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Update 07/12/2021:

A new subclade of the C-Z30754 branch has been identified through Big Y DNA testing: C-BY101109.  This branch is one-step down from the C-Z30754 branch (a subclade of the C-P39 haplogroup) and is unique to descendants of Germain Doucet b. 1641.  Members of the C-BY101109 subclade will appear as Y chromosome DNA matches to other men descending from Germain Doucet b. 1641 and will test positive for the C-P39+ SNP and the C-Z30754+ SNP.

For up-to-date information and authoritative sources, visit:

Update 05/06/2019:

The C-Z30754 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), or genetic marker, has been identified as unique to male, patrilineal (father to father) descendants of Germain Doucet b. 1641 through advanced Y DNA testing. Y chromosome DNA is inherited  through patrilineal line of descent and is passed, from one generation to the next, virtually unchanged, from father to father. Y chromosome DNA tests are separate test from autosomal DNA tests and are for males only.  The C-Z30754 marker also identifies a new subclade of the C-P39 Y DNA haplogroup to which male descendants of Germain Doucet b. 1641 belong. Male descendants of Germain Doucet b. 1641 who have had advanced Y DNA test will show this marker in their results.

Update 9/6/2017:

 Updates to the Y Tree based on the C-P39 project's Big Y novel variant and SNP submission as related to regions represented in the C-P39 Y DNA project are summarized below:
  •     North American Appalachian Region - Multiple Surnames: C-P39, C-Z38940 [Updated 7/24/2017]
  •     North American Canada - Multiple Surnames: C-P39, C-Z30765
  •     North American Canada - Multiple Surnames: C-P39, C-Z30750
  •     North American Canada: Acadia (Nova Scotia): C-P39, C-Z30754, C-BY101109 [Updated 7/21/2021]
  •     North American Southwest Region: CP3, C-Z30747
  •     North American Canada: Newfoundland: C-P39, C-BY18405 [Updated 9/6/2017]
  •     North American Canada: New Brunswick: C-P39, C-BY22870 [Updated 9/6/2017]
  •     North American Canada: Gaspe, QC: C-P39, C-BY22870 [Updated 9/6/2017]
The ancestors of two families represented in the study, one in the Pacific Northwest, another in the North American Southwest did not experience any mutations in the New World and Big Y results are within the current genetic boundaries of the C-P39 SNP haplogroup as noted. [Updated 6/23/2017]

For further information, view C P39 Y DNA project results here:

Update 04/28/2017:

An April 28, 2017 Y Tree update includes new SNPs for the C-P39 Y DNA project Big Y test participants and the C-P39 Y DNA subclade!  Visit our site page: and the C-P39 Y DNA results page for details.  Thank you, Family Tree DNA scientists for your work in including our novel variants in this new Y Tree update and thank you, Big Y DNA testers and the C-P39 project for your participation in this effort!

Update 08/22/2015:

In 2010, Keith Doucet first tested for the C-P39 Y DNA (formerly C3b) Native American DNA type in the Amerindian Ancestry out of Acadia Family Tree DNA study -- followed by numbers of Doucets (and Doucettes!) -- all having the same, Native American, C-P39 Y DNA result.  It's amazing when you think of our journey and how much this research benefits our knowledge of our history in North America!

Who can ever forget Keith Doucet's discovery?
or Emile Broome's Y DNA discovery, also from 2010?
...and the subsequent discoveries of related Doucets and Doucettes and other project members from all regions of the US and Canada who tested in our project and whose results showed the same Native American C-P39 Y DNA haplogroup type?

There is great similarity among the DNA test results for our C-P39 Y DNA candidates despite differences in geographic locations and surnames, with testers from across the United States, including the Pacific Northwest, the American Southwest, the North East, the South, and Canada compared.  Initial Big Y DNA test results for project members have shown remarkable similarity as well.  Additional Big Y results for tests underway and the availability of 9 new SNPs for our project members help us discover whether this trend is amplified by the additional tests or if we (the C-P39 Y DNA project) can distinguish downstream uniqueness among our participants. The C-P39 Y DNA test has received the generous support of project members, Family Tree DNA leadership and scientists, product managers, and volunteer administrators in establishing our superior C-P39 Y DNA baseline and we are grateful for your support.  Visit the C-P39 Y DNA project site to learn more.

Thank you again for your continued participation!

Update 03/25/2014:

First set of "Big Y" DNA Test results have been completed and returned, confirming positive results for the P39 SNP test and Native American haplogroup. The study is interested in discovering possible downstream differences among participant results as more kits arrive.

Update 01/04/2014:

From Family Tree DNA: "We will release results from the BIG Y Pre-Sale with the BETA myFTDNA results pages in mid February 2014."