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About us

The Winn Surname Project welcomes participants with the surnames Winn, Winne, Wynn, Wynne or any variation of spelling, for Family Finder, Y DNA and MtDNA testing. We do not limit participants in any way. If you have a Family Finder test result and a Winn in your lineage we will place you in a group of Family Finder tests for your ancestor on either the YDNA or MtDNA results page. If your lineage is from anywhere on earth we will accommodate you and try to find the corresponding group of Winn's that you belong with.

Are you researching Winn or variant ancestors, and have hit a brick wall?

Are you curious whether you are related to other Winn or variant lines?

Join our Surname Project and help find the answers to these and other questions.

Please contact the Group Administrator Connie Cole for additional information at GramereC@aol.com