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FTDNA Winn Surname Project
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About us

FTDNA posts Winn/Wynn/Wynne Y-DNA results to the Y-DNA Results Classic Chart and the Y-DNA Results Colorized Chart. These are Y-DNA STR results (Short Tandem Repeat). Results are sorted numerically and grouped with like matches. The project administrator assigns a letter to each group to keep the content sorted. Groups are labeled by "Most Distant Paternal Ancestor" in accordance with members' submitted paper trails along with paper trail documentation. 

The Winn Surname Project Y-DNA Results Chart has been separated into identifiable groups by relatedness. The Y-DNA test is a paternal-line DNA test, which is very accurate in showing relatedness between testers with the same paternal line because Y-DNA is inherited virtually unchanged from father to son, and on back for many generations. Each Y-DNA group in Winn Surname Project is lettered and color-banded with its own assigned color, and each group is comprised of Y-DNA matches for only that group. 

Haplogroup results are reported in the Haplogroup Results column on the Y-DNA Results Chart. Haplogroup is determined by SNP results (SNP is the acronym for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). If a member's haplogroup has not yet been confirmed through SNP testing, FTDNA will report it as "predicted" in red lettering in the Haplogroup Results column. For members who order SNP tests or Big Y 700, FTDNA will report your confirmed haplogroup in green lettering in the Haplogroup Results column. 

Haplogroup testing plays an important role in helping to define surname groups and ancestral origins. We encourage members to confirm haplogroup by ordering an individual SNP or SNP-pack, or upgrading to Big Y 700. The Big Y 700 test was developed by FTDNA as their gold standard Y-DNA test for surname projects. Members may upgrade to Big Y 700 by clicking the shopping cart icon at the top right of your FTDNA individual member page and selecting Big Y 700.

For members who join Winn Surname Project with an autosomal DNA test (also called FTDNA Family Finder), you will find the Family Finder groups listed at the bottom of the Y-DNA Results Chart. These are "Z" groupings and are sorted by Winn/Wynn/Wynne ancestor name. Members may also join Winn Surname Project by transferring autosomal DNA test results from Ancestry to FTDNA.

FTDNA automatically updates the Y-DNA Results Chart whenever new test results are returned and uploaded by FTDNA.