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Sweden DNA

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About us

We no longer have the resources to produce news letters, but here is an index of older issues.

Vi har tyvärr inte längre tid och möjlighet att ge ut nyhetsbrev, men här finns äldre nyheter.

2016 Dec: Sweden DNA Project News 7

2016 Dec: Sverigeprojektnyheter 7.

2016 July: Sweden DNA Project News 6
2016 Juli: Sverigeprojektnyheter 6.

2015 Sept: Sweden DNA Project News 5.
2015 Sept: Sverigeprojektnyheter 5.
2015 May: Sweden DNA Project News 4.
2015 Maj: Sverigeprojektnyheter 4.
2014 January: There are now over 2000 participants in the project.
2014 Dec: Sweden DNA Project News 3.
2014 Dec: Sverigeprojektnyheter 3.
2014 July 14: New group-admins Magnus Bäckmark and Peter Sjölund upgraded from co-admins.
2014 July: Sweden DNA Project News 2.
2014 Juli: Sverigeprojektnyheter 2.
2014 June 24: New co-admins Eva Sjöqvist Persson and Jakob Norstedt-Moberg added.
2014 May: There are now over 1500 participants in the project
2013 Nov: Sweden DNA Project News 1.
2013 Nov: Sverigeprojektnyheter 1.
2013 September: There are now more then 1000 participants !
2012 November: There are now over 700 participants in the project.
2012 November: New co-admin Magnus Bäckmark added.
2012 June: There are now over 500 participants in the project.
2012 May: Project pages Background and Goals updated.
2012 May: New co-admins Peter Sjölund and Anders Berg added.
2012 April: There are now over 400 participants in the project.
2011 September: There are now over 300 participants in the project.
2011 Project description in 2 languages, English and Swedish.
2011 Samtliga sidor kommer att kunna läsas på både svenska och engelska.
2011 New co-admin Rolf Berlin added.