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With the release of a costeffective YDNA 67/111 marker test....we have seen a couple of thingsinteresting, but have not distinguished any direct marker mutation that clearsup any branches, that is , allowing us to identify “descendants of certain brothers”. Maybe one day as we get more tests in.

.... we have found a mutation in the PURPLE group thatappears to define descendants of the Peter c1732-88 of Barnwell…sons Samuel andLewis that distinguishes between descendants of Peter c1725-1797 of Edgefield. We still have not confirmed a descendant by YDNA test of Peter C1732's sonJoseph.  So I am modifying theterminology going forward…adding a PURPLE/35 branch where members have amutation at marker 35 seen in many trees and family histories.

For reading below, note thefollowing:

GREENYDNA pattern is for John Miles YB SRc1708 and Henry Miles YB c1730, JohnMiles YB JRc1734 of St Georges, Baltimore MD, James YB c1738? and Thomas YBc1736-1808 of all Johnston Co, NC (YDNA matches PURPLE c42/67 YDNA geneticmarkers)

PURPLEYDNA pattern is for Peter c1725 and sons Jacob c1750; Lewis, Abrahamand George; (Peter had a brother and a son John) (DAR records)

PURPLE/35YDNA pattern is for Peter c1732 and sons Samuel c1754 (DAR records),Lewis and Joseph; (YDNA matches PURPLE 65/67 YDNA genetic markers)

BLUEYDNA pattern is for James c1740-1792 (DAR Records) (YDNA matchesPURPLE 64/67 YDNA genetic markers) **Notethis James is not the James - son of John Miles YB above-two distinct men

GRAY YDNA pattern isfor Thomas c1745-1822 (DAR Records) (YDNA matches PURPLE 65/67 YDNA geneticmarkers) **Note this Thomas is not the Thomas- son of John Miles YB above-two distinct men

BLUE and GRAY match 65-66/67 YDNAmarkers

A key to understanding thesefamilies is that PURPLE, BLUE and GRAY are ONE family…with distinct 1 or 2Mutations that are significant to point to specific “sons or grandsons “  of a common ancestor as yet an unprovenunknown Youngblood c1700 or few generations earlier.  GREEN is a different male line family…AtDNAtakes into account male and female lines and can blur or confuse linkages.

As you review the informationbelow, you will note that there are more what I call “No Match” than I actuallyexpected going into this project.  Theseare Youngbloods who match none of the patterns above.  The generic term is NPE – non-parental event.We have identified adoptions by a Youngblood family.  We have identified Youngbloods being adoptedby non-Youngblood surname parents.  Wehave identified “take ins” – children brought into family when nearby family’sparents die with young sons. We believe we have seen young married women withyoung sons whose husband had died and she remarried a Youngblood male with theyoung sons taking the Youngblood name. We have identified OOW – Out of wedlock sons born to Youngblood femalesand out of wedlock sons of non-surname female Youngbloods whose father was aYoungblood.  As I have said often, I wasin the time frame that was said to have ‘invented” sex in the ‘60’s.  Obviously not.  We have found children of Youngbloods andfemale slaves and numerous slave families after the WAR who took as their ownthe Youngblood name.

Some of these No Matches go backto the 1700’s when times were really tough on families; there were many warsand much death from disease before current day medicines.  We have tracked some back to the 1850’s andyes some into the 1900s.  So manyinteresting stories in each of these occurrences.

For now, here at the beginning, I have the proofnecessary to call folks at the Old Lebanon Church reunion in Youngblood, AL, PikeCounty...each August COUSIN and know it is right. And many of my new friends atthe Good Hope Baptist Church.

 Also, with a match of 35/37 65/67 YDNA geneticmarkers to Dorothy Quaife’s  BLUE line....thesetoo are cousins I did not well as Thomas Kelly Youngblood ofNC via SC whose Peter 1732 I too can call cousin.  PURPLE/35 matching 64/67 YDNA genetic markers.

Of course, a little disappointment in finding the Rev. Billand Benny who I have corresponded with over the many years....are from a YDNAunrelated paternal line (John Miles YB 1708 GREEN). We know these two linesmany times traveled similar paths...we expect we will find intermarriageand relationships do exist... but the YDNA is dramatically different.

My special thanks to Hub Youngblood and Ann for all the help and kindness to"these folks from Texas they did not even know" first match tohis James 1809 and started this little storm of interest.  (We lost Hubjust before the reunion.  My trips to Youngblood Alabama just won't be thesame.)

We have identified now at least two distinct SC/GA lines of Youngbloods – oneline with 4 identifiable branches… and some who do not match these two lines. Imay at times refer to two lines...GREEN and GRAY/BLUE/PURPLE as these"NON_GREEN or PURPLE" lines are really one line with slight markermutations over, this is one group or line with 3 distinct branches.

The “Non Matches” are from various Haplo Groups and weexpect are from young male adoptions, take ins, OOWs of female Youngbloods,Guardians who changed name to Youngblood. We have proved some of these but we do not have answers for all YDNAtest members.

We have submitted enough 37 marker tests to compare in moredetail to the five identified lines and branches. This will prepare us tobetter understand what the additional information is able to tell us so theproject may communicate to all where an individual upgrade may be advantageousto the project.

We have seen at this time that the 12 marker test will define clearly whichline one belongs. The 25 and 37 marker tests will provide a generational timeframe (ie, 7 generations or 12 generations better educated guess) anddistinguish better the various branches

We have enough 67 marker test results to show that for nowbeyond 37 markers does not show any dramatic changes among the GRAY/BLUE/PURPLElines though one marker clearly changes among the sub lines.

SeeDetail below....



We have YDNA results in fromthe Charleston SC Youngblood group... c1770 to 1830 time frame before moving toDallas County AL where many remain today.  This is very excitingnews.  This group of Youngbloods traces their line through William andPeter back to the Peter Jungblut/Youngblood who was naturalized alongwith his children in 1739 giving Palatinate, Germany as his homeland.  Heis often referred to as the PA/MD Peter Youngblood.  Now we do not have aperfect confirmation (to my third degree) of this lineage... this informationis based on the research of Georgia Keyser Youngblood completed back in the 1950s. We must have all hands pull this new information into their analysisof their family's written histories, bibles and wills to clarify the picturewith this new information.

Now we very much need to finda descendant of Johannes Jungblut/Youngblood of Orange County, New York whoalso recorded that he was from Palatinate, Germany. Our family book referred tothis group as "cousins" but this has not been proven as of yet. If you know any Youngbloods from this Rev. War Youngblood, please havethem contact me or sign up immediately for our YDNA project.

 [Made contact withtwo descendants who were not interested in our project or being tested… we lookfor more]

You may want toread this from the bottom if this is your first reading of the project tounderstand how the Project progressed. Originally, we only had 12 markers tests and the explained theory wasthat if there was an 11/12 or a 12/12 YDNA genetic match and the surname wasYoungblood, then there was a common ancestor within the last 250 years.  Our test results fit well to this 12/12theory and 37/67/111 marker tests help us see distinctions between branches.


I will try update better and more often onthis page as results come in.  As youwill see by date, we are dramatically slowing down on new participation after16 years dramatically…BUT there are still many unresolved relationships of ourYBs back to PA…and on back to Germany

        B Youngblood   - We expected his results would bePerfect Purple or Purple/35 based on dob, living locations,  and timeframe..etc.  Yes there were a few BLUE and GRAY in thatarea…but we did not get a match…close but puzzling.  Still digging here ,  Need help from family…It may be necessary toget FTDNA to re-test with second sample.

          Marcelo Young Blood  - The Brazilian Youngblood connection isto the BLUE Youngblood branch of James YB c1740-91.  Based on their knowledge of their immigrantto Brazil , one of our most perplexing Youngblood mysteries has new light and I feel is resolved.

        scott arthur youngblood – Scott hasan 11/12 match to descendants of Hardaway YB which historically given the samesurname and an 11/12 match a connect could be made…but then in the next 25markers the connection was ruled out by the number of mutations.  Curious. Since I cannot explain this, I will ask for a review and are-test withthe second sample.

        Roy Garland Youngblood – PURPLE - PeterYB c1725-1795 SC; Abraham YB c1760; Seaborn YB c1790; John Marshallc1822/Rebecca Capehart, George c1852, James H c1885/Etta Virginia; Bill YB1917; R G YB c1943…

          Drew Douglas Youngblood – Drew’sresults are the most curious I have seen in 17 years. I will ask FTDNA toRe-evaluate his sample…and / or test sample number 2 or both

        Gary Lee Youngblood  - Gary’s YDNA supports his tree matchinghim to two other Youngbloods from the VA/WVA line of Youngbloods that I referto as the AQUA line of Youngbloods.  Thisis a separate lien from the PA/NC/SC Youngblood family.

        LA Youngblood  - This is me testing again.  Why?  Myoriginal YDNA test showed a mutation,  asdid 5 of the first 6 Youngblood YDNA members…given it was an  “insignificant” mutation by vendor support,  I had asked that my test be re-evaluated.  Vendor essentially said that “they made nomistake“with my original marker number report. I then addressed my concern and questioned publicly at the AnnualMeeting and was told “Let’s take that up later”.  So I submitted a completely new sample undera different name figuring that spending another $170 was better than continuingto argue with the vendor.  My concern ofan error was confirmed with the second test…and my results along with the othermembers who tested early in the project were re-evaluated and the results werechanged.  Of course, now as you look atthe YDNA marker display, these errors will no longer be seen.

I am not suggesting that everyone should retestif one feels the results are incorrect. I will be happy to talk to anyone if their results are not as expectedand make recommendations.  My first wouldbe to find a 1st or 2nd cousin surname to take thetest.  Then we can continue from there.

        Scott Youngblood – Scott’s tree issupported by his YDNA result.  PURPLE/35

        Samuel Darrell Youngblood – His lineage is suggested byYDNA back to James Walker YB c1812.  Wehave not confirmed the connection of  JWYB c1812 to a SC family… work continues…need more info and a completed treefrom member.


Michael Youngblood   Kit No.   MK62798  Haplogroup I. No YDNA matches….this is a different unique line of European Youngbloods.  Andre Floyd YB c1909 – 1987.  Look forward to learning more of this line.

     Michael C YB – When I first talked to Michael, I expected based on what heknew of his family and where they lived that he would test PURPLE/335 based onthe area of SC that he had tracked his family and I had confirmed…one of thosesurprises that I have yet to resolve… He matches me 109/111 YDNA geneticmarkers-  GRAY, so he is in .  Still digging here. Help

     Wm P – Researchsuggested he was in the line of James YB c1740 – BLUE YDNA profile… Testconfirmed BLUE.

Lost Line Found…

John Jackson"Jack" Youngblood 1843–1920 dob 11 JUN 1843 • Pike,Alabama, USA dod 10 APR 1920 • Bethel Cemetery

Ancestry Tree lists his father as"UNKNOWN"...Some say John Waters YB…but not… I have now his fatherand Youngblood line back to c1715....Will be happy to send documentation viaemail... Only took my dad and me 40 plus years to find him...never thought Iwould... Wish my dad had been here to enjoy finding another branch of our"Lost Line of Pike CO, AL" Youngbloods.

Ancestry DNA test found anotherperson who had John Jackson YB lineage to current date... I had him and hisfather back to Colonial times... had lost him when he moved from MS to"somewhere" c1858.

The book is out-The ColonialYoungblood YDNA Project, but I will have to add a John Jackson YoungbloodFamily - brothers, sisters and father's Update before I can't...this is myfamily...His father and two of his father's brothers died in the Lincoln's Waralong with a brother Thomas.

This was the first result from a cluefrom Autosomal DNA test results.  Giventhe controversy of who is his father with the Dry Prong Youngbloods, a YDNAtest will be of little value as who they have as his father and who I have ashis father will have the exact same YDNA…at this stage, it’s all about thepaper work.

Larry Youngblood

     J EarlYB – His tree tracked to James TYoungblood and James Jonathan YB but the wrong one as there were two JamesJonathan’s one in Warren Co, TN and one in Lowndes co, AL…both these are GREENYDNA profile.  Alabama is the family ofJacob YB and Sarah Brantley. 

    M AYoungblood  - NPE identified. 118 matches to anothersurname.

   J E YB – Paperwork tracked to Asa YB c1795, Elijah c1824…many have connected him to Joseph YBc1760 PURPLE/35… He did not match PURPLE/35 or any YB YDNA profile that wecurrently have.  New YB or an NPE?  One No Match does not a misconnectionmake…the NPE could be anywhere along the branch.  We need another member from this branch alonga different path.

Dr T H Youngblood – trackshis line back to Peter YB c1732-88. PURPLE/35 YDNA supports this but there is a mutation that we have seenonce before that might suggest we need to review and look closer again.

D W Youngblood – Thisremains one of our unconfirmed back to Geo J c1841…He tested GREEN YDNA asexpected based on locations and time frame…but as yet we have not confirmed hisfather…Help

                            Larry W Youngblood – Based on hisresearch he had confirmed Robertson S YBc1825 the older brother of my GRAY Wm LYB c1833…so we expected GRAY YDNA profile and it was confirmed (37/37 geneticmarker match).

L L Youngblood -  Expected PURPLE and the test did confirm this. He has onemutation that appears not to be significant…just a random until we see atrend.  He also has a second mutationthat appears to be significant as no one else has it.  May help us in the future define a certainbranch.

J RYoungblood – Expected PURPLE and the testdid confirm this.  He has one mutationthat appears not to be significant…just a random until we see a trend.

                   WmL YB tracks back to Benjamin YB c1773 butYDNA profile does not match the color Profiles we have.

ClaborneYoungblood – Expected PURPLE/35 and thetest did confirm this.

  - Shane YB – I had been tracking thisline since the January 2015 result of a Youngblood who tested PURPLE trying tofind a member to test as there was some controversy within the Texas YBresearchers of this line who moved to California..   Shane’s results confirmed the controversyand led us to the correct answer that was confirmed by another YDNA test from Shane’sline in February 2018.

  -  T BYB Jr – He had tracked his line toJonathan Wm which we have found went back to Henry Miles YB and John Miles YBc1708… so we expected him to testGREEN and he did…confirming his research and lineage.

  - J O YB’s results were awaited with greatanticipation.  We had tracked him back to Andrew YB of Edgefield thoughtto be the brother of my Thomas YB c1745 by relevant land records.  When he came in perfect PURPLE…all the landrecords had to be re-evaluated.  Apossible significant finding for Bennett YB and Amos Caril YB.  This was one of my fun tracking projects as Iheard/had smidgeons of J O moving to the NW so I posted a message to all youngYoungbloods and asked it their father or grandfather was a J O YB.  His grandson responded.

  - She-herdad - tracked to Daniel  c1802 of VA(WVA) ; we expect AQUA and the test confirm this expectation.

                                  A K YB expected GREEN and tested GREED to confirm.

  J L YB –He had a good track on his family back to Abraham YB c1769 our PURPLE group…confirming again that this branch was not in the lone of John Miles YB JR c1734as he tested PURPLE with no spurious mutations.

 Carol Walker signed up for a YDNA test and I thought to myself…she doesnot understand YDNA is for males only…so I forgot about it…when the resultscame in…”She” matched me exactly so I understood that she must have submitted asample for a male YB and called to get the detail of that male.  He is a descendant of my great grandfather’sbrother…Wm Franklin YB c 1862 son of Wm L YBc1833 of Jacob Jr c1795 of Jacob Src1770 of Thomas YB c1745 and Amy Hopkins.

 D G YB – He tracked back to Isaiah YB c1794 GA…some said he wasPURPLE; some said GREEN…paper and migration path I had said GREEN.  He tested GREEN… The paperwork unverifiedeven still … stated he was the son of William YB c1740 which would be in thetimeframe to be a son of John Miles YB but no other record exists of thisrelationship… but he is GREEN YDNA profile no doubt.

 L David – In searching around the country for another WVA/VA YBmember to test – AQUA – I found one in my neighborhood.  I researched his line and discovered theconnection and his YDNA confirmed AQUA family….Thomas c1770 of PA

R P came forward witha pretty clear path to our PURPLE branch paperwork Ephraim, John, Samuel c1754and Peter c1732 ….  He tested YDNAPURPLE/35 with an additional mutation on a Red Marker that 2 others in thisbranch have… this mutation may give us something further one day or it may justbe random.

Also, George test results back to James W YB c1825 with an additionalmutation on a Red Marker that no others in this branch have… this mutation maygive us something further one day or it may just be random.

Clay came forward with a pretty clear path to our BLUEbranch paperwork Ambrose to Jeremiah to James YB c1740-1791….  He tested YDNA BLUE

, M YB  - He had trackedhis lineage very well back to GA… and with a small leap connected to BennettYoungblood of Edgefield.  He matchesperfectly the PURPLE YBs of Edgefield….in the line of Peter YB c1725-1797…froma brother John or a son of John or sons of Peter himself…John, Abraham,Lewisc1856-1822, George, or of Henry c1730-1770 ‘s sons.  Too many options to hang my hat on one or theother.  Amos Caril YB is in this samepuzzle.  His living in 1820 on 1820census near the Holloway, Haygood and Walker families points Bennett’s fatherbeing to a son of Henry YB c1730-1770. The known sons of Henry are Andrew YB c1755 (confirmed PURPLE YDNAmatch) and Jesse YB c1755.

14 WALKER James 14December 1793 SC Edgefield Land description Edgefield Deed Book 23, p. 171William Robinson and wife Elizabeth to James McMillian 450 acres on Cuffytownand Horsepen Creeks bounded SW and NE by John Burns, NW and SW by Andrew Youngblood, NW by James WALKER, SW by Jacob Young, SW and N by John Bullock Edgefield Deed Books 23, 24, 25, 26Wells, Carol 14

14 WALKER John 02December 1816 SC Edgefield Deed Deed Book 33, p. 278. Jesse Youngblood of Est Florida to Thos Youngbloodof Edgefield, 193 acres in South Carolina described in plat to Andrew Youngblood. 193 acres on Cuffeetown Creek of Stephens Creek on SavannahRiver adj SW on land of JOHN WALKER,. NW on land granted to John Burns, NE onHAYGOOD. also HOLLOWAYS land, SE on Asa Holloway and Andrew Youngblood. John WALKER and WilliamYoungblood chain carriers forsurvey. Wit James WALKER. Quitclaim of Mary Youngbloodwit James WALKER, JP, proven 24 dec 1816 by Andrew Youngblood;Robert WALKER JP Edgefield Deed Books 32, 33 Wells, Carol 140

14 WALKER James,Elizabeth 26 December 1816 SC Edgefield Deed Deed Book 33, p279. Andrew Youngblood and Thomas Youngblood to Asa Holloway 254 acres on both sides ofCuffytown Creek adj lands of Benjamin Hagood, John Burns, Elizabeth WALKER,James WALKER, sd Holloways. 200 of it being land granted to Henry Youngblood 28 Aug 1767 Edgefield Deed Books 32, 33 Wells, Carol 126


, R YB  - this member was avery confusing case.  He literally has NOmatches at 25 or 37 markers…None..not just no YB matches.  His 12 marker matches appear to suggest aEuropean Balkan connection…Slovenia area - just a WAG for now.  Need more members of the family 1st, 2nd cousins or further back to confirm this WAG.  This connection may be back in the Romantimes or the Ottoman empire times in the Balkans.  SO curious

, B L YB – This was (is) our first and only descendant of theCharleston SC YBs.  They were welldocumented by Georgia Keyser Youngblood back to Peter YB c1700-1770.  But she said they were related to theEdgefield area YBs…many researchers pooh poohed and said “Not So- these YBs arenot GREEN and not any PURPLE branch; a whole different branch”… But he testedPURPLE.  He is a descendant of Peterc1700’s son William brother of Peter c1732-88 of Barnwell YBs.  There are two rubs here…

Hedoes not have the Marker /35 mutation of the descendants of Peter c1732-88 hisdocumented brother.

Hehas a distinct location for now at marker DYS389 that only one other YBhas.  Is this a distinct mutation of atechnician error?

Weneed more descendants of this branch to confirm that these mutations arecarried forward.  One day maybe.

, Marston YB – This was our first member from the VA/WVA Youngbloodline.  Again, they used the same Biblicalnames as our NC/SC YBs and we had to migrate through VA to get to NC so I was hoping to make another connection to adifferent part of the country.  NoMatch.  They have a book about theirfamily and it describes if accurate clearly why they would not be related.  Though we do not have many members in thisline, I have called it the AQUA line.

For Thomas YB– This Thomashad enough on his lineage that I could fill in the rest based on previousresearch of the Thomas YB c1745 and Amy Hopkins line…grandson Jacob YBc1816/Mildred Geren of Pike co, AL and LA/TX area and he tested YDNA GRAY witha couple of mutations not seen before in “RED” markers shown by research tomutate more often or it is also possible that the Technicians read the resultsor typed in the results incorrectly.

For JA YB- JA had virtually nothingto begin with…through many little strokes of luck and info on location and timehe deemed inconsequential…it was enough for me to track him back to Peter YBc1732.  Here is his email back to mewhen I welcomed him to the project…Many little projectsSO MUCH FUN…I offered tohelp.

Hi Larry,

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Unfortunately, I have almost noinformation to start and know of no research done in my family. I have no closefamily remaining on this side. (No aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents. Ithink I have one first cousin once removed who I have not seen in 40+ years andmay still be living.)

I have no written documents,family Bible, pictures, etc... I remember a few stories of my great grandmother,but never even heard stories of my great grandfather. There was a farm in MSwhere my paternal grandfather was raised. He moved to Memphis, TN to marry mygrandmother. I think most of my paternal family were from MS near the Memphisarea but maybe it was a different part of MS.

That is where I am starting!Thank you for your kind offer of help. I am not sure where I am heading withthis, but I may need help. If so, I will remember your offer.

James Youngblood

For CH YBLocationinformation gave us hope of finding a YB family related to the NC/SC whoremained in the PA area.  Alas, a NoMatchThough an Atdna match appears to show a link to the PURPLE/35Youngblood line, the tree is in error – maybe significant and maybe not… and Ido not believe that the dna share is a YB surname  dna share- Trust but verify.

For TRC and two other close relatives  - This was a surprise as a match was toGREEN line of Youngbloods and was not expected. Documents were discovered that did confirm his line as Thomas YB c1769Jr son of Thomas YB c1736-1808 son of John Miles YB c1708.

For SE YB - He tracked hisline back to John c1789.  Location cluessuggested his line to be GREEN John’s father unknown.  He tested GREEN…thus confirmed to John but asof yet John’s father and grandfather escape us but he is in the John Miles YBline.

For JW YB He / we have tracked his lineage back to Hardaway YB c1819…he matchesthe other Hardaway descendant but we need more information as these two are inthe same branch beginning in c1900 so we need a member of this family in thebranch of a different brother, father or grandfather.

For DR YB - He has researched his line back to Joel YB c1807 of SC and matchesthe two other descendants of the ancestor. His test strongly suggests that Joel was an NPE that as of yet we havenot confirmed a solution.

For Joel T YB Joel had tracked his line back to Jacob sonof Thomas c1736-1808, son of John Miles YB c1708…our GREEN YDNA profileline.  He tested GREEN thusconfirming/supporting his lineage.  Joelalso attended our last Youngblood YDNA Seminar and presented a wonderful andinteresting discussion on his line. 

For Joe YB – Joe had tracked his line back to Allen c1793, son ofJonathan YB c1766 our GREEN group.  Hetested GREEN YDNA profile.

ForJohn J YBone hoped this would be a link for our NC/SC Youngbloods back to our Germanancestors…he is from the Wilkes-Bare area of PA.  Alas, a No Match and the “Viking” IHaplogroup.

T F YB provides additional importantinformation about Joel YB c1807 as he matches the other two Joel but all threeare different branches back to Joel. This means that Joel is the first contributor to this YDNA pattern.

– We have ourfirst European member who has joined and is a PURPLE match.  He has a different surname but points to aPierre Jongbloet c1710 – the Dutch spelling. Regretfully, he has not responded to emails asking for more detailinformation. Could be an adoption or just does not want to communicate…mostDutch do speak English.

As can be seen, there was a major falloff in new membersover the last 2 years.  There remain a lot of questions to be answeredabout the children of the NC/SC YBs of 1790.

We have a new member by name of Hammond (somehow as wellrelated to a family – Hurlbut, and Tarvin) who near matches Benjamin YB1773.  You may recall Benjamin was one of our first "no matches"to the major lines of YDNA from SC.  We will have to see how this playsout.  There were Hammonds and Tarvins inthe area with interactions with Youngbloods. We have found no Hurlbut/Hurlbert in the area.

I managed to make contact with a Jungblut in Germany andhe agreed to best tested.  ONE BIG TIME disappointment, he is a match tono one in our group or anyone in the FTDNA data base.  A big setback to amajor goal to find a European connection in hopes they would have more infoabout our family before they left Germany.

A surname YOUNG joined the group after we did seepreviously that a Youngblood had apparently dropped the "blood" andwas a match to BLUE.  This new"Young" did not match any of the current YBs.

O Youngbloodmissing a link, was assumed to be most likely BLUE based on migrationpath.  Tested YDNA = BLUE.

- with an interesting result from a 67 marker, we hadnumerous members make the jump to 67 markers to confirm a test that showed marker 425 as null.  All   PURPLE, PURPLE/35, GRAY and BLUE who tested showed marker 425 as null.. GREEN and allNonmatches showed 425 not missing and numerically a “12”.  I had FTDNAreview original and marker was not missing.  There was very littledetermined from the 67 marker test...1 marker different. 15 for BLUE, 16 forGRAY and 17 for PURPLE.  Not a large enough sample to know it this ismeaningful.

12/11/2009 -02/16/2010 - We pick up our first puretest for mtDNA verification to prove maternal lineage.  It wasconfirmed.  There was a desire to see NA characteristics and none wereshown.  We have another potential mtDNA verification test....I guess onhold for now.

Our first European German Jungblut joined the project andunfortunately was a No Match.  He hadalso a different Haplogroup than most of our NC/SC YBs.  His lineage back hundreds of years appears tobe of “Viking/Scottish” interactions.  Wehave found this now not so uncommon.

R M Youngblood,missing a link, was assumed to be most likely BLUE based on migrationpath.  Test YDNA  PURPLE/35


J M Youngblood becamea member expecting a PURPLE/35 connection.  The results did not match...soit is back to research. Now I don't know what the ultimate outcome will be, butI did not know two of my cousins were adopted until I became involved in thegenealogy project. Others have told me when I contacted them tojoin..."Yes, I am from that line but my father told me he wasadopted".  On the rough trips by small boat from Palatinate toRotterdam to get on a ship to go to American and then to cross the ocean, therewere instances of der jungen whose parents died and were brought on to Americaas Youngbloods.   I have seen so many wives who have died in theirfirst child birth with the child going back to the grandparent as the young fatherjust could not handle it.  Numerous plagues and wars caused the same kindof "adoptions".  I find myself no longer amazed when we havemismatches living with YBs as YBs.   There is an answer for each ofthese...we just do not know it yet. [New terminology...non-parental event -NPE]

Norman YB, a mulattoliving next door to Erasmus YB Edgefield SC 1870 census.  Family lore hadlong held Norman's father was Erasmus YB.  Now "mulatto" is afirst clue.  I had forewarned the member that the father could have beenany overseer or some other person.  I have heard so much family lore aboutNative American ancestors with no proof.  Norman's descendent is a perfectYDNA PURPLE.  This does not absolutely define Norman's father as therewere sons of Erasmus of age in the home.  I have no proof of that....orwho the father may be.  Here, family lore with YDNA evidence willdetermine that.

 W C’s lineage was unknown.  He tested PURPLE…and began research fromscratch.  Though we have not confirmedhis lineage back to Peter YB c1725 of Edgefield, a brother or a son…this is theYDNA track.

 G RYB’s lineage was confused by multiple birth dates.  Family researchers were looking for ananswer.  By location, we expected aPURPLE test result but results were a No Match. Still looking forthe answer.

Lucian N Youngblood WW II Doolittle Raider Well, sometimes brick walls come tumbling down. I havebeen able to trace the Doolittle raider (Lucian Nevelon YB) to a commonancestor Thomas 1745 and Amy Hopkins Youngblood of SC. His line is brieflymentioned in the YB-Armstrong book and can be filled out much more. It appearshe had no children...though I was able to attend his wife's funeral last year..He did have a brother Nolen Curtis so we may be able to get moreon descendants one day. I have been successful in tracing Lucian andNolen's line. Some might say this was an easy one...only took 2 years and alittle dumb luck from a researcher looking for another Youngblood to find. Istill would like to learn more about his brother's side of the family. (2009 – Ifound L'Jean YB, Lucian's wife passed away, attended her funeral, they had nochildren.)

 Do you know anything further on Cutis Nolenor descendants?

Thomas/Amy YB  

   Thomas/Jane YB

         Oliver/ Tinzy YB   ...

             Oscar Pierce YB --

                 Clarence Curtis YB   .....

                   .....Lucian Nevelon  YB

                        CurtisNolan YB (awaiting the release of the 1940 census in hopes of tracking themdown)


Thomas/Jane and Jacob B have two other brothers - David andJames - which I have been able to trace to current day over the last four yearswith the yeomen help of Bill and Rick.

Would love to have contact with a current YB of Curtis ifthey are available. We have yet to confirm the father of Thomas 1745. The huntcontinues.

   Jack YB going intothis search we had few clues…by location, all major lines went through thatarea of OK.  In his lineage, there was aYB male marrying a YB female – which gave us a nervous perspective of what wemight find.  Tested GRAY.  This lineage search provided me theopportunity to confirm Lucian YB’s lineage without YDNA of Lucian.  See above.

  DA YB based onresearch and family ties, we expected a PURPLE lineage.  YDNA results are a no match suggesting anNPE.  We did confirm the result with acousin,  Research continues

We appear to have identified a descendant of thelast remaining son of Thomas and Amy YB (Thomas S, Basil Manley, Wm Oscar-1852…Jack)and await anxiously the test kit results.

– One of our curious SC Youngblood ancestors provides usanother puzzle to solve.  Our firstdescendant of Hardaway Youngblood.  Basedon birth location, we expected a PURPLE/35 but we had a no match.  This member has 18 matches of 32 total ofanother surname.  Later a cousin confirmsthe YDNA profile.

November 2007 – Robert LE YB – Documentation available looked solid…YDNA a no match…and a different Haplogroup. Work continues.

New Kink in the John Miles and Peter lines with latestresults.... I have known this family for over 20 years. Their ancestry had themtied to John Miles YB, 1708, Thomas 1680and Abraham a couple of year’sback I told them we were not related. (Now…WE MATCH 66/67)

Well, over the last year or so with DNA, we have found afew mistakes in the internet and paper histories. We, it seems, have anotherand I can now call Spencer and Ryan "cousins". They match thePURPLE... Please let me know if anything below until 1708 is incorrect......

Winton S YB 1918

..Herbert Spencer 1893

....George Washington 1850

......Uriah 1802

........Joshua 1766

..........John 1730 <--- PURPLE probably a John outthere that was a son of a brother of Peter)

..break....John Miles 1708 < this DNA pattern does notmatch-GREEN. It is felt that there is a break in the research here.

This is the second event pointing to this problem. Likelythat John Miles had a son name John but PURPLE John is not the one some havetied to John Miles YB. John c1730 appears to be the father of Joshua c1766, George1768, Abraham J 1769, and Isaac 1771 but is not a son of John Miles YB...Jumpin Dorothy with further details and questions and all the PURPLE researchersneed to help us determine who the father of PURPLE John 1730...Bd near Peter JR1732 ? Other Possibilities???? This could help Ruth (PURPLE)...and others takea generation step further back in time.

  Jungbluth ConnectionWe have received the results of our Jungbluth member of our YDNA project. Thereis no relationship. Though this does not absolutely rule out a connection...tosome Jungblut(h) line as spellings are so messy over the years....thisJungbluth line is in no way related. Quite a disappointment. Initialinvestigation says this line of Jungbluths came from Prussia which is in fact avery long way from Palatinate.

The most closely related member is in our group to 4 of 12 mutations/markers off...a 2% chance of relationship in24 generations. The GREEN Group - John Miles YB - is 5 of 12 markers off. MyGRAY group - Thomas YB - is 8 of 12 markers off...a 0.1% chance of relationshipin 24 generations...approaching Adam and Eve... PURPLE and BLUE Groups are 9 of12 "OFF".

March 2007 –Ralph YB – turned out to be a curiousevent.  Tracking his lineage seemedperfectly done…and then his YDNA did not match the Youngbloods of Abbeville.  His best match was a “Young”…anadoption?  A Takein?  NPE…? I have not received an update.

Ted Ellis YB joiningour project was a very important event for this project. His close relativewrote the book linking his family to John Miles YB 1708 GREEN and familymembers, like mine before him, “knew” our family books were correct. Hisresults were PURPLE with a slight mutation not seen in the PURPLE groupbefore…or a technician error.  This thenpoints his family to the PURPLE John YB, brother or son  OR a son of Peter YB c1725-1797 also namesJohn… losing the censuses of 1790-1810 for GA may make this conclusionunavailable to us.

  John Colin YB – research places him inthe Hancock Co, PURPLE Youngbloods…12/12…test suggests this is true.  I would like to see an upgrade to 37 markersto confirm he does not have a mutation at marker 35.

This was a fun month and really confused my brain…OnePURPLE and One BLUE…near same names.

John C YB – We expected him to test BLUE and he did.


June 2006 –Johnny YB – My dad knew this family;thought them to be related just up HWY 79 from where we live… but not byYDNA.  Under the new privacy rules…Johnnypassed and his sister Nelda, who ordered to test for Johnny also passed.  So I need permission of the next of kin toupgrade his test to 37 or 67 markers to see what we can learn.  23 of his 31 matches show anothersurname…suggesting an adoption or NPE somewhere along the lineage.

Personally, after spending 35 years to prove my connectionto John Miles YB…I am not connected. Most all Internet sites say that JohnMiles YB was the father of Thomas c1736-c1808. This is correct but NOT theThomas c1745-1822 of SC who married Amy Hopkins and lived in Edgefield SC area.Thomas of John Miles remained in NC.

May 2006. Steven BradleyYB -  Researchexpects to show him as a descendant of John Miles YB c1708 and it does.

April 2006 – Forrest Calvin YB – Descendant of first cousin to Wm L YB…in theory we should match 12/12 and we do. A 37 marker test would be nice…butnot necessary based on data available GRAY. See Francis Lee below

March 2006 –Francis Lee YB – A descendant of my WM LYB’s brother…in theory we should match 12/12 and 37/37 and we do.  GRAY.

Feb 2006 – JohnWade… Matches the two other descendants ofJoel YB 12/12 and 37/37 but not a match to our COLOR YDNA profiles.

January 2006Marion YB –PURPLE tracking back to Peter c1725, Abrahamc1760, Seaborn c1790…See Walter Vand John Marshall

To date we have 28 Youngblood project members as weapproach the end of our first year. We are anticipating member kits in the nextfew weeks for Ichabod and Reuben descendants to help us confirm twoNorth Carolina lines as we look for each of us the answers to our ancestralquestions.

We expect the Ichabodline is from John Miles YB(GREEN) as he remained in NC as most NON-GREEN leftfor SC...(did not return kit)  and

the Reuben line is a toss up…but current thoughts are tothe BLUE line.  (Reuben descendant testedBLUE…lineage now defined)

Johnny and John Wade (Joel & James W descendants)test kits are being redone with vial #2 due to totally unexpected results.Results in about a month. (Second test with second vile showed no difference asone would expect and hope for).  Thesetest results do not match the PURPLE of GREEN YDNA lines.

All is not perfect as we did not get was expected from theBenjamin 1773 results. We beginagain digging through paper and look for another direct male descendent to helpus confirm the DNA profiles we are seeing. Keep looking for new lines to link.Tell any Youngblood you meet...we need them to participate....with "Cellsand Tales". You never know where the piece of information you really needwill come from.

             [2019– Atdna offers a suggestion of a female YB connection…more later]

Kathy YB Carter – WalterV - Lucky Charm found a connection to the Peter YB 1732 on ancestry and the12 marker test suggested this was correct. In going to 37 markers, her connection then became Peter c1725 of Edgefield.(now PURPLE Peter c1725-1797 and Not PURPLE/35) me, stilllooking for the exact person at the exact time.

 [I think we got it]

Ohio YBs linked to Edgefield SC, TN and back to NC for alink to James 1740 and new speculation about a relationship to Reuben YB c1805. (Confirmed BLUE)

Steve matchesGRAY Group 11/12. A slight difference than has been seen before on a “Red”marker – by historical data this is a marker that mutates more often than bluemarkers…or a testing /reporting error. (When Steve tested to 37 markers, therewere no further mutations.  This confirmshe is in the line of Thomas YB/Amy Hopkins and we have linked him to Jacob YBc1812 son of James YB c1785 and Nancy Barlow.

Bob Leonard matches BLUE – a new little wrinkle to understand themigration path as he does not fit in anywhere in Dorothy Quaife’s research..

[I believe wehave not resolved this conundrum]

Indiana Youngbloods originally linked to Peter Jr YB 1732PURPLE (now  PURPLE/35) …. NOTE: Branchesof the two Peter YBs moved to Indiana….Different counties

Jacob 1750Revolutionary War Veteran who originally documentedhe was GREEN is a PURPLE… son of Peter YB c1725-1797.

Troy DouglasMarkers in…..A complete mismatch….very puzzling as we expected we had a goodpaper trail.

JohnWade matches previous Joel c1807 YDNA, butagain does not match our COLOR YDNA patterns. This suggests Joel is a new move in or an NPE.  We are still struggling with the Joel andJames Walker Youngblood connection. We will need more descendants andsome more digging.  YDNA pattern does notmatch any of the COLOR Branches.

Overall DNA Results To Date we have 21 Youngblood Projectmembers and 2 Youngbloods outside the FTDNA Project. We have identifiedmultiple members in four groups/lines of Youngbloods and two single kits thatat this time do not link to the four other lines. We are looking to findconfirming members of these two lines and of course, always more so we maylearn and confirm the identified lines from Thomas ~1745, Peter c1725, Peter~1732, James ~1740 and John Miles YB ~1708.

July has seen usmatch a current Illinois Youngblood toJames 1740 BLUE line - Wm Youngblood 1806. We have another current ILYoungblood who we expect to tie to the SC YBs - not absolutely sure which groupas many GREEN YBs went there as new lands were opened up…free or cheap land…offwe go.

We have a Texas Youngblood tracing back to Benjamin 1773. I am really lookingforward to the results of these next few weeks. Will be very interesting asmany branches and lines claim him…PURPLE, GRAY, and GREEN.

G. Everettresults match PURPLE group. This group of markers is extremely tight. There areso very few mismatches within the group. What does this mean?

Denny R matches James/Jeremiah BLUE group.

 Dallis YB results – Expected PURPLE/35-  doesnot match any one color.

James Allan 37Results are in. James is my son and we match 37/37  . Of Note…he matches Bill T 37/37…they are separated by 5-6 generations. What does thismean? For me, this means multiples are not significant, may be misread or ofany help to distinguish between lines unless they are very large or in thewrong direction.. This goes against common DNA rules.

Thomas Kelly YB Results in PURPLE/35 Group

Rick’s 37 comes in with a good match to Larry and Wayne

Hank results put him in the BLUE James / JeremiahYoungblood DNA Project - showing this line is clearly different from John MilesYoungblood /Thomas Youngblood Results. The DNA test has shown that John Miles~bd 1708 son of Thomas Youngblood of Maryland is NOT related to Thomas  Youngblood (of Amy Hopkins )( ~bd 1746unknown) of the Edgefield district of SC father of Jacob B et al ( of the PikeCo AL Group).

Additionally JohnMiles YB is not related to Amos Caril YB (PURPLE)of Edgefield born 1784, Jeremiah YB 1765 BLUE, Samuel Sr 1754 PURPLE/35 of theDelois K YB line.

The DNA of the well proven John Miles YB descendant matchesBenny YB who I have been trying to link to for years, Ron YB of Ft Worth TX andWm L YB of Boulder, CO. I feel very comfortable we have sufficient data toprove relationship to the above lines for anyone who wishes to take the DNAtest.

If you are a maleYoungblood who believes you are related to John Miles YB, Thomas, Samuel, Jeremiah, Eli, Reuben, Seaborn...1700'sto mid 1800s or do NOT know, we can provide you with the information to focusyour genealogy search. Larry

 - We start the month of April off with a blockbuster. DNA evidence shows Thomas(of Amy Hopkins) YB of SC, revolutionary war veteran, father of Jacob B YB(Youngblood-Armstrong and Allied families Group) NOT related to JohnMiles Youngblood as many, many internet trees well as many of myPike county relatives have assumed.

Please everyone, breakthe link between this Thomas/w Amy YB 1745 and John Miles YB 1708, reviewyour analysis, look at your proof and send to me for review.  Note: the proof is NOT JUST YDNA but newresearch ...then I will call and let's discuss. 281-772-0952

- The results just keep coming in....we just do not haveall we need and an analysis of what it all means yet. April will again offer usa couple more chances to gain a better understanding.

--- This past months results have again been intriguingindeed. The results from the Delois Kelly YB lines shows a closer than expectedlink to the Thomas/Jacob B YB line (11/12, then 35/37). This YB from Abbeville,SC having moved from Barnwell CO…Having been told this cannot be; must matchJohn Miles YB GREEN....this begins to look like Group A is NOT linked to JohnMiles YB. 

The results from the JeremiahYB lines shows a closer than expected link to the Thomas/Jacob B YB line(11/12, then 36/37 and 65/67). Having been told “this cannot be” by DorothyQuaife....this begins to look like Group A is not linked to John Miles YB aswell. Dorothy originally thought her James c1740 was the son of John Miles YB;then said NOT; YDNA has confirmed NOT. (We now call the Jeremiah/James 1740group BLUE)

So many internet sites link Jeremiah/James and Thomas/Jacobline to John Miles YB….they are allwrong….! YDNA and new research.  The usage of common biblical names hashistorically caused errors in research. Now with electronic copying so easy,these errors are propagating relentlessly. Pass this along and clean upInternet Databases.

What does this mean? Other than we need more basicdocumentation, speculation can really run wild on this. We had a delay in the YDNAtest for the John Miles YB descendent....still hopeful this will clarify themeaning of the above "new" links. We should have this test back thismonth.

***** *****

 For Group A (GRAY), its back to looking all overagain.....! My most recent known ancestor (MRKA) is WM L Youngblood 1833 GA.His family lived next door to family of James YB (1809) son of Jacob B for 30years. My assumption was that WM L's father was a brother of James or Jacob. Iam expecting this to be Jacob Jr c1793 c1839…must find proof. DNA match 36-37/37to a documented descendant of James, Son Jacob B, son of Thomas YB (wife AmyHopkins) born ~ 1745.

Wayne's MRKA is Amos Caril Sr Youngblood (PURPLE) bd~1784-37/37to Peter YB c1725. Matches 34-6/37 to Thomas/Amy YB(GRAY) line. Was he a son ofThomas? nephew? Cousin or second cousin?...

      Matches 34-6/37to Peter 1732 YB line. Where's the connect?

Thomas 1745, Peter 1732 James 1740 and Amos are mostdefinitely related. Some very interesting results in...Some very interestingtales to tell. Two distinct lines identified now with at least four memberseach. I will begin referring for the time being to different Youngblood Groupsby color code:

Group A-0 has four members at present (GRAY) LarryUnknown(Jacob Jr 1793?) of Jacob YB c. 1770 of Thomas/Amy Hopkins YB c.1740....Rick YB of David of Thomas & Amy William T of James of Thomas & AmyHerbert (Hub) of James of Jacob of Thomas & A Youngblood members.

Group A-1 has four members at present. (PURPLE) The"-1" means one of twelve genetic markers in distance from the "-0"group. Wayne B Youngblood of Amos C YB (PURPLE) is in this group. Thomas KellyYB(PURPLE/35), Jesse (PURPLE), Ruth (PURPLE) and Billy (First thought PURPLE/35- Peter Jr. -~1732 now are branch PURPLE Peter c1725 – no mutation at marker35.)

Group A-2 has one member at present. (BLUE) James 1740-1792.The "-1" means one of twelve genetic markers in distance from the"-0" group…but this is a different marker that Group A-1 PURPLE…orPURPLE/35

Group B has 4 members at present.(GREEN) The geneticdistance is "7"/"8" on the twelve marker test meaning adistinct line of Youngbloods.

Benny, Ron and Bill L YB. This line now ties clearly toJohn Miles Youngblood 1708 sons.

 More new members needed.... Tell one and tellall.  We need funds as well to help us get disinterested folks involved alittle easier at least with the $101 cheek scrape. We have been able to puttogether two sets (now more) of members/folks who had no idea of a connection.We have identified 5 additional folks tied to the Thomas and Amy Youngbloodline......but now...well back to the research and to trolling for otherYoungbloods to participate.

NOTE: All member test kits are now in. We really need somemore to keep the momentum going.

Jeffery Steven YB kit matches 11/12 with Larry and Wayne (10/12)but differently….we now have 4 lines – 3 related and one unrelated. (35/37 Jefferybegins new branch -best matches are BLUE-later clearly confirmed with DorothyQuaife’s data)

----- Group A-0 (PURPLE) and A-1(PURPLE/35)  results establishes a link between theEdgefield group and the Barnwell Group. Let's try to find more from theBarnwell area. Who is Bart and who is Reason and how are they related to AmosCaril YB. Is the Samuel living near Reason a brother...same approximate age.

The kit is in the lab for ...documented descendant of John Miles YB 1708 throughHenry Miles YB ~1735...really getting excited about receiving the results onthis test.

 [Confirmed GREEN ]

We have our first descendant member from the Greenville SCarea and group.....

Joel (1807) - should get results back in 6 weeks or so. (thought to bea son of a Thomas...but we think maybe a different Thomas than Amy's)....Otherssay he will be PURPLE/35…

Anyone having "paper Proof",.....bring it on. NoMatch

- 21 - members(actually 23) 18 - Results in (actually 20. There are two YBs who came to usfrom tests outside the FTDNA Youngblood Project…testing with other companiesand FTDNA providing a conversion package.

3 - Results headed to/in the lab 0 - Test kits in transit. Iam still expecting two or so members monthly based on emails received....allare welcome. We would expect about one result back a week in the next 2-3 weeksto add to our current results.

The results already have connected Amos Caril Youngblood tothe Thomas and Amy Hopkins YB line.... now HOW is the next task. There was noknown connection before. This is an 11/12 match ”cousins ?”66/67

One most interesting find...we have two "doubleYoungbloods" ie a Youngblood line married a Youngblood line in theProject. In one case, where one of the lines hit a brick wall with itsresearch...the other line went further back and there is a 12/12 match betweenthese lines. Now find the paper link and prove it up. (Done)

We have received a General Fund donation which will be usedwhere we expect upon reviewing these pending results the greatest amount ofknowledge to be gained. Analysis and suggestions will be sought on how this canbe effectively used to further the project plan from all participants. Theremay again come a time when donations may be important to the of now the fund is virtually nil...I will let all know if I feel anew member's information would be worth it to us all. [Always could use moredonations as some folks are elderly and living on a fixed income]

Rick comes back with a 12/12 match to Group A-0(therefore11/12 to Group A-1) Rick has excellent paper work to David son of Thomas andAmy YB.

Wm  L of Colorado comesback with a 12/12 with Group B-  GREENJacob son of John Miles YB. Bill along with Benny and Ron are beginning tocompare notes.  This is our newly definedGREEN YDNA profile family descendants of John Miles YB.

First 37 marker results come in. These are disappointingresults and as of now, scrambling for an explanation…only 7 of the last 13match. The lab is to review and then we will get together for an explanation. Iorder a kit for my son as a very close validation of the process.

Partial results are in from LarryYoungblood 37 marker and Wayne B. Youngblood 37 marker tests. We are a 23/24match. ************** shows a 35/37 match (as Expected)

William Thurman (Bill) 12 marker results – matches Larry(67/67) and Hub 01/29/2005

                  Wayne and Larry matched 36 of the first 37.

Jimmie Ray Youngblood (now PURPLE/35), Billy J. YoungbloodJesse C. Youngblood (PURPLE) The above are an 11/12 match to Larry and Hubwhile Ron matches no one. (Ron's line becomes GREEN (John Miles YB 1708 match)

– 7/12 different markersthan the Edgefield/Abbeville group. Ron's Group we call GREEN.  (GREEN30/37)

We have then three lines of YBs 12/17/2004 Larry decides,for the knowledge it may be worth to bring, to take the 37 test as Wayne hasordered the 37 marker test (Wayne defines first our PURPLE Group matching GRAY36/37 with DS391 + 1).

Larry and Hub YB (documented to James 1809, Jacob B,Thomas and AMY YB)   match 12/12 (This becomes the GRAY Group 36/37with a mutation not seen anywhere else; just as likely a technician error.)