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Jewish Q

About us

You do not have to be Jewish to join this group! We need your participation regardless of your current religion or the religion of your ancestors. Your data will help us determine if the high concentration of Jewish men in our group is merely a statistical anomaly or a reality.

We invite you to join if Family Tree DNA has assigned you a red or green Q, Q1 or Q1b and are of European descent. We are most interested in Q1b defined by SNP M378 but you do not have to be tested to join. If a person who is a close match to you is in our group then we want you as well. If you have any doubts at all please join.

Haplogroup Q (M242) evolved in Siberia about 20,000 years ago. SNP M378 is a downstream (evolved later in time) mutation which has been found in about 5% of Ashkenazi (northern European) Jewish men and at low frequency among samples of the Hazara and Sindhi tribes of Afghanistan and Pakistan. More recently discovered downstream SNPs appear to have originated in the Mediterranean area.

For centuries there was little intermarriage between northern European Jews and their neighbors. We wonder how Q1b yDNA came into our group and when. The discovery of more recently evolved SNPs may help us solve that mystery.

While we are focused on one small subgroup of Haplogroup Q we encourage all Qs to join the generic Q-YDA group administered by Rebekah Canada.