R U106 (R1b-U106) Y-DNA Haplogroup

“R-U106, a Tree of 7,700+ Branches; a Family of 8,800+ members”
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About us

If you have tested U106 positive, please JOIN us!

EXCEPTION: If you have also tested U198+ (aka S29) you must join the R U198 Project, rather than the R U106 Project.

NOTE to “RED” R-M269s: There are over 32,000 branches of R-M269. You are respectfully advised to upgrade to Big Y-700 as soon as possible to confirm your U106+ status, and discover to which of those many branches you belong. Otherwise, there’s no proof that you belong in this project.

An inexpensive alternative to Big Y-700 for those still at R-M269, R-U106, R-L48, or other major branch points, is to at least order the Family Finder test, which now includes a Y-DNA Haplogroup designation part way down whichever branch of R-U106 to which you belong.

Here at R-U106, our DNA Future has already Arrived! A December 2021 online post by FTDNA estimates that the median Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) for R-U106 Big Y-700 testers is only 381 years before the present! This means that R-U106 Project members who upgrade to Big Y-700 have an excellent chance to create a family haplogroup on the FTDNA Haplotree. In SOME cases, it is now possible to branch the family, and even assign a specific Big Y-700 SNP mutation to a specific ancestor within the traditional genealogy timeframe. You can read FTDNA’s blog post here at the left-side Links menu.

As far as Y testing upgrades are concerned, the best approach, and the best value, is to order Big Y-700, which, in addition to discovering your current haplogroup and private variants on your own line of descent, also includes all of the original 111 STRs, and hundreds more. Please persuade your STR surname matches to also upgrade to Big Y-700, so that you can have the potential to create a family haplogroup, or even branch the family down the line of descent.

Members should have, or will order, at least a 37 marker STR test, so your results will appear on the Y-DNA Results page with your SNP clademates.

Please opt in to sharing, and grant admins at least Limited Access (see Manage Personal Information on your FTDNA personal page).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: WHEN YOU JOIN THIS PROJECT, YOU HAVE GRANTED PERMISSION TO PLACE YOUR SNP AND STR DATA INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, FROM WHICH IT CAN NEVER BE RETRIEVED. We publish by the ancestor name that you provide, and the FTDNA kit number. We do not publish your given name or contact info.

The part of your DNA data displayed in a public project such as this one, or any other similar project, is subject to use by others who may wish to present it differently elsewhere. Progress in this field of research depends entirely on the voluntary sharing of our DNA results data. NOBODY IS AUTHORIZED OR ALLOWED TO VIOLATE ANY LAW OR DATA REGULATION, INCLUDING THE “GDPR” OF THE EU.

Attention Big Y testers: Please see the instructions to send your Big Y Results VCF file to our Data Warehouse at the Left-side Links menu.

Please also see the “Background” tab above, the “Results” tab above for helpful info about where to find key info about your Big Y results, especially, and other pages at the tabs above.

Also, see the left side menu, including “Links”, which includes links to our discussion group, and other resources.

With respect to navigating the long DNA Results page:

U106 groups are numbered 1 and 2;

Z2265 groups are numbered 3;

BY30097 groups are numbered 4 and 5;

Major Branch Z18 groups are numbered 6 through 16; and colored a light orange shade;

FTT8 groups are numbered 17 and 18;

Z381 groups are numbered 19;

Major Branch Z156 groups are numbered 20 through 34, with rose-colored shades,

including DF98 branches numbered 25 through 28,

and DF96 branches numbered 30 through 34 (which is L1).

Z301 groups are numbered 35;

Major Branch S1688 groups are numbered 36 through 37, and colored a purple shade.

L48 groups are numbered 40 through 44;

Major Branch L47 groups are numbered 45 through 54, and colored yellow.

Z9 groups are numbered 55;

Major Branch Z331 groups are numbered 56 through 64, and colored with green shades,

including the Z326 null 425 branch, numbered 57 through 64.

Major Branch Z30 groups are numbered 65 through 89, and colored with blue shades,

including Z8, numbered 75 through 99.

Haplotypes of folks not tested below U106 are located in the project “basement” at the end of the list

Data obtained from this project should be attributed to the "R-U106 Y-DNA Haplogroup Project at Family Tree DNA."