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Sinclair DNA Study

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William Stoddard William Stoddard
Yesterday at 4:26am
William has the rare A2150 SNP (U106 & P310) William Leslie Stoddard (Jackies paternal uncle) Sinclair dna study dna matches (brother John in next post , because I can't seam to put 2 -4 images on one post) would be great if more joined this group
William Stoddard William Stoddard
Yesterday at 4:22am
Jackie's matches below (but I have Sinclair on both paternal and maternal) my uncle William has the rare A2150 SNP (U106 & P310) William Leslie Stoddard (my paternal uncle) Sinclair dna study dna matches (next post , because I can't seam to put 2 -4 images on one post)would be great if more joined this group
Jackie Stoddard Jackie Stoddard
Yesterday at 8:07pm
Steve Sinclair, its quite strange you and my uncle William Leslie Stoddard look alike !(recommend al UTubes Steve Sinclair has done!) I've learnt a lot from them
Jackie Stoddard Jackie Stoddard
Yesterday at 8:05pm
does anyone else on this forum have U106 and A2150 (a rare snp) just found in my uncle William Leslie Stoddard's SNP Pack results (I manage his results, hes 85) Craig Sinclair says the A2150 goes right back to the Dead Sea area (north of) over 1000-3500 ago it would be great to share trees and GEDMATCH numbers of other A2150
Sean Sinclair Sean Sinclair
April 21 @ 12:40am
So I got my latest SNP Pack back for the Z367. I think I've gone about as far as I can with trying now. There are no more recommendations for any further tests. It now has me as R-BY5688. On a different note, my paternal grandfather passed away on Monday of this week. That's one less living Sinclair. Rest In Peace, Pop.
Craig Sinclair
April 21 @ 2:50pm
My condolences for the loss of your grandfather, Sean. He lives on within you and your DNA. That cannot be erased...
Craig Sinclair
April 21 @ 2:52pm
I'll check out your new terminal SNP within the U152 Study to see whom are your closest relatives and where it points geographically.
Sean Sinclair
April 23 @ 7:15pm
Thank you, Craig.
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April 22 @ 9:29pm
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Christopher Devereaux David Howard Michael Wilson arne sandahl Ramona Hartley
arne sandahl
April 22 @ 4:13am
tack att jag fick vara med hos er arne s
Craig Sinclair Craig Sinclair
April 20 @ 4:33am
Just putting the word out that for one week only SNP Packs at FTDNA are down to $79-$89. During the recent reorganisation of the Sinclair Study results I recommended a number of SNP Packs taylor-made for specific lineages or haplogroups. Please consider upgrading why the sale is still on.
Malcolm Sinclair
April 20 @ 10:36am
And, in the UK at least, the pound is a bit stronger too :) Sadly I have one set of SNP tests on order and though I know I may need more I cannot order them until the current results come though. Have been wondering about upgrading from 67 to 111 but not sure if that will help in my case.
Craig Sinclair
April 20 @ 1:39pm
Hi Malcolm, we are certainly getting stung in the UK. Well, it's a pitty you missed out on the sale prices for the DF21 SNP Pack, but that's very good value even at the full price. 67-111 markers? I'd only really recommend this if you already have close Y67 matches and wish to further clarify the closeness of the relationship.
1 Recent New Member
April 14 @ 8:53am
1 new member has joined this project!
Jake Giesbergen
Roy Sinclair Roy Sinclair
January 28 @ 3:00pm
Steve I have the DNA results (Y-111, Familyfinder and mtDNA) for my brother, Roy. I’ve received an email from FamilytreeDNA about a I1-M253 SNP Pack just released for the I1-M253 Haplogroup (special price of $99, until 6 Feb 2017). Should I take this test or wait to take the Big Y test? If I take it, will it help show which Sinclair family I am related to? WANDA SINCLAIR Toronto, Ontario
Craig Sinclair
April 7 @ 6:42am
The thing is now, you've done your bit by having your terminal SNP confirmed. This enables others to now match up to you. Someone needs to take this step for each lineage.
Craig Sinclair
April 10 @ 6:43pm
Wanda, the S26361 SNP is available to order as a single test at $39, so this would be an ideal test for Trevor. Also for other potential matches.
Roy Sinclair
April 10 @ 8:32pm
Craig, So this SNP is for Trevor to take, not my brother?
Craig Sinclair
April 11 @ 4:43am
Wanda, your brother is already confirmed I-S26361 (his terminal SNP or haplogroup), so this is for Trevor.
Malcolm Sinclair Malcolm Sinclair
February 13 @ 1:27pm
Hi, Just joined, as my y67 test is "in the lab" at FTDNA. My Sinclair roots are in Caithness but I have a brick wall at 1887 which is the year my g gf James Sinclair was born in Wick, "illegitimate," with his father being "James Sinclair, Ploughman, Hillhead." I have no records of James Sr before that date and have tried every which way to find him. He was rumoured drowned in family lore, but no record of that either. I have just got back autosomal results and am on Gedmatch, and am hoping that a mix of those and the y67 when they come through may give me a breakthrough.
Craig Sinclair
March 10 @ 6:36pm
Great stuff, Malcolm. I know after you've paid out for YSTRs, it's a little disconcerting that you have to spend more on SNP testing to confirm your haplogroup and matches. But it's the only way.
Craig Sinclair
April 6 @ 6:03am
Hi Malcolm, your SNP Pack results are back and you are now confirmed to be P312>L21>DF21. I suspect you might end up being a subclade of P314, so the recommendation both by FTDNA and what I can see, is to upgrade to the dedicated DF21 SNP Pack. This covers 130 known SNPs within the DF21 range and does include P314. It costs $119, which is probably 90 odd quid for us here.
Malcolm Sinclair
April 10 @ 6:34am
Hi Craig, I have had similar advice from the DF21 and Subclades Project, so I have ordered the DF21 SNP pack. As I commented in that study today, it is interesting (but may or may not be relevant) that the name Sinclair has appeared in some recent discussions on their page. I am no closer to finding any connections to my own tree, which as you may remember hits a brick wall around 1887 for the Sinclair line, but maybe some more clarity, or matches, will appear in time.
Craig Sinclair
April 10 @ 6:54am
Thank you accepting the advice, Malcolm. The DF21 SNP Pack is a good move. You will notice in the Y-DNA results for the Sinclair Study that you are placed just above the other DF21 Caithness Sinclairs group. My feeling is that you will split from them at this point, some 4,000 years before present. It is a patience game, but determining your terminal SNP goes along way toward breaking down that brick wall.