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William Warman William Warman
March 1 @ 2:15pm
Burgundofara, abbess of Moutiers young Merovingian noble 605
Brett Masters
July 8 @ 8:24pm
I can tell you that the true royal line is Rh-negative blood type this has been proven irrefutably and the R1 line is the most common however I am E playgroup and Rh-negative so I am of a royal line that goes,s back to the aria from turkey to India and over to morocco as far as Tanzania 60 thousand years ago and includes egypt sameria baboloyn israil palistine seria and so on
Marcel Ulverskiold Nordstierneheim
July 9 @ 1:07pm
Have a hard time believing that all royals come from Rh Neg. It sounds on your statement that this is a common fact, and if so please direct me to that source please. You also claim ancestral royal bloodline that goes back further then known Summerian kingdom. Where did you find this proof of royal summerian blood type?
Steve St Clair
July 9 @ 11:20pm
My go-to position is always to be skeptical of blanket statements. Sources please.
William Warman
July 11 @ 2:40pm
"Here is a list of 25 family surnames who have a common ancestor Andersson(Lindqvist) Angell Becker Browne Burgessl Clark Clarke Croft Forrest Franklin/Carter Gordon Hallatt Hallett/Snow Johnson Mansure Nichols Reader Richards Try Turner/Thomas Vinter Ward Warman White Picton and Owen Picton We are all related and have a common ancestor who lived about 110 AD (466 BC - 583 AD)"
Joseph Magyar Joseph Magyar has a question!
June 11 @ 3:36pm
Frances "Fanny" Sinclair (St. Clair) married Thomas Curtis and they moved to Belmont County where they had my gg-grandmother, Melinda Curtis Griffith. I found the following marriage record for them: Taken from “Marriages of Loudoun County, Virginia, 1757 – 1853”, compiled by Mary Alice Wertz, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1985 - p.35 Curtis, Thomas and Fanny Sinclair, ward of Hamilton Rogers, bm. Alijah Sands, bm. 9 Jan. 1809. I have no idea what the “bm.” means and I couldn’t find an explanation in the book. To me, it looks like Fanny was perhaps a minor and Hamilton Rogers was her guardian and he signed for her to marry Thomas. Is anyone familiar with this notation or does anyone have any additional information on any of the people listed. Thanks, Skip
Joseph Magyar
June 11 @ 3:40pm
Sorry but I'm having trouble posting here. I was attempting to edit the above post and bring it to the front page as it has been 5 years since I originally posted it here.
Joseph Magyar
June 11 @ 3:46pm
When I try to create a new paragraph by adding a space (2 carriage returns), the message is automatically posted be for I can add anything else. Perhaps because I am using an Android (Samsung) tablet and Chrome as the browser?
Steve St Clair
June 18 @ 11:20pm
It's a bit annoying Joseph, but we're understanding your posts. Please continue.
Steve St Clair
July 9 @ 11:24pm
FTDNA is keeping up with the changes necessary to make the website work properly. The issue is that website hackers are always trying to break things and cause problems, and software patches much be continually upgraded. At some point, they'll add more functionality to this chat board.
Daniel Redmond Daniel Redmond
July 8 @ 3:30pm
Earliest Known Ancestor I believe our project administrator, Steve St Clair, once posted information on updating our Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA). Roberta Estes just wrote an article on DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy website about how to do this on FTDNA. Not providing EKA, as she puts it, “…you lose important opportunities to work with other genealogists and, if others don’t complete their EKA, you also lose the opportunity to see who their earliest known ancestors are.” It is also important to update your EKA as you make breakthroughs in your research.
László Varsányi
July 9 @ 11:21am
However, it is also very important to enter only data that has been verified.
Daniel Redmond
July 9 @ 12:19pm
Great added comment!
Daniel Redmond Daniel Redmond
June 9 @ 6:57pm
Father's Day Sale is here! Lots of value in upgrading to BigY 700. SNP testing is a more accurate way to determine MRCA than STRs.
Steve St Clair
June 18 @ 11:21pm
Thanks for posting this Daniel !!
Robert Sutherland Robert Sutherland
April 28 @ 5:20pm
Big Y results back for kit 315106 on 4/7.
Steve St Clair
May 6 @ 10:49pm
I'll take a look Robert.
Steve St Clair
May 30 @ 12:35am
Robert, you're part of the group numbered "A2iii" on our DNA study. Earldom "Caithness Cluster." Your Big Y test confirms this. See -
Steve St Clair
June 18 @ 11:18pm
If others would like to find similar certainty, they should contact me about the Big Y or Y700 test.
Patricia Smith Patricia Smith has a question!
June 12 @ 12:14am
Part of my heritage is . Which is very cool, but I am stuck in Ireland with John Sinclair of Sixtowns, Draperstown, Co Londonderry m. Miss Hamilton. This John Sinclair seems to be born around 1720-1725 and died in about 1795, possibly in Sixtowns, Draperstown, Co Londonderry, Ireland. The only information I can find on Miss Hamilton is a possible birth of 1730. Does anyone have any information of either of these two? I am desperately trying to get my line back to Scotland! Someone in the family got all the way back to France, but no one seems to know what happened to all her work since she passed away. (side note: I have suggested to a few male relatives that it would be beneficial for the study to get their tests over here, but I don't know them directly and have not received a response back yet.) Thanks in advance!
Joseph Magyar
June 15 @ 10:43am
I am trying to get in touch with Gregory St. Clair regarding a correction to his correction LOL and I can't find his email address. Gregory please email me a regarding the parentage of Nancy Adeline Sinclair born Sep 1817 in Anderson County, Tennessee. Thanks, Joseph Magyar
Joseph Magyar Joseph Magyar
June 7 @ 10:05pm
Nancy Adeline Sinclair was born Sep 1817 in Anderson County, Tennessee. She married George Washington Easley in 1840 in Macoupin County, Illinois. Nancy was the mother-in-law to two of my Giffin cousins. I believe Nancy's father was Abraham L "Abel" Sinclair, 1799'1873. Does this Sinclair line look familiar to anyone?
Gregory St. Clair
June 8 @ 1:50pm
I did a brief research and it seems that Abraham is her Uncle, her father was James Clark Sinclair B 12/24/1794 Anderson Co. Tennessee D 1850 Honey Point Twp, Macoupin Co. Illinois
Joseph Magyar
June 11 @ 12:40pm
Gregory - Thanks for the information. I appreciate the correction.
Joseph Magyar
June 11 @ 2:42pm
Gregory, I did a little more research. Lots more documentation online since I last researched these Sinclair's. Abraham L Sinclair's will leaves money to G. W. Easley, Jr, the son of Nancy Sinclair. Please correct your records. Anyone interested in this line can email me at --- Joseph
arne sandahl arne sandahl
May 26 @ 2:11pm
mitt kit är b 137699 misstag tog jag bort bilden och det som jag srev för ut ska jag sk ?iriva det igen
Steve St Clair
May 30 @ 12:44am
Jag tittade på det här. Hans DNA med användning av Big Y visar R-Y76138. Detta stämmer inte med Herdmanston-gruppen.
Gail Hardy 791594/T124143
May 30 @ 9:58am
English, please?
arne sandahl
June 3 @ 3:05pm
tack för svaret som jag fick av er oma gå till innan 1028 hur långt kan namnet st clair gå i skottland kanse på irland också vad tror ni ?
Marcel Ulverskiold Nordstierneheim
June 8 @ 3:52pm
Steve... When I search his kit nr B137699 he is grouped in what I copied and pasted. Therefor I made the conclusion that he could make that claim?
Robert Sutherland Robert Sutherland
April 28 @ 5:23pm
oh now my group is R-ZS5151. something new I have to remember
Steve St Clair
May 30 @ 12:36am
R-ZS5151 is your family "terminal" SNP.
Ian Scott Sinclair Ian Scott Sinclair has a question!
May 18 @ 1:26pm
I'm about to invest in a family tree software. At this point Family Tree Maker looks most promising to me. Does anyone have any comments? Reviews?
Daniel Redmond
May 25 @ 8:41am
What is nice about FTM is that you can upload or download a tree directly to/from Ancestry. However, I have the full paid Ancestry subscription, so you would have to confirm what you are able to do/not do. I would imagine that if you can build a tree now on Ancestry, then you are good to go, but again, please confirm. Just yesterday I built a new family tree on FTM for a research project and then with a click of a button, uploaded it to Ancestry. I then able to have FTM/Ancestry do a search on an individual and once I found the record I wanted (ie, census, birth/death/marriage records), I was able to download/link them to the tree. FTM already builds the source information and organizes it on your computer. Both FTM and Ancestry have the same data, but you do need to sync them up every so often. If you are interested in FTM, I recommend watching some of the YouTube videos to get a better idea of its capability.
Marcel Ulverskiold Nordstierneheim
May 26 @ 2:40am
Thanks Daniel, much appreciated. I have another, somewhat related, but still different question. I’ve been thinking about printing out a ancestry tree and have my daughter make a painting out of it. Do you know any good program for that purpose?
Daniel Redmond
May 26 @ 6:49am
Hi Marcel, can't help you with printing. I very rarely need to print anything of quality. I do think there might be some third party add-ons to FTM that might help. Also, maybe someone posted their printing results on YouTube. I have not checked but might be worth a try.
Steve St Clair
May 30 @ 12:15am
Daniel, very glad you're a part of this DNA study.