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FTDNA posts Winn/Wynn/Wynne Y-DNA results to the Y-DNA Results Chart. These are Y-DNA STR results (Short Tandem Repeat). Results are sorted numerically and grouped with like matches. The project administrator assigns a letter to each group to keep the content sorted. Groups are labeled by "Most Distant Paternal Ancestor" in accordance with members' submitted paper trails along with paper trail documentation. 

In addition, FTDNA reports Y-DNA haplogroup results on the Y-DNA Results Chart. These are SNP results (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). For members who order SNP tests or Big Y 700, FTDNA will report your confirmed haplogroup in green lettering in the Haplogroup Results column. If a member's haplogroup has not yet been confirmed through SNP testing, FTDNA reports your predicted haplogroup in red lettering in the Haplogroup Results column. Members with Y-DNA STR test results (111, 67, 37, or 25 markers) may order an SNP upgrade to confirm haplogroup.

The most advanced SNP test is the Big Y 700 test, which offers the most advanced STR and SNP results available through FTDNA. Members may upgrade to Big Y 700 by clicking the shopping cart icon at the top right of your FTDNA individual member page and selecting Big Y 700.

For members who join with autosomal DNA test results (also called the FTDNA Family Finder test), those results are grouped at the bottom of the Y-DNA Results Chart in their respective Winn Family Finder groupings.  

FTDNA automatically updates the Y-DNA Results Chart whenever new test results are returned and uploaded by FTDNA.