Jewish Q

About us

When this group was first organized we discovered a group of us of Ashkenazi Jewish (Northern European) were YDNA Haplogroup Q which is considered to have originated in Siberia. We wanted to know how this could be and we started this group to find out what we all had in common. We were originally one of the few groups focused on Jewish men and so we invited any Jewish person to join our group if they were interested in our common ancestral origins.

Now that the database at FamilyTreeDNA has gotten to be larger we are still interested in our general history we have now come to the time we would like to focus on Northern Europeans with Haplogroup Q YDNA. There are other groups focused on more general Jewish history. We are focused on just one small subgroup of Haplogroup Q we encourage all Qs to join the generic Q-YDA group administered by Rebekah Canada, including our own members. Rebekah and her team are focused not only on the ancestry they are focused on the interesting science. We absolutely want all Haplogroup Q's of European descent, Jewish or not.