R U106 (R1b-U106)

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This page is used to explain the “Classic” or “Colorized” haplotype data presented under the “Y-DNA Results” tab; and other results information, sometimes general, and sometimes specific.

Y-DNA Results “Classic” or “Colorized” pages:

The members’ haplotype data are presented on those pages in an FTDNA-designed format, but sub-grouped by the R1b-U106 Project Administrators on the basis of SNP testing.

An individual member’s haplotype is reported on these pages according to whatever subclade he has tested positive for, without testing positive for any lower subclade on the branch.

Members who do not have Big Y or FGC results, are encouraged to order the appropriate SNP Pack when they become available.  See guidance on the Overview page.

If you have results from other testing organizations such as Full Genomes (FGC), YSEQ, National Geographic (Geno 2.0), BritainsDNA (BDNA Chromo2), that take your position on the Y-DNA Results list down lower on your branch than what we are showing, please let us know.

Y-DNA Results "SNP" Page:

The "SNP" list page is totally under the control of FTDNA, and is arranged by FTDNA Haplogroup designation and its shorthand, such as R-U106 or R-L48. Whenever the FTDNA haplogroups are updated for the many new SNPs, and new haplogroup designations named, then the SNP list will be re-ordered in that order, by FTDNA. Until they do that, there's nothing we can do about it.

Other Results information:

Links to saved versions of different parts of David Weston's last update to his analysis in September 2011:



Other general or specific Results information will be presented here as time proceeds.