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About us

There is a bigger Y-DNA Haplogroup Q-M242 Project that welcomes all Qs, and we encourage all the members of this group to join that one as well. If you have Jewish ancestry on your direct paternal line, please also join the Avotaynu DNA project. Through these two projects, Adam Brown and Rebekah Canada are doing active research to explore and document the Jewish Q lineages including when they entered the Jewish Diaspora populations.

Our first goal is genealogy. We would like to find our relatives. By sorting us into one Haplogroup we know we are related within some time frame. We would like to narrow down our relationships so that we can confirm our relationship with paper documentation.

Specific targets to meet our goal are:

  • Improve the percentage of the 246 Y-DNA tested men in the project who have Y37 tested. The current number is 195 or 79%.

  • Improve the percentage of the 356 project members who have family trees linked to their accounts. The current number is 32 or 9%.

  • Improve the percentage of the Q-Y2200 men who have either Big Y tested or Q-L245 SNP Pack tested.

To help accomplish these things, we need project members where they can afford it to order needed tests. To help those who cannot afford additional testing, we need donations to our project. Please help where you can.