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Find ancestors.  Share Information about these ancestors.  Save time & Get the Job Done...!


We want this project to assist fellow genealogist and the curious Youngblood Researchers in focusing on groups of Youngbloods once we attain a critical mass of participants, their lineage and proof already available. This will help others to focus only on their related groups and thus save enormous time and expense.  As you may have seen, my dad and I spent countless hours trying to link to GREEN John Miles YB 1708.  We have no relation here clearly by YDNA.


Each researcher will have individual personal goals ... some of which are listed above..... We all can help.


I would personally like to see all of the 1790 US Youngblood lines defined by current YDNA tests. ( We have now done this - 4/2007).  Then move on to 1800 through 1830 when the major migrations out of SC began to occur.  1790 Done...


An added bonus would be connecting up the Youngbloods who arrived here before 1700 with those who arrived after 1700 to ultimately connect to European ancestors.  It is now known this will not be easy as well.  We have a German citizen "Jungblut" that did not match any of our YDNA profiles. As of January 2020, this has evaded us.


We now have a teaser that may indicate a link to Reuben/Joseph YB of the Asheville/Hooper's Creek area. If you have not seen the historical novel - "A Secret War" by Terrell Garren....It is a suspenseful novel about the life and horrors of the Civil War. (Great book - I recommend it). This teaser has been confirmed...Reuben/Joseph back to James YB c1740-92 BLUE 


If one's YDNA turns out to be PURPLE, there at least two books to find.  Delois K Youngblood's "Research and Remembrance..." who ties Samuel YB1754 to Peter Jr 1732 and Peter Sr 1695. YDNA appears to prove a link to Peter 1732...not completely certain to Peter 1695...but as yet not disproved.


The other book is Jacob Youngblood Revolutionary War Veteran.  His YDNA links him to Peter 1725-95. NOTE: Dale Youngblood who wrote this book originally tied his line to John Miles YB Jr 1734.  After his YDNA matched Peter 1725, he has amended the if you read the original, consider that as you analyze the names and  dates.


This is one of the MAJOR Goals is to clean up so much on the internet that has been copied and shared without validation  and peer review/scrutiny.


From his link to Jacob 1750 and on forward into KY and IN, this information is solid.  He also spent some research time in Germany that is most fascinating.  I hope to go there one day to find the graves he has found and a final link to our European Ancestors.  Major goal.


Other goals have emerged and will emerge.  I have assisted two Black Youngbloods and traced their ancestors to specific Youngblood plantations.  I would have like to researched more but was unable to get them to join the YDNA project.  In May 2009, a Black Youngblood joined the project and matched the PURPLE line of YBs. A perfect match to our goals stated on line one above.