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R U106 (R1b-U106) Y-DNA Haplogroup

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  • 6181 members

About us

Please contact Charles Moore if you are interested in becoming a Co-Admin of this project.

Historical milestones of the R1b-U106 Project:

2019 - over 1,000 members have ordered the new Big Y-700, with about 50% more SNPs than the previous Big Y-500.

2019 - R-L1/S26 Project merged into the R1b-U106 Project.

2019- 5,000 members, 1,900 with the upgraded Big Y-500.

2015 - 2,500 members, 500 with Big Y.

2014 - FTDNA Big Y test results add many new subclades to the R1b-U106 branch of the human family Y tree.

2011 - 1,000 members.

2009 - 500 members.

2008 - R1b-U106 Project founded by David Weston, Dan Draghici, Mike Maddi, and Gary Corbett.

2006 - R-L1/S26 Project founded on the basis of SNP L1, which impeded the original primers for DYS marker 439. Admins were Leo Little, Neal Fox, David Mason, Blaine Bettinger, and others.  See also Joe Fox’s books “Growing with America - The Fox Family of Philadelphia” and “Growing with America - Colonial Roots” , which include history of the L1/S26 Project.  By December 2006, it was discovered that L1 was a descendant subclade of U106.