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For over forty years, my dad and I were convinced of a connection to the SC/GA/Pike County Youngblood group (The Youngblood-Armstrong and Allied families known around Union Springs, Farriorville and Troy AL) but there was no hard proof in the paper trail. Yes, our ancestors too were born in SC&GA, settled around Farriorville area before 1840, moved to the Youngblood Community around 1850

  near Troy, attended Old Lebanon Church, were founding members of Good Hope Baptist Church, shared such non standard first names as Robertson, Basil, Green...but alas no named connection written in this, the most detailed of our line,  or any other book.

My dad had communicated with Ms Eckardt and Dorothy Quaife (and others) about their ancestors…but no connections. Later thee connections were proven.  Alas, there were too many Youngbloods using too few  Biblical first names in about the same time frames to make things easy. Then along comes the technology of DNA….See Y-DNA Results on the Menu Line for more detail and the Project event timing below.

DNA has provided this "proof" for us of family group connections...we are in the GRAY group of Youngbloods that has been now tied to all the sons of Thomas and Amy Hopkins Youngblood 1745 of Orange County, NC and now we can go on to researching bigger and better things...and indeed more controversial thinks like ....

Why do some members not match what their paperwork says

What is the connection of the Youngbloods of NC – Orange and Johnson Counties who arrived there before the 1760’s.?

What is the connection of all the Youngbloods who were in Edgefield District in 1760-1820 before moving out to Abbeville, GA, TN, AL and elsewhere.

(Grouping  “GRAY” - YDNA close link to Thomas/Jacob B YB)    Grouping "BLUE" James/Jeremiah appears to be closely related to GRAY as Thomas was a witness to James LWT.  Grouping PURPLE of Peter 1732 - living close by for many years).

Similarly, what about the Youngbloods of GA before becoming a state?  Some were GREEN and some were NOT GREEN.  They both lived in the Augusta area(Richmond, Columbia and Burke Counties) which sits on both sides of the Savannah river, is near to Edgefield and Barnwell and often went to court in one state or the other.

Who is Jacob Jr - 1810 - 1830 Edgefield SC??? Does anyone have any information on him.......? This is personally important to me as I feel Floelle and Francis made, I feel,  a serious mistake on this Jacob in the Youngblood-Armstrong and Allied Families book. This book has been my research bible and though many little things have been found to be wrong in the book, calling Jacob 1812 the son of Jacob B YB as “Jr” , has cost me enormously in wasted time. The book remains the best available until we finish this DNA project and issue updates.

Group B YB's (“GREEN”) were mostly in NC in 1790 or  in York County, SC about the same time/later...why are they totally unrelated?? Are they unrelated? How are they related to the Augusta, GA Youngbloods?

**** Note: GREEN has been YDNA Linked to John Miles YB 1708 ******

Is there a link between the Edgefield Group and the Charleston, Barnwell, Colleton Abbeville Groups?'s the paper confirmation? By YDNA?

Who really is the father of Thomas Youngblood who married Amy Hopkins father of Jacob B YB and James YB (bd 1809)?

Henry ? Which Henry?

John Miles YB had a son Thomas...but we see no proof it was Amy's Thomas...much proof he is not.

There are two Peter Youngbloods born circa 1730…different wives, Edgefield and Augusta area. Are they related? (This is our “PURPLE” Group in the DNA displays)

Is Jeremiah of James related to Thomas (of Amy Hopkins) and how close is the relationship? Which James? (This is our “BLUE” Group in the DNA displays)

There are at least two distinct lines of Youngbloods coming out of NY/PA/MD/NC/SC/GA. To which group does one belong and where did they come from? How do we prove it?

How much data and how many participants will we need to assist anyone in linking to our groupings of ancestors….. which will help focus research into specific areas.

Which of these Youngblood lines ties to John Miles Youngblood ????

Are the Youngbloods who arrived before 1700 related to those arriving after 1700? It seems for the most part...NO.

There is demographics evidence that needs to be confirmed by DNA and other specific paperwork. Do any of the "later" arriving Youngbloods have genealogy information that will definitively take us back to Germany and The Netherlands prior to 1700?

Curious quote: My great grandfather referred to himself as a "Dutchman"….but we are certain our line is German.   Probably a reference to Wm Penn's "Pennsylvania Dutch"..."Deutch" meaning German

Special recognition to Dorothy Quaife for her encouragement in beginning this project and who in her communications with my dad over 30 years ago started this obsession. Whenever my enthusiasm gets the best of me, she's always there with one more question....or an answer/fact I was really trying to look past to keep.

My Journey...

With DNA and a mass of circumstantial evidence, I have concluded my connection to the Youngblood line of Thomas and Amy Hopkins Youngblood with the help of YDNA and dedicated Youngblood researchers.

The book Youngblood-Armstrong and Allied Families is the most complete history of the Thomas and Amy Hopkins Youngblood NC/SC/GA/AL line of Youngbloods.

The matriarch of my family lived among the YB-A YBs in South Carolina 1795-1830 and Georgia 1830-1840 then Alabama from the 1840's until she past away about 1873.

She lived between two sons of Jacob B/Sarah Still YB son of Thomas/Amy YB - David 1813 and James 1809.

My family was not included in this history...this definitive book of our YBs...DID NOT HAVE MY MALE ANCESTOR...HUSBAND OF Nancy Unknown YB or any of the kids (except for a deposition in a law suit that went unnoticed).

Of course, My dad and I were certain we were related but did not know how. 6 Years ago...DNA provided the additional proof of lineage/relationship when my DNA matched that of 1 known, well documented descendent of Thomas and Amy YB through Jacob B/Sarah > James 1809 who still lived  in Youngblood AL just up the road from the YB mill and lake.

In this book was listed a Jacob YB 1812 who was said to be a brother of David and James above. I felt from early on that this Jacob was wrong and that my ancestor- unknown male was Jacob B Jr `1793 or so...who should be in the place of Jacob 1812.

Evidence early on...Jacob 1812 birthday - November 1812, David 1813 birthday March ....5 months apart. I felt this was enough proof for me to make my case. Nyet by others as dates on the graves "could be wrong"...could be, but they weren't....not Floelle/Francis were wrong.

Two other YBs joined the DNA group and we matched to them very well...descendents of Thomas and Amy YB son's James 1772 and David 1775. These two new project members worked very diligently to track their lines as they too were virtually left out of the book....we are all now tracked to today. A few years later, a descendent of the remaining known son of Thomas and Amy YB - Thomas Still YB - joined and once again we had a YDNA match.  So descendents of all 4 sons of Thomas and Amy YB were a match to me. (Only one is enough to include...4 is better.  The 5th son Wm R YB had no children).

One of these traced his line in the utmost detail and ultimately proved that Jacob 1812 was a descendent of James/Nancy Barlow YB-his line...thus removing my road block of proving the authors of the "YB Bible" wrong. With Jacob 1812 out of the way, then my previously gathered preponderance of evidence of Census data, wills, jury duty, children's names, locations, church memberships and foundings, birth and death dates, Mason records...and other tidbits became generally accepted evidence by the major Dorothy Quaife and the other YBs looking for my line...N Davis, Elsie, Jon...

I do not yet have the smoking gun...marriage license Jacob Jr marrying Nancy ???. Obit describing widow and family. It probably exists but it may never be found.

DNA got me back to the right line for research-I quit looking at John Miles YB 1708 or James 1840 or Peter 1732 focusing on the Thomas line to rule out all possibilities or find the right man ...

A man with my common ancestor claimed the Jacob 1812 ( and proves it) as James's son not Jacob B SR's son....Complete...who now was Thomas's (of Amy Hopkins) father? Are James 1740, Peter 1732 cousins or brothers?

Even reading this I expect you will find tracking the names and generations very difficult...which is exactly what happened to the authors - Francis and Floelle.

--------------------------- Detail available upon request -----------