R U106 (R1b-U106) Y-DNA Haplogroup

Join ONLY if you’ve tested SNP U106+ or your 66th STR DYS492 result is 13
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About us

Membership is restricted to those tested positive for U106 (also known as S21 and M405) OR predicted for R-M269 AND with the result at the 66th STR marker where 492=13. However, we have a mutually exclusive arrangement with the R U198 Project, so we cannot accept those who are positive for U198 (aka S29). ALL Big Y-500/700 testers who are U106+ (U106=T) are definitely requested to please join our project (unless you are U198+), especially multiple Big Y-500/700 testers from the same family. Members with multiple Big Y tests from the same family are also requested to send us very basic traditional genealogy data for your patrilineal ancestor, so that we can use the dates to help us calibrate the clades.

For those who have not SNP tested down the branches, the best idea is to order Big Y-700 (which includes the original 111 STRs). A much less complete alternative is a SNP Pack test, but it usually takes two derivatively successive SNP Pack tests to get most of the way down the branches, and it becomes economically inefficient, since Big Y-500/700 progress continues into the future as others match you further down your branch, whereas the Packs are static as of the date the pack was designed. Members should also have or otherwise order at least a 12 marker STR test, so that we can see your results on the Y-DNA Results page; you are suggested to opt in to sharing; and to grant admins at least Limited Access (see Manage Personal Information on your FTDNA personal page). Please do NOT join our project unless you believe that you are a member of the R-U106 Haplogroup, or are 492=13.


WHEN YOU JOIN THIS PROJECT, YOU HAVE GRANTED PERMISSION TO PLACE YOUR SNP AND STR DATA INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, FROM WHICH IT CAN NEVER BE RETRIEVED. We only publish by the ancestor name that you provide, and the FTDNA kit number. We do not publish your given name or contact info.


The part of your DNA data displayed in a public project such as this one, or any other similar project, is subject to use by others who may wish to present it differently elsewhere. Progress in this field of research depends entirely on the voluntary sharing of our DNA results data. NOBODY IS AUTHORIZED OR ALLOWED TO VIOLATE ANY LAW OR DATA REGULATION, INCLUDING THE “GDPR” OF THE EU.

Data obtained from this project should be attributed to the "R1b-U106 Y-DNA Haplogroup Project at Family Tree DNA."

Attention Big Y-500/700 testers:

Under “Big Y-500/700” on your FTDNA personal page, the “Named Variants” file is really a file of all variants on the FTDNA tree, whether they are shared (subclade-defining), or singletons that only you have. FTDNA has arranged them in the file by Name. The “Unnamed Variants” file is really a file of all variants that are NOT on the FTDNA tree, whether they are shared (but in a troublesome area such as the 20 million range repeat region, so not placed on the tree) or singletons. And ALSO, whether they actually have names or not. FTDNA has arranged them in the file by “Build 38” position number. So despite the file title, lots of SNPs in the Unnamed Variants file do in fact have names. It doesn’t matter too much whether a troublesome SNP or a singleton has a name or not. Whenever someone more closely related to you down your line of descent matches one of your current singletons, creating a new subclade on the tree, they will name it, if it doesn’t already have a name. The Big Y Matching file is NOT the best place to find your subclade matching clade-mates who descend from the same subclade founder that you do (that was the guy who originated the SNP mutation that you share). The best place to find your clade-mates no matter what test they took or where is the R U106 Project Y-DNA Results page. See the “DNA Results” link at upper left of this page, then under Y-DNA, select Classic Chart or Colorized. ALL U106+ Big Y-500/700 testers, including U198+ Big Y testers, are invited to send us your Big Y VCF files for our cost-free analysis. (But the U198s cannot join the U106 project itself.) The VCF files can be sent via this process:

Scroll down on your FTDNA page to Big Y Results. Click on that, then look to the far right, and click on the blue Download Raw Data button. Then, in the pop-up window, towards the left, click on the green Download VCF button. Then upload the zipped file, as it is, to the “Y-DNA Data Warehouse” : https://ydna-warehouse.org/instructions.html Joining this effort will help us research your particular clade, identifying new relationships closer to the present day. We work with other haplogroup projects, Family Tree DNA and external organizations to make your new clades known worldwide. Over 1000 of you have already participated.

General Information:

This is the Overview, aka Profile page of the R1b-U106 Project. Your FTDNA haplotypes and other helpful information are located on this and the following pages. Be sure to bookmark this page into your favorites, and check the DNA Results page for your kit from time to time, since the situation continually changes as a result of new members getting tested. Please also review the Background and Results pages.

There is also an independent discussion forum for anyone interested in U106, but your updated data is located right here, (not there) on these pages. The independent forum can be subscribed to via this page’s left side Links menu. The best approach to learn about your results and Y-DNA is to review these project pages here, and the sites on the left-side Links menu. The forum members can answer questions, especially those not specific to your particular results.

This project is dedicated to clade formation, and age analysis of the clades, as well as helping move you into your subclade in order to see who your clademate families are, and where they lived, in order to help you better determine your further ancestry.

Welcome to R1b-U106! See the lower part of the Background page for information on our origins, and some interesting information about several DNA scientists and Royal families that belong to U106.

Friendly Warning: If you are a member of the R1b-U106 Project, but you have not tested STRs with FTDNA, then please order at least a 12 marker test, so that you can be listed on the Y-DNA Results page with your clade mates. Otherwise, please find your haplotype listed via “DNA Results” on the left side menu, then “Y-DNA Classic Chart” at the top of that page. An explanation of the Y-DNA Classic Chart is under the "Results" tab to the right of the "Background" tab.


Branches and SNP Packs:

We strongly recommend a Big Y 700 test (especially during a sale), because this is a “SNP Discovery” test of your Y chromosome down YOUR line of descent. SNP Pack tests only test previously known SNPs as of the time when the SNP Packs were created, and only reach part of the way down your line of descent. R1b-U106 branches on the Y-DNA Results page, and SNP Packs are organized as follows:

[01] U106 (xZ18, xZ156, xL48), Silver, corresponds to the R1b-U106xZ18xZ156xL48 SNP Pack.

[02] L48 (xL47, x30, xZ326), Pale Blue (Light Cyan), is covered by part of the R1b-L48xL47xZ8xZ326 SNP Pack.

[03] Z326 (xFGC10367), Green-Yellow, corresponds to the R1b-Z326xFGC10367 SNP Pack.

[04] FGC10367, Light Green, corresponds to the R1b-FGC10367 SNP Pack.


[05] Z30 (xZ8), Bright Blue (Cyan), is covered by part of the R1b-L48xL47xZ8xZ326 SNP Pack.

[06] Z8 (xZ346), Light Blue, is covered by part of the R1b-Z8 SNP Pack.

[07] Z346, Plum, is covered by part of the R1b-Z8 SNP Pack.


[08] L47 (xS3251), Light Yellow, is covered by part of the R1b-L47 SNP Pack.

[09] S3251, Yellow, is covered by part of the R1b-L47 SNP Pack.


[10] Z156 (xDF96, xDF98), Pink, corresponds to the R1b-Z156xDF96xDF98 SNP Pack.

[11] DF96, Coral, corresponds to the R1b-DF96 SNP Pack.

[11A] L1/S26, a subgroup of DF96, also Coral.

[12] DF98, Red, corresponds to the R1b-DF98 SNP Pack.


[13] Z18, Gold, corresponds to the R1b-Z18 SNP Pack.

For the vast majority of Big Y 500/700 testers, there is no need to order a SNP Pack, and we don’t recommend it.