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John Williams in Charles County Court  (12 November 1706,

14 January 1706/7)

Who exactly was the "William Davis" who provided "security" for
Peter Arterburn's credit in Prince William County —landlord, employer,
benefactor, relative/in-law, or some combination of these?

"William Davis" in Colonial Maryland  (RootsWeb/Marshall)

"William Davis" in the census of Dunmore County (1775)
in district #4 adjacent to that (#3) of Peter and William
(see Supplemental Notes, Appendix #7, p. 598)

"William Davis Arterburn" (see
Cousins, p. 380)

What connection if any between "Presley Davis" and Peter's "William
Davis" and "Presley Arterburn?"

Jesse Davis (1751-1818), b. Prince William County, VA  d. Nelson
County, KY. (RootsWeb ID: I051076)

Jesse Davis (RootsWeb ID: I046252)

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