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Philip  Sinclair Philip Sinclair
Yesterday at 12:11am
Kit 530762 - Phillip Russell Sinclair has ordered L1065 SNP Pack - now the waiting game
Craig Sinclair
19 hours ago
That's great news Phillip and Carmen. It's important we know your terminal SNP to see the differences with the Exeter lineage, who I hope does more SNP testing in the future.
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March 20 @ 2:45pm
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Charles Percy Timothy Cluney
Sean Sinclair Sean Sinclair
March 2 @ 7:36am
Sean Sinclair
March 17 @ 1:15pm
Z367 SNP pack ordered btw.
Craig Sinclair
March 18 @ 12:08pm
That's great news. What does this mean for the Sinclair lineage? Well, it gives us another confirmed haplogroup for others to match up to.
Steve St. Clair
March 18 @ 10:50pm
This is essentially a study of data, and the more data we get, the more we learn. We originally chose FTDNA because they had the largest database, and that's certainly paid off. Also, they're the most aggressive in inventing new testing methods. This might seem like a bit study at this point, but Genetics for Genealogy is still quite young. All the new testing in the last few years makes the previous 12 years seem like the dinosaur age. Stay involved Sean and more will join who match you.
Craig Sinclair
March 19 @ 3:06pm
Took me two years to get a match, Sean - so as Steve said, the matches will come, but you have already done your bit for them to match up to you.
Steve St. Clair Steve St. Clair
March 18 @ 10:57pm
Anyone who has completed the Big Y test - your next step, about 2 weeks after your Big Y results are in, is to order your BAM file. This is the complete data set that we send off to Yfull to add intelligence to the huge amount of data and to put you on their "tree." This is the last step of the last DNA test you will likely ever take and it adds tremendous information for us all. STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO HERE -
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March 16 @ 8:37am
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Robert  Law Joannah Grainger
Gregory St. Clair Gregory St. Clair
March 15 @ 11:04pm
Looking forward to John Ultan Sinclair's YFull, that should really be interesting!
Craig Sinclair
March 16 @ 5:10am
Once the BAM file is ready, Steve can get that uploaded to YFull.
Donald Sinclair Donald Sinclair
March 15 @ 7:54am
I see we have a new Herdmanston BigY test result. Welcome John Ultan Sinclair of Ireland, we are cousins.
Craig Sinclair
March 15 @ 1:39pm
Now it will be good if other Herdmanson Y-STR matches order the A8055 SNP to confirm their lineage.
Roy Sinclair Roy Sinclair
January 28 @ 3:00pm
Steve I have the DNA results (Y-111, Familyfinder and mtDNA) for my brother, Roy. I’ve received an email from FamilytreeDNA about a I1-M253 SNP Pack just released for the I1-M253 Haplogroup (special price of $99, until 6 Feb 2017). Should I take this test or wait to take the Big Y test? If I take it, will it help show which Sinclair family I am related to? WANDA SINCLAIR Toronto, Ontario
Craig Sinclair
March 7 @ 2:35pm
Steve, Wanda did order the I1-M253 SNP Pack and are confirmed I-M253>DF29>Z58>Z59, which dates to 4,600ybp. There is also a dedicated Z58 SNP Pack for Wanda's lineage to consider doing to further define their haplogroup toward the medieval/genealogical period.
Roy Sinclair
March 12 @ 7:32pm
Steve & Craig
Roy Sinclair
March 12 @ 7:34pm
Steve & Craig I brought the Z58 pack this week.
Craig Sinclair
March 13 @ 5:14am
Wanda, that's excellent news. We will then have your terminal SNP within a reasonable timeframe and potential matches can then order that individual SNP to confirm the match.
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February 9 @ 3:05am
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Gail Mottola
March 3 @ 1:54pm
Don, was it you who asked me to send an email?
Gail Mottola
March 3 @ 1:55pm is my email address. The request was re: Clovelly Court.
Craig Sinclair
March 7 @ 4:05pm
It was me, Gail. I sent you an email.
Stephen St. Clair
March 11 @ 6:28pm
Gail, we've found records of Quaker connections in our research of my Virginia ancestor - not that he was a Quaker, but somehow connected to some. Scroll down to the bottom of this page -
Sabrina Burchell Greer Sabrina Burchell Greer has a question!
March 10 @ 6:19pm
Is anyone connected to the SINCLAIR line that Glenn Close is? She is my distant 9th cousin from the GREER/LACKEY/PECK line, but I noticed today she has MARY M. SINCLAIR b. 1823 Gloucester County, VA d. 1902 Middlesex, VA m. Thomas Booth Taliaferro. Mary's parents were JOHN SINCLAIR b. 1798 Isle of Wright, VA m. Margaret Ann Munford b. Gloucester, VA. John's line goes to Scotland from his father - CAPT. JOHN SINCLAIR b. Isle of Wright VA 1755 - HENRY SINCLAIR b. Aberdeen, Scotland 1729 - DONALD SINCLAIR b. Cairnquoy, Caithness, Scotland in 1780. I can't connect hers to my ALEXANDER SINCLAIR b. Scotland or his son my immigrant ancestor, CHARLES SINCLAIR b. Augusta, VA 1717-1725 m. Nancy A. Salling/Salin. Maybe someone has a connection I am not aware of. Virginia was certainly a hot-bed for connections to early families to America. I have numerous cousins on FTDNA from those families!
Stephen St. Clair
March 11 @ 6:22pm
Wow!!! I know that Taliaferro family !! There are several mentions of them on my page about our 1698 immigrant Alexander Sinkler who crossed the Atlantic to end up in Prince William County, Va from Glasgow. See this page - While I have him on the Virginia page because that's where the records were, that doesn't mean he's connected to the Virginia Sinklers... There is evidence that he goes back to Caithness, northern Scotland.