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                                       The ARTERBURN Story In Print

For background on the history and genealogy of the
ARTERBURN family, see the
online text versions of these books now available in the digital archives of Family
History Library:
Arterburn,  C. Norben,  and Janet D. Arterburn.  The Arterburn Cousins.
[S.l. : s.n., 1977?].

        This original and groundbreaking work of research uncovered
        and presented in an alphabetized and chronological format the
        branches of the then known descendants of Peter and William
        Arterburn.  Although not without some errors, this book has
        served ARTERBURNS well for many years as an indispensable
        reference resource.    More recently, Michael N. Arterburn has
        compiled and published an updated version with many new
        descendants added to the family tree. 
C.R. Arterburn, 2010.


This book (7th edition, 2010) was the culmination of several
attempts to make sense of conflicting claims and clues about
ARTERBURN family origins.  The available (or lack of) evidence 
for Scotch-Irish, English, German, and "Indian" ancestry was
explored.  The second book, Supplemental Notes, picks up
where this one left off.


      To access reference links found at the end of each section 
      in Some Research Notes, open a separate window/page in
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      Websites of some reference links will open in the same window
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      links in a separate window of your browser will avoid this.  Also,
      over time links for some of these Webpages may have changed.
      To find their current link (URL) may require searching anew the
      target site of the original published link or the Internet, using  
      relevant keywords or names from the text.
Family in America.  Lexington, Kentucky :  C.R. Arterburn, 2013.


This book
 was occasioned by new evidence uncovered
about the "East Indian" connection of Peter Arterburn, and 
also by the discovery in our Y-DNA of the Haplogroup/SNP,
R-Z93.  A timeline for Peter and William was presented, and
the composition of the families of Peter and William was
revisited.  The "News" page picks up where this book left off.