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Descendants past and present have variously expressed their beliefs about

the Old World origin of our ARTERBURN ancestors, whether Scotch-Irish,

German, Scottish, English, Indian, or some other.  Now, for the first time

we have cogent historical evidence, supported by genetic genealogy, that

our male ancestral line of descent through Peter and William originated in

South Asia, and most likely on the Indian subcontinent.


Nonetheless, every ARTERBURN descendant today can legitimately claim

ancestry in one or more of these other groups of European origin, because

most of us are a mix of all of them.  We need only look at the surnames in

The Arterburn Cousins to see that intermarriage with spouses whose

ancestors are either known to have been or appear to have been Scots-Irish,

German, Scottish, or English has occurred in every generation since Peter

and William.  We are a composite genetically of all who have come and 

gone before us, not just those of our male line of descent representing

the ARTERBURN surname. 


Thus, as ARTERBURNS most of us have Scots-Irish, Scottish, German, and

English as well as South Asian ancestors.  Whether we choose to identify more

with one or to embrace all, we are ultimately American.  At its best, this country

has succeeded in merging many different cultures into one American culture,

unique in all the World.  Let us celebrate this achievement, even as we seek

to understand the Old World cultures our ancestors left behind in their embrace

of this New World of America.