNA Study is a worldwide academic collaboration managed by the non-profit Avotaynu Research Partnership LLC. The study's aim is to utilize FTDNA results to trace the origins and migrations of the Jewish people and related populations among whom they have lived over the last 3,000 years. You were included because you are a member of one of our co-managed projects at Family Tree DNA including Belarus SIG, Gesher Galicia, Hungarian SIG, Sephardi Heritage, Jewish Heritage Project, IAJGS Conferences, Sephardic Heritage, among many others. There is no cost whatsoever to participate, and as an academic study with academic Institutional Review Board approval, our project endeavors to meet the academic standards of our participating institutions with respect to ethics and confidentiality. To supplement our database of several thousand Ashkenazi participants, we are in the process of actively surveying lineages of the Sephardim, Mizrahim, and Italkim and other non-Ashkenazi lineages in the Caribbean, Europe, Italy, Turkey and other locales all over the world.