R U106 (R1b-U106) Y-DNA Haplogroup

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This page is used to explain the “Classic” or “Colorized” haplotype data presented under “Y-DNA Results”; and other results information, sometimes general, and sometimes specific.

Y-DNA Results “Classic” or “Colorized" pages:

The members’ haplotype data are presented on these pages in an FTDNA-designed format, but sub-grouped by the R1b-U106 Project Administrator on the basis of your testing status.

Upon accessing these pages, you may want to change the "Page Size" in the little window at the top to 7000, so that the entire long page will reload to a single page.  However, this runs the risk of overloading the system.  You can use your browser's Find feature to find your kit number.

An individual member’s haplotype is reported on these pages as far down his branch as possible, according to whatever subclade he has tested down to, without testing positive for any lower currently-known subclade on the branch.  The idea here is to group you with your clade-mates, so that you can see who they are, and where they are from. Also view the peripheral and ancestral clades for further clues.

Members who do not have Big Y-500/700 are encouraged to order Big Y 700 so that you can actually find your subclade and your clademates.

If you have results from other testing organizations such as Full Genomes (FGC), or YSEQ, that take your position on the Y-DNA Results list down lower on your branch than what we are showing, please let us know.

Haplotypes are listed by R1b-U106 Project Branch numbers, as follows:

[01] (silver horizontal subgroup labels) U106 small clades, Z381, and Z301 small clades.

[02] (pale blue “light cyan” labels) L48 Branch small clades, Z9, and Z331 small clades.

[03] (“green-yellow” labels) Z326 “null 425” Branch.

[04] (light green labels) FGC10367 Branch, a subclade of Z326>Z8168.

[05] (bright blue “cyan” labels) Z30 Branch, a subclade of L48>Z9.

[06] (light blue labels) Z8 Branch, a subclade of Z30>Z2>Z7.

[07] (plum labels) Z346 Branch, a subclade of Z8>Z1.

[08] (light yellow labels) L47 Branch, a subclade of L48.

[09] (yellow labels) S3251 Branch, a subclade of L47>Z159.

[10] (pink labels) Z156 Branch, a subclade of U106>Z381.

[11] (coral labels) DF96 Branch, a subclade of Z156>Z306.

[11A] (also coral labels) L1/S26 Branch, a subclade of DF96.

[12] (red labels) DF98 Branch, a subclade of Z156>Z306.

[13] (gold labels) Z18 Branch, a subclade of U106.

[14] (orange labels) Z18>Z17>Z372>S5695 Branch.

Although FTDNA “predicts” people into “red” R-M269 Haplogroup column labels based on their 12-marker algorithm, the R1b-U106 Project does not make predictions.  However, some group labels do sometimes suggest a test to help you determine what SNP Pack to order.  The safe default is the R1b-M343&M269 “Backbone” SNP Pack, which is nearly certain to determine what derivative SNP Pack is, in turn, the right one. The Project Administrators are available for consultation, but you are responsible for your testing decisions. THE BEST DECISION IS TO ORDER BIG Y 700 DURING A SALE, instead of an inferior SNP Pack.

At the bottom of the page, under [15] are several groups where the haplotypes of members who haven't done sufficient testing are listed. Please consult with the admins.

Y-DNA Results "SNP" Page:

The "SNP" page is controlled entirely by FTDNA.