R U106 (R1b-U106) Y-DNA Haplogroup

“R-U106, a Tree of 7,500+ Branches; a Family of 8,000+ members”
  • 8457 members

About us

Some worthy goals for the R-U106 Project are:

- to bridge The Genealogical Gap of the Dark Ages.  Traditional paperwork genealogy works backwards, usually at most about 500 years to around 1500 AD.  Whereas Y-DNA testing via the SNPs (snips) works forwards from the ancient ones towards us.  The Big Y test spans the gap of the Dark Ages, because it discovers SNPs further down YOUR line of descent towards the present.  Whereas the SNP Packs often fail to accomplish that objective.

- to assist one another in making progress down the branches to your particular subclade.

- to share geographic and other genealogical information with others in this haplogroup.

- to arrange the haplotypes of members into their respective subclades, so that they can see what other surnames and geographic locations are associated with a particular subclade.

- to target date the origins of the subclades of U106 and the locations of those origins, so we can see the migration paths of our ancestors.

- to participate in the process of discovery, and share the results obtained, because DNA testing is all about sharing, and without that sharing, it’s meaningless.