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Boy am I behind


The results of those taking the BIGY 700 tests are making connection more clear…in mini steps.  These results will get better as more men take this test and the predictive algorithms begin to hone in on a better answer.

Current results suggest what I have thought all along that Thomas YB now listed as c1745 and James YB c1740 are brothers (or less likely their fathers were brothers)….and that Thomas was actually older than James.  This is not proof, but just matches now circumstantial evidence a little better.  I discussed this a little in my book, but I have a few more clues now.  Email me if you would like this explanation.

November 2022

New information – Correction for Henry YB in my book- now confirmed PURPLE YDNA profile.  Documented everywhere as  “Henry c1730-c1770” of Edgefield matches 37/37 YDNA genetic markers of Peter c1725 (and would also match his brother or son John).  This Henry was often documented as being the father of my ancestor Thomas c1745-1822 (GRAY YDNA Profile Family branch). We have received a Bible page stating that this Henry actually was born in 1742.  YDNA said that this Henry was not Thomas’s father…the Bible page added to the now solid proof….Thomas and this Henry were cousins….but still unknown is how?


Jan 9, 2019

The YDNA results are in from the Youngbloods of Brazil.  They match exactly the descendants of James Youngblood c1740-1792 -  this is our BLUE YDNA profile branch.  BLUE matches the GRAY branch of Thomas YB c1745-1822 ~66/67 YDNA genetic markers and 64-65/67 of the PURPLE branch of Peter Youngblood.  

The Youngbloods of Brazil are our cousins.

We have an exciting new find which will eventually help clear up many of the mysteries of the puzzling missing links of the sons of James YB C1740-92 - Jeremiah - with children well documented; Eli some children info and Thomas virtually no information... Stay tuned.



Jan 1, 2019 

After Years of searching for descendants of:

Johannes Wilhelmus Youngblood of NY c1730, we found two unfortunately, they have declined to take the test to see if they are truly our German close relatives in 1750s as was written in our family book.  Family Finder results suggest a match to our PURPLE Youngblood branch...Autosomal results this far back in time are just simple suggestions and not as accurate as YDNA.  Still looking for a test candid te.  Do you know one? A direct male descendant surname Youngblood.???

The Youngbloods who moved to Brazil after the civil war and communicating with them for 11 years, we have found one to take the YDNA test.  Family members had taken the Autosomnal test suggesting a BLUE, GRAY OR PURPLE YDNA LINK but YDNA Will prove which one.

James A YB c1832 believed son of Mathew Youngblood c1810 of Pickens Co, and Greenville SC...we found one...we thought...if the ancestry trees and writings were correct , he should have been PURPLE....but he was GRAY.  Then we found further evidence that indicated James A YB c1831's father was a Mark Youngblood so we begin looking again for John Robert YB C1837 again believed son of Mathew c1810 and any direct male descendant who can take the YDNA test to confirm is Mathew PURPLE OR GRAY?

2018 - sure got behind



Isaiah Ilence YB c1794 of Milledgeville, GA and Illinois - A descendant has tested with the GREEN YDNA profile matching the John Miles YB c1708 line. Others matching but not confirmed as brothers are Aaron YB c1764, John c1789, Jacob c1760 Lowndes Co AL and others.  Of course the known sons of John Miles YB - Henry c1730, John Jr c1734 and Thomas c1736 of Johnston Co, NC who is so often confused with Thomas YB c1745 of Orange Co, NC who married Amy Hopkins, moved to and lived in Edgefield, SC the rest of his life.


March 2015,  

We have YDNA results in from the Charleston SC Youngblood group... c1770 to 1830 time frame before moving to Dallas County AL where many remain today.  This is very exciting news.  This group of Youngbloods traces their line through William and Peter back to the Peter Jungblut/Youngblood who was naturalized along with this children in 1739 giving Palatinate, Germany as his homeland.  He is often referred to as the PA/MD Peter Youngblood.  Now we do not have a perfect confirmation (to my third degree) of this lineage... this information is based on the research of Georgia Keyser Youngblood completed back in the 1950s.  We must have all hands  pull this new information into their analysis of the their family's written histories, bibles and wills to clarify the picture with this new information.

Now we very much need to find a descendant of Johaness Jungblut/Youngblood of Orange County , New York who also recorded that he was from Palatinate, Germany. Our family book referred to this group as "cousins" but this has not been proven as of yet.  If you know any Youngbloods from this Rev. War Youngblood, please have them contact me or sign up immediately for our YDNA project.

Larry Lyoungblood9@comcast.net


January 6, 2011 -

I am hot and heavy into one of my Texas Youngblood's greatest mysteries (to me) with a new clue to find out the lineage of Solomon YB who was injured at the battle of Coleto Creek in 1836 and executed on the order of  General and President for Life Santa Anna. (Actually it was an old clue from Joyce Zachman I have had for years...just over looked it until Dorothy Q pointed it out.

 There was a newspaper account stating that Sol was to receive a claim of land...lots of acres - in Texas...actually his next of kin.  Heading to Austin next week to review the actual records.  My goal here is to identify who applied for or received the claim of land.  One is led to believe that the family of Solomon YB was most likely in the area of Milledgeville, GA (area of newspaper article) or from down toward Columbus, GA where some of the leaders of the Texas revolution lived previously or went back to in order to recruit volunteers.

My interest?  In my family records, I am missing two brothers, names unknown born before 1820(I think James and Thomas, but...), living in GA, NE of Columbus, 1830-38 before moving to Pike County , AL.  They would have been 17-19 years of age...just that age where "kids" set off to see the world and the excitement of a war to win land. Probably two chances out of a thousand that it is my direct line brothers.  We do not have a history of this event in family lore nor is Solomon a common name in my line.  This area had at least PURPLE and GRAY Youngbloods in the area.  GREEN close by as well.  Not aware of BLUEs in the area...but I am sure I will hear from someone..(that's my plan)

There were only two Youngblood families (known from census 1850) from Georgia who moved to Texas after the Texan victory led by Sam Houston over Santa Anna at San Jacinto.  Could have been more or they could have sold their claim.

I am betting someone out there knows the answer.  I expect to know it too real soon.  Theoretically, the Texas Land office has these records and I will meet there with Mary Waite next week to see if the answer is there.

Hope you are enjoying your NEW YEAR....nothing but fun here.  Larry


January 1, 2011

I am retired officially January 1, 2011 and hope to have more time to poke around court houses, libraries and the internet.

Feel free to call, Email or write...

Names, birth dates, places, wives and siblings make a search so much easier.

No promises on timing or results

Larry  & Marie Youngblood 

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