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This is a global DNA study of the Sinclair / St. Clair family. We accept anyone with any variant spelling of the name. There have been over 70 variants since 1026 AD. The Sinclair DNA study was started in 2004 and has grown to over 500 DNA kits managed. Our focus now is driven by the advances in SNP studies, especially Big Y and Yfull verification of TMRCA. These are getting closer and closer to the time period of documents. If we can find similar matches between surnames in documents, plus matches in our SNP studies, then we've got good evidence of a real connection.

This is the official, recognized DNA study of the Sinclair family worldwide. We began when Steve St. Clair couldn't find a document that might help connect him back before the 1820s. He contacted Stan St. Clair and they both completed the test. After the 25-marker test results came in, it was clear they connected, and detailed SNP testing has since confirmed this. Steve was able to make a connection back to the 1698 immigrant, Alexander Sinkler of Glasgow, Scotland. Stan and Steve realized this could help the rest of our worldwide family, and our DNA study of the Sinclair / St. Clair / Sinceler family was born.

Since then, we've maintained a very high standard of research, results reporting, and ongoing education about how DNA works.

If you're a member of our family who wants to find out more about your ancient or recent ancestry, you're in the right place. You can find contact information, and a lot more at our St Clair Sinclair DNA website.

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