Arterburn DNA Project - Goals





My purpose is not to disparage or devalue the groundbreaking

work of Art and Jan Arterburn, nor to mimimize the immense debt

of gratitude that all ARTERBURNS who may be interested in their

family roots owe the authors of The Arterburn Cousins.


Rather, my goal has been to attempt to carry forward in the best

spirit of honest and open inquiry the task of a work unfinished, as

acknowledged and invited by them in the introduction of their book. 

I continue to believe that truth will indeed set us free if our hearts 

are in the right place.  I hope you agree.  This calls for an open mind

to all of the facts that can be discovered about our ancestors, while

withholding judgment about that which we can know very little—their

interior lives.  They were family and the reason we are here, and

that is reason enough; they deserve our grateful and affectionate

remembrance.  But even more, we honor them and our descendants

of the future by receiving and passing on whatever lessons for

good their lives and times can teach us. 


In neither of my books have I attempted to reproduce or update

the family tree of the many descendants compiled by the authors

of The Arterburn Cousins.  I leave that to others.  (For instance,

Michael N. Arterburn has recently assembled a comprehensive

database of ARTERBURN descendants and also has a Facebook

page.)  My focus has been entirely on specific points of the history

of those two first families, and on the question of ancestral origins.  


To expect that The Arterburn Cousins is exhaustive and without

error in every detail is to expect too much.  Some corrections have 

been necessary.  Hitherto unknown or unexplored facts have been

presented.  New ways of looking at the available evidence have been

proposed that better explain what we now know.  Some promising

possibilities for future research have also been suggested.  I make

no pretense of having completed the task that was so auspiciously

begun in The Arterburn Cousins, but I do believe that I have

made important contributions and advances.


Finally, Y-DNA testing has added a new dimension in helping to

uncover our deepest ancestral roots, as well to clarify our likely

Old World origins in more recent historical time.  The perspective 

of genetics has also enabled us to see through a new lens that our

patrilineal (surname) family in which we claim relationship is only

one branch of a very large human family tree that extends far back 

in time.  While this Y-DNA Project is necessarily focused only on 

our lineage through the males of our ARTERBURN ancestors, each 

of us has over a thousand direct ancestors within just the past 10

generations.  The (autosomal) DNA of all of those other ancestors

have also contributed to make us genetically who we are today.


I hope you find the entire results useful as a complement to The

Arterburn Cousins.  Questions or comments about this project are

always welcomed.  Please write to me via the group administrator's  

email link, at the top of the Background page.



Cordially and sincerely,

Charles R. Arterburn

Project Administrator   






"Consider whether we ought not to be more in the habit of

seeking honor from our descendants than from our

ancestors, thinking it better to be nobly remembered than

nobly born, and striving so to live."

John Ruskin (1819-1900)