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About us

There is a bigger Y-DNA Haplogroup Q-M242 Project that welcomes all Qs, and we encourage all the members of this group to join that one as well. If you have Jewish ancestry on your direct paternal line, please also join the Avotaynu DNA project. Through these two projects, Adam Brown and Rebekah Canada are doing active research to explore and document the Jewish Q lineages including when they entered the Jewish Diaspora populations.

About Haplogroup Q

Haplogroup Q evolved in Eurasia 29,000 to 34,000 years ago.

In recent years, we have discovered that there are several different branches of Q in Jewish Diaspora populations. This follows a pattern we are told is seen with other haplogroups. One or two types are strongest in one group and almost absent in others. While this pattern could be explained many ways, one likely cause is the reduction of populations due to historic events. That is, the Diaspora itself.

In the Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish population we are finding that those from Haplogroup Q are Q-Y2200. There appears to be one more mutation downstream (Q-Y2232) that really is only found among Jewish men.

In addition, there are several branches of Q found in Sephardi, Yemeni, and Greek Jewish populations.

About This Group

You do not have to be religiously Jewish to join this group! We are most interested in those who find their Y-DNA to be in Haplogroup Q with male ancestry with a tradition of being Jewish.

If you have any questions please contact the group administrator, that's me. If you are in Haplogroup Q and I put you into a group that says your are Jewish, please send me a note telling me that your ancestors were not Jewish.

Dave Howard (nee Horwitz)