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Leonard Vandegrift Leonard Vandegrift
February 19 @ 11:07am
As mentioned in a previous post, my maternal grandfather traced all sides of his and my grandmother's family trees before he died in 2005. The only record I have of the Sinclair family tree traces back to Samuel Sinclair, who according to Wikitree was born around 1808: Can anyone on this site tell me if they share Samuel Sinclair as an ancestor or direct me to more information on the line through him? My grandmother may pass in the next few days, and I would like to know as much about her ancestry as I can. My family would be very appreciative. Thank you.
Steve St Clair
February 19 @ 6:37pm
Leonard, see post above.
Steve St Clair Steve St Clair
February 19 @ 6:36pm
Leonard Vandegrift, In response to your question below ( I can’t post photos in replies on this site, so I post above your question ) Where does your grandmother live? Where was she born.? Please give us a little to go on. If that WikiTree entry is correct, and many are not, then the Kentucky mention is a major clue. Many from North Carolina or western Virginia went west through Kentucky, some settling there. I've just taken a look at The Amazing Jean Grigsby's work on the descendants of Alexander Sinkler and there's no mention of a Samuel given name. Nothing in David Dobson's books. However, I find one in Leonard A. Morrison's book "Sinclair Family" published in 1896. He researched the lines of the Sinclairs of Exeter, New Hampshire. I expected nothing, but I do find the information in the photo attached. Study this photo from the book.
Allan Scott Allan Scott
February 18 @ 12:07pm
I Just Stumbled across This DNA Tree, It Has SinClairs on it
Craig St Clair Craig St Clair
January 2 @ 11:33am
Oops! I posted before I completed what I meant to post. Happy New Year to all!! This is actually Kathryn and the Craig St. Clair, who tested is my first cousin. I have a couple of questions for you Steve. First, I have devoured my 2017 version of The Enigmatic Sinclairs and am using it along with Barbara Crawford's, The Northern Earldoms, as primary sources for short bios of our Rosslyn ancestors for my family. Do you know what changes are in the 2018 edition of The Enigmatic Sinclairs? I was wondering if I should reread the entire book to find the updates! Also, when Craig Sinclair was the co-administrator of this site he said in Nov of '17 that he'd introduce me to Lewis Sinclair when my cousin's SNP results were in. Is that something you could arrange? And finally, Craig Sinclair said in the spring of 2018 that he could compare "my" Craig's SNP to some Big Y tests expected to be completed last summer. I know I'm dumping several requests on you here! Thanks so much for any assistance you can give us!
Ramona George
February 8 @ 12:33am
You and Craig's Shared Surnames Sinclair
Steve St Clair
February 18 @ 9:36am
See answers above Kathryn
Steve St Clair Steve St Clair
February 18 @ 9:35am
Hi Kathryn, Answers to your questions below - My understanding of the new edition of the Enigmatic Sinclairs is that it cleans up some formatting issues the 1st edition had. The Amazon page for the new edition says, “This is the revised version including new information in introductory pages and improvements and amendments throughout the text.” Doesn’t sound like the core of the book has new research in it, but ask Stan St Clair who’s on this list. I’m going to buy it in hardcover if available. It’s that important. Your Craig St. Clair shares the mutation S5246 with the Earldom Lineage. S5246 is a mutation that shows in both our Caithness & Orkney lines. It mutated in the 1300s, likely the later half, roughly the time that the Narrative of the Rosslyn family says they arrived in northern Scotland. Craig’s terminal SNP is R-FGC15254. That SNP is not yet in Ytree so I can’t pull an estimated age for it. He’s tested negative for two SNPs below that one, FGC35613 and FGC15256, which you’ll see in the "Caithness Broynach?” branch and the "Orkney & Shetland Cluster.” So the place to do your research is those people in the image highlighted in yellow, showing FGC15254. I’ll email you Lewis Sinclair’s contact information if I have it. Also, I recommend joining the Orkney study - Stay in ours, of course, but see what they can tell you. Steve
Gail Hardy      791594/T124143 Gail Hardy 791594/T124143
February 8 @ 1:35pm
I got my mtDNA results back. My Haplogroup is H1b1-T16362C. Isn't this fun?
Roy Sinclair Roy Sinclair
January 6 @ 7:13am
Steve is kit #211450 Trevor Dwayne Sinclair? If so, I believe we are related. His ancestor is Henry Sinclair & Sarah Lindsay (daughter of James Lindsay, UE) of Upper Canada. This Henry (l believe) is the son of Henry Sinclair & Catherine Cornelius (daughter of John Cornelius, UE & his wife Cornelia) of Upper Canada. I believe that my brother Roy and me are descended from Henry & Catherine.
Steve St Clair
January 12 @ 3:54pm
Correct, Roy. Kit # 211450 is Trevor Dwayne Sinclair
Ramona George
February 8 @ 12:32am
You and Roy's Shared Surnames Bassett Brown Davis Kirby Knight Sinclair Smith Thompson Thomson Wilson Wood
Malcolm Sinclair Malcolm Sinclair
January 2 @ 4:39pm
I have just published a blog post about my YDNA search for my Sinclair roots. It also covers Ethnicity, but I thought it worth sharing here, if the link comes up. It conforms that I do not, so far, have any close matches in this Study, but that does not mean that there are not matches out there as only a quarter of us, I think, have done Big Y. Anyway, here it is, all feedback welcome.
Steve St Clair
January 12 @ 3:55pm
I read this in its entirety Malcolm. Very well done. I recommend you print this out and bind several copies for the next generations of your family.
Gregory St. Clair
January 14 @ 12:58pm
Fantastic Malcom! and I applaud your search for finding your true genetic path and not be fixated on a surname
Malcolm Sinclair
January 16 @ 3:39am
Thanks Steve & Gregory. Eventually I intend all the articles on the website (there is another Sinclair one there too) being put into a self-published book in order to pass them on to future generations. But there is more research to be done first and hopefully more matches to find.
Ramona George
February 8 @ 12:31am
you and Malcolm's Shared Surnames Edwards Hill Morgan Peters Robeson Sinclair Thomson Williams Wood
Steve St Clair Steve St Clair
January 22 @ 10:31pm
Descendants of Alexander Sinkler, Have you seen these links? That shows the R-ZS4578 SNP and the current families who have that SNP: Sinkler descendants Drummond Steward MacIvor MacRae (Keep in mind how few people have done Big Y or SNP packs) This link shows the TMRCA for that SNP - 550 years before present, so about 1411 AD -
Ramona George
February 8 @ 12:30am
Steve what year is Alexander born?
February 7 @ 11:41am
LOUISIANA ST. CLAIR'S / SINCLAIR'S. I have been doing research on a group of St. Clair's/Sinclair's who emigrated to Louisiana and East Texas. We have made some progress on this line but have yet to find DNA matches to confirm their origin. If you have family ties to Caddo, Desoto, Natchitoches or Rapides Parish LA or Shelby and Panola County, TX. I'd love to see if we can make connections. Pictured is one of the many St. Clair / Sinclair cemeteries in this area of Louisiana. We have a huge presence in many of the original Louisiana and East Texas settlements as well as in the Free Masons of the Scottish Rite lodges in both Texas and Louisiana. And for those of you who are gamers... try out XBox's Mafia, the Sinclair surname of Louisiana is featured in it. "Sinclair Parish the safest community in Louisiana" LOL.