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Sinclair DNA Study

  • 334 members

About us

The Sinclair DNA study has very clear goals, all of them based on gaining a better understanding of our complicated history:
  1. Recruit more participants from under-represented parts of the world, including England, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, etc.
  2. Continue to find inventive ways to educate our participants so they get more out of their participation in the St Clair / Sinceler / Sinclair DNA Study.
  3. Continue to focus on DNA SNP studies for our existing Sinclair / St Clair / Sinceler members. Stay abreast of the latest findings and bring that news to our members.
  4. Continue to help our Lineage members connect with one another so as to compare genealogical records.
  5. Continue to stress the importance of rigorous documents research.