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Steve St Clair Steve St Clair
October 27 @ 9:18am
Apparently, some test subjects at FTDNA had not accepted Terms and Policies so FTDNA will remove their kits. If you have issues with your kit, please contact Steve at SaintClair1398@gmail.com
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Gail Hardy
October 30 @ 7:40pm
Gregory, if you mean the Arthur Sinclair (1462-1513) who died at the Battle of Flodden, he is my 13th uncle on one line and 15th uncle on another line. His father is William Sinclair (1433-1487) 2nd Lord Sinclair.
Gregory St. Clair
October 31 @ 3:44pm
Thanks Gail but no the Revolutionary War General, Governor of the Northwest Territory 1737-1818
Stephen St. Clair
November 3 @ 3:19pm
I think some who trace back to Pennsylvania think this is possible, but I'm not sure any have totally proven it. Will ask around.
Norman Turbeville
4 hours ago
Steve- Thank you for your post about the FTDNA had not accepted Terms and Policies....I now think I have given you permission to look at my FTDNA . Can you check and make sure I ave done it correctly.
William Warman William Warman
October 29 @ 6:32pm
July 9, 1576 - Thomas West, the future baron De La Warr, is born at Wherwell, Hampshire. He is the son of Thomas West, eleventh baron De La Warr, and his wife, Anne Knollys. March 9, 1592 - Thomas West matriculates at Queen's College, Oxford. He will leave the university without a degree. 1595 - Thomas West travels to Italy with a son of Sir Thomas Shirley of Wiston, West's godfather. November 25, 1596 - Thomas West marries Cecilia Shirley, the youngest daughter of his godfather, Sir Thomas Shirley, at Saint-Dunstan-in-the-West, a church in London. October 1597–February 1598 - Thomas West serves in the House of Commons representing Lymington. 1598 - Thomas West possibly serves with English forces fighting the Spanish in the Netherlands. June 30, 1599 - Thomas West distinguishes himself at battle near Arklow, County Wicklow, during a campaign against Irish rebels, which is led by his first cousin, Robert Devereux, second earl of Essex. July 12, 1599 - Thomas West is knighted while in Ireland fighting in a campaign against Irish rebels, which is led by his first cousin, Robert Devereux, second earl of Essex. February 1601 - Implicated in an uprising against Queen Elizabeth led by his first cousin, Robert Devereux, second earl of Essex, Thomas West is briefly confined at the Wood Street Counter, a debtors' prison in London. February 19, 1601 - Robert Devereux, second earl of Essex, imprisoned for leading an uprising against Queen Elizabeth, apologizes to Thomas West's father, Essex's uncle, for causing his cousin to be arrested. West "was unacquainted with the whole matter," Essex says. March 24, 1602 - After his father's death, Thomas West inherits the barony De La Warr, becoming third, or the twelfth, baron De La Warr. The number depends on a willingness to recognize the barony's second creation, in 1572. West also becomes a member of Queen Elizabeth's Privy Council October 3, 1603 - Henry West is born to Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, and Cecilia Shirley West. August 30, 1605 - Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, is created an MA of Oxford University. 1609 - Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, joins the Virginia Company of London and serves on its council. May 23, 1609 - The Crown approves a second royal charter for the Virginia Company of London. It replaces the royal council with private corporate control, extends the colony's boundaries to the Pacific Ocean, and installs a governor, Sir Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, to run operations in Virginia. February 28, 1610 - Assuming that Sir Thomas Gates is dead, the Virginia Company of London commissions Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, governor and captain-general for life. He departs for America a few weeks later. March 1610 - Having returned to England from Virginia the previous autumn, Samuel Argall sets sail for the colony again, this time transporting Thomas West, baron De La Warr, the new governor. April 1, 1610 - Lawrence Bohun sails for Virginia as personal physician to the new governor, Thomas West, baron De La Warr. June–July 1610 - Within a month of arriving at Jamestown, Lawrence Bohun treats the fever of Governor Thomas West, baron De La Warr, with bloodletting, which De La Warr believes saves his life. June 8, 1610 - Sailing up the James River toward the Chesapeake Bay and then Newfoundland, Jamestown colonists encounter a ship bearing the new governor, Thomas West, baron De La Warr, and a year's worth of supplies. The colonists return to Jamestown that evening. June 10, 1610 - The Virginia colony's new governor, Sir Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, arrives at Jamestown and hears a sermon delivered by Reverend Richard Bucke. June 12, 1610 - In Jamestown, Governor Thomas West, baron De La Warr, confirms Gates's orders and issues additional orders of his own. The orders will be published in 1612 as For the Colony in Virginea Britannia. Lawes Divine, Morall and Martiall, &c. November 1610 - Governor Sir Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, sends an expedition west toward the falls of the James River. After an initial defeat at the hands of the Appamattuck's weroansqua, Opossunoquonuske, the colonists destroy the Appamattuck village. March 28, 1611 - Governor Thomas West, baron De La Warr, ill with malaria or scurvy, leaves Virginia on a ship piloted by Samuel Argall and bound for Nevis in the West Indies. June 25, 1611 - Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, addresses a letter to his superiors at the Virginia Company of London. He had left Virginia with plans to recuperate from illness in Bermuda, but a storm forced him west, eventually all the way to England. Autumn 1616 - Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, and his wife, Cecilia Shirley West, introduce John Rolfe and his wife, Pocahontas, into English society. The visitors from Virginia are in London to raise funds for the Virginia Company of London. March 16, 1618 - John Chamberlain of London reports in a letter that Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, governor and captain-general for life of Virginia, has again sailed for the colony. July 7, 1618 - Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, governor and captain-general for life of Virginia, dies aboard the ship Neptune on a return voyage to the colony. It is possible that his body is buried at Jamestown. October 14, 1618 - By this date, news has reached England of the death of Governor Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr. His son Henry inherits the barony De La Warr. 1619–1623 - Cecilia Shirley West, the widow of Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr, disposes of her husband's sixty-five shares of land, including his investment in West and Shirley Plantation. September 20, 1619 - The Virginia Company of London grants a thirty-one-year pension of £500 per year to Cecilia Shirley West, the widow of Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr Thomas West
Brian Beers Brian Beers
September 22 @ 12:27pm
Steve, I am curious about my St. Clair family's sub-clade. We've talked before. My grandmother was born in 1899 and was the youngest of 7 children. Her father died when she was 3. She had two brothers and I don't think there are surviving male descendants from that line. Two possible sources for my line. John St. Clair moved from Baltimore Maryland to Guernsey county, Ohio in the early 1800, lots of descendant from that area and also back in Maryland. Have traced St. Clair line back to Sinclair in Scotland--William Sinclair born ca 1630 in Caithness Scotland and immigrated to British colony of Delaware in mid to late 1670s. Family ended up in what became Baltimore, Maryland and remained in area at least 200 years. Do you have any information from those areas. Thanks for what ever information you might be able to share. Thanks
Steve St Clair
September 24 @ 8:59pm
Hi Brian, I've been curious about that family. I recall reading about it at some point, possibly in David Dobson's ship registry books. I've not run into any of that line I can remember. How far back is your connection Brian?
Robert Hawk
October 9 @ 1:22pm
My Sinclair antecedents came from that area Baltimore , Md. I am related to Margaret Sinclair Royston b. 1735 • Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Colony who married: Thomas Royston 1726-1775 Her grandfather was: William Sinclair /St. Clair ll 1680–1774 Birth 1680 • Prince George, Maryland, United States Death 20 APR 1774 • Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States His father was : William St. Clair (Sinclair) B:1630 in Scotland D:1697 in , Maryland, USA Brian, is this the same family you have in your records?
Brian Beers
October 9 @ 5:13pm
Yes, my 4th great-grandfather was James St. Clair (Sinclair) son of William Sinclair/St.Clair 1680-1774. So William (II) and his wife Elizabeth Tamon would be our common ancestors. James would be uncle to Margaret. I have her as daughter to his brother William Janes Sinclair/St.Clair and Mary Hines, but that's all I have. My James married Mary Lester and I descend from their youngest son John who moved to Guernsey county, Ohio just after the War of 1812 ended. My e-mail is b.david.beers@gmail.com. I would be happy to continue this conversation off this thread and share information. Great to hear from you.
Gilbert St. Clair Gilbert St. Clair has a question!
August 30 @ 11:24am
Steve, What did we learn from Gil's Big Y results? Carolyn St. Clair
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Gilbert St. Clair
September 5 @ 1:21pm
Steve, Gil got whatever you ordered back in Nov. when they were running a special. Carolyn
Gilbert St. Clair
September 5 @ 11:48pm
Steve, On Gil's results page, it talks about SNPs.
Gilbert St. Clair
September 6 @ 9:50am
Steve, Of the 28 matches 10 of them have the last name of Campbell.
Steve St Clair
September 13 @ 8:57pm
Carolyn, can you call me at 917-676-6788 and let's discuss.
Charles Sinclair Charles Sinclair has a question!
August 26 @ 5:19pm
Steve or Mark -- Can you tell me the kit number of Robert Boin St. Clair? I'm trying to pull out match information for the closest matches to my father (Charles F. Sinclair, kit 34425). I can't identify exactly which line on the DNA results chart is for his results. Also, I added a note for him summarizing his line, hoping that would aid anyone else looking at DNA matches against his record. Are those kit numbers considered confidential? Or maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Thanks. Lynne Sinclair (daughter of Charles F.)
Steve St Clair
September 4 @ 11:34pm
Hi Lynne, Out of respect for Robert Boin St. Clair's privacy, I can't give that out. What I will do is send him an email with your email address in it so you guys can get in touch if he chooses. Please send your email address to me at SaintClair1398@gmail.com Thanks, Steve
Charles Sinclair
September 9 @ 7:14pm
I’ve sent you a couple of emails, Steve.
Steve St Clair
September 13 @ 8:55pm
I know you did. I hope everyone here reads this reply. I take people's privacy very seriously. The fact that someone in the study asks for someone else's DNA results doesn't mean I'm allowed to give them access to the requested kit. Until I do a thorough check, I do not release the material. Lynne, I'll be emailing you tonight with the information you need. I'll do this only so long as you agree not to share them beyond yourself. There's an outstanding matter I have to clear up.
Jean-Pierre Knight Jean-Pierre Knight has a question!
September 3 @ 11:25am
Hello, Craig St-Clair got in touch with me in April 2017, recommending I have the Z8 SNP test, of which I did. I ended up being confirmed to belong to the R-Y8604 Group. All of this is Greek to me and Craig promised to shed some light on it once I would obtain my results. However, he never did and perhaps something happened to him that prevented to return his comments. I wonder a group administrator could assist me with this please.
Steve St Clair
September 4 @ 11:01pm
Hi Jean-Pierre, Your kit number is 584511 and you’re showing up in the unclassified results because Craig left the study unexpectedly. I’ll move you up to where you belong. More on that below, and it’s very cool !! The first major clue is that you’re showing DF102, which likely connects you to the A2 group on this page of results - https://www.familytreedna.com/public/Sinclair?iframe=yresults That mutation happened about 2,200 years ago per Yfull.com - https://www.yfull.com/tree/R-DF102/ The narrative of this group is that they’re the Ancestral Sinclairs of Roslin & Orkney, the Earldom. You also show the S5245 SNP, which also supposedly mutated about 2,200 years before present. I don’t trust these numbers just yet… too similar. More to come, Steve
William Warman William Warman
August 31 @ 11:47pm
Warman/Warmund Domesday Book Photo -2
William Warman
August 31 @ 11:48pm
Warman - Warmund name.changes
William Warman William Warman
August 31 @ 11:41pm
Warman/Warmund Domesday Book Photo -2-3..
William Warman William Warman
August 28 @ 11:12am
Steve FYI and the Sarah Magruder family ties.
Paul Collet Paul Collet has a question!
August 23 @ 10:00am
Hello. I seem to have hit a dead end. My great grandfather was George Frederick Sinclair. He was born in Hull, Yorkshire, England in 1770 and died 1824 in Sullivan, Maine. His wife was Marie Peters. She was born in Dumfries, Scotland 1839. I'm trying to find out who George Frederick Sinclair's ancestors were. Thank you. deadriver60@gmail.com
Paul Collet
August 23 @ 1:50pm
England as a birthplace could be wrong. Might be Caithness or Oldhamstocks, East Lothian, Scotland. Thx.
Steve St Clair
August 24 @ 12:54pm
Hi Paul, I'll take a look and ask some of the experts here.
Paul Collet
August 24 @ 1:57pm
Hi Steve. How are you? Never found anything more regarding the "illusive" Joseph Sinclair, my grandmother's biological father. He simply disappears after a 1910 census in Jackman, Maine. I believe my 4th great grandfather George Frederick Sinclair parents were George & Catharine. Thanks for having a look. Paul
Steve St Clair
August 25 @ 9:56am
I've looked through David Dobson's ship records, but nothing matches. However, "Sinclair Family" by Leonard A Morrison has several mentions of Joseph and George Sinclairs in the northeastern states. He was focused mostly on Exeter, New Hampshire. Emailing you offline.