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The project continues to grow as always. The members have a variety of research areas. We will continue to work towards better defining the results and comparing them to the paper trails you have submitted. Submitting a gedcom is an important part of the process. If you do not have a gedcom, contact the admin Connie Cole and she will help you get a gedcom uploaded. 

The YDNA Chart page has been separated into identifiable groups for relatedness. Some of the YDNA groups are followed by a second group of Family Finder participants to the same relatedness group. Not all of the groupings have haplogroups tested. Feel free to use the general fund to make even small donations to get this accomplished.

We have two YDNA groups with origins in Wales identified. We want to find participants still living in Wales to join and participate. The hope is that we will identify a group or groups who have a connection to the groups we have identified in USA.

The Dr. Thomas Wynne (PA) Group is a Welsh-origin group (Bron-Vadog, Caerwys, Flintshire, Wales) comprised of descendants of Dr. Thomas Wynne (1627-1692), who immigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with William Penn in 1682. Dr. Wynne was William Penn's personal physician. Y-DNA Group F Dr. Thomas Wynne PA has a confirmed haplogroup of I-M253. Project administrator, Connie Cole, is contact for this group.

The Winn from Puleston Group is a Welsh-origin group (Trefechan, Flintshire, Wales; later Trefechan, Denbighshire; and now called Penycae, Wrexham, Wales). Within the group there are six confirmed subgroups of Colonial Era Virginia families, which Y-DNA testing has determined to be one closely related group. These six Winn families are as follows: Minor Winn (1704-1778), Fauquier Co. VA; Daniel Winn (1715-1789), Lunenburg Co. VA; John Winn Sr. (1719-1795), Lunenburg Co. VA; Thomas Winn Sr. (1720-1781), Lunenburg Co. VA; Richard Winn (1701-1750), Hanover Co. VA; and John Winn (1705-c1789), Hanover Co. VA. The latter two, Richard Winn (b.1701) & John Winn (b.1705), were sons of Richard Winn born c1672 and resided at Middlesex Co. VA, 1696-1716; and notably, births of both sons, Richard and John, were recorded in the parish register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co. VA. The immigrant ancestors from Wales are thought to be Thomas, Robert, and John Wynn, sons of Gruffydd Wynn of Denbighshire, who was himself a descendant of the Wynn branch of males descending from Madog Puleston. Welsh record states that Gruffydd's son Thomas Wynn went to Maryland. There are transportation records of Thomas Wynn and John Wynn,  transported to Virginia in 1654 and 1657, respectively, as recorded on two Virginia Northern Neck grants for land on Potomac River in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Both Thomas Wynn and John Wynn were residents of St. Mary's County, MD, 1660s-1680, where Thomas patented a tract called Denby in St. Mary's, 1666. Y-DNA Group K Winn/Puleston has a confirmed haplogroup of R-M269 > R-P312 > R-DF99 > R-BY3447. Notice to all descendants of Daniel Winn (1715-1799) and John Winn Sr. (1719-1795): if you have mapped your family tree with a male ancestral line from Robert Wynne of Canterbury, please remove those generations from your tree because it is incorrect. Y-DNA from those lines does not match the Robert Wynne of Canterbury Group. Project co-administrator, Stephanie Miller, is contact for the Winn/Puleston group.

The Robert Wynne, Mayor of Canterbury, Group is an English-origin group. Mayor Robert Wynne (born c1563, Shropshire, England, and died 1609, Kent, England) had a grandson, Robert Wynne (1622–1675), who immigrated to Charles City Co. Virginia in c1656 and also served as Speaker of the House of Burgesses for Virginia Colony. Wynne members of this Y-DNA group are descendants of Robert's sons, Thomas Wynne (m. Agnes Stith) and Joshua Wynne (m. Mary Jones). This group also has Y-DNA matches to Lake descendants of John Leake, 1658-1731, St. Mary's Co. MD; Davis descendants of Samuel Davis, Stoke, Staffordshire, England; and Davis descendants of John Davis, Flyford Flavell, Worcestershire, England. Wynne, Leake/Lake, and Davis appear to be surname branches of a more ancient ancestral group in England. In addition, there are also a few lines with other surnames, with matches and evidence of descent from Robert Wynne through families enslaved by Wynnes. Y-DNA Group M Robert Wynne, Canterbury has a confirmed haplogroup of R-M269 > R-P312 > R-DF27 > R-BY3290. There are many electronic family trees showing ancestry from Robert Wynne, Canterbury, which should be disconnected because the Y-DNA type does not match. All members need to check trees and update as needed. Leonard M. Wynne is from the Robert Wynne line and hosts a large reunion every year

Winn Surname Project has additional Y-DNA groupings for the following:

John Wynn (1755-1849, Northumberland Co. Pennsylvania, USA)
Thomas Wynn (died 1795, Clark Co. Kentucky, USA)
George Wynns (died 1751, Bertie Co. North Carolina, USA; married Rose Bush)
Madison Winn (born 1821, South Carolina, USA; died 1863, Pontotoc Co. Mississippi,USA)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        John Wynne (died 1772, York Co. Virginia)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       John Wynne (born 1820, Dublin, IRE; died 1911, Dublin, IRE)
Edward Winn (1609-1682, immigrant from Broughton Parish, Wiltshire ENG, to Woburn, Middlesex Co. Massachusetts, c1639)
Winne of Albany Co., NY (desc. of Pieter Winne, 1609-1693, immigrant from Belgium/Netherlands to Kingston, Ulster Co. NY)      Samuel Gwinn (1751-1839, Augusta Co. Virginia, USA); this group is positive for the M222 Northwest Irish Modal Haplotype                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
The project has some variations of names starting with Win and some Winn's, all spellings, that we have no lineage for.

We will continue to work on defining and finding male Winn's to test on the lines where there are questions. If you have DNA results from someplace else, please feel free to transfer results to FTDNA Winn Surname Project. If you are a male Winn of any spelling, please test for the project.

All participants are welcome. All members must abide by Family Tree DNA Privacy Policy.


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