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Steve St Clair Steve St Clair
August 17 @ 4:09pm
Danny, I can't post new pics in existing threads, so the answer to your question is here. I see your big Y 700 results when I click in the section I marked with a red #1 which is on the homepage of your FTDNA kit. Click on either of the two on the right and You'll see all 700 of your markers. If you click on the word "Matches" on the left in my #1 image, you'll see the Big Y STR results applied to what used to be just the 37, 67, or 111-marker level. They also have migrated in Big Y SNP results into it, but still not the Yfull markers. If you look at our results chart in my section 2 of the image, you'll see I'm keeping up with that manually. Yfull is not owned or associated with FTDNA, but they do cooperate with Yfull analysis. Of 417 markers checked, you and I are only off on 3 STRs. Don't know why they checked that number. Probably because I'm not yet tested on Y700, something I'm remedying this weekend.
Steve St Clair
August 17 @ 4:17pm
Daniel, did you order your new BAM file for your Y700 yet? I can show you how to do that and re-submit it to Yfull. I'll be doing that when mine comes in. We all should.
Daniel Redmond
August 18 @ 8:23am
Steve, thank you for the information and taking time to post the photos. It's a big help to not only me, but I'm sure others. I have already uploaded my BAM for the Y700 to YFull. I believe I had done that about a month ago. So my results are at both YFull and the Big Tree. Now I'm just wondering what more I can do to help with the Sinclair DNA study. I'm still reviewing my Redman/Redmond line and am hopeful that someday I can pinpoint the generation that changed from Sinclair/St. Clair/Sinkler to Redman/Redmond but I know it is an uphill battle.
Gregory St. Clair Gregory St. Clair
July 21 @ 12:27pm
Steve, do I need to re-up the YFull with the new Y700 or does that happen automatically?
Steve St Clair
August 11 @ 2:53pm
On their site, I don't see the Y700 listed as one that Yfull accepts. I've got an email off to them now.
Steve St Clair
August 16 @ 4:00pm
Greg and others, please click the audio link just next to this thread re: Y500 and Y700.
Daniel Redmond
August 16 @ 5:36pm
Steve, I had uploaded my Big Y700 to Y-Full but am unclear if they have taken all of the entries or just limited it to the Big Y500.
Steve St Clair
August 17 @ 4:12pm
Daniel, see answer with accompanying image just next to this thread.
Steve St Clair Steve St Clair
August 16 @ 3:59pm
This is a recording of a call I made to one of the experts at Family Tree DNA on the Y500 and Y700 testing and how they interact with Big Y. She also explains the need to get a new BAM file once your results come in and then send it off to Yfull -
Peter Sinclair Peter Sinclair
August 5 @ 1:10pm
Hi Steve, for some reason I am still missing on the results page despite making sure I am opted in to sharing. I joined in 2006 and all was ok for years then my name disappeared. In the old days you referred to me as Peter (Perthshire) Sinclair if that reminds you. My earliest ancestor was in Perthshire in 1725. My kit is #62937. My FTDNA testing puts me in R Z251 and YSEQ identified the sub clade Z16944+. STR and SNP results show my particular line to be a pretty lonely one but I guess that we are still talking about genetic changes that took place about 3,000 years ago. Autosomal comparisons are broad as you know, but those that include the Sinclair surname tend to have Caithness, Orkney or Shetland origins as you might expect. One remote but very interesting match suggests that I share a few segments of DNA with the Sinclairs of Rattar back in the 17th Century, including John, Master of Caithness and his direct descendants. I am therefore making progress towards my objective, which was to see if I could confirm the expected link with Caithness. It is disappointing not to find family links with anyone, but perhaps this autosomal link with the Sinclairs of Rattar might yield something. Has your research touched on this branch of our history and are you aware of project members that might be relevant? Regards, Peter.
Steve St Clair
August 11 @ 2:49pm
Peter, can you email me at ? We'll get to the bottom of this in the next few days.
Jerry Wright Jerry Wright
August 5 @ 11:28pm
Steve: I just check on my uncle Stan Wright's listing #B166902 and my own #590783 and I wonder if our Y500 tests have been updated into the spreadsheet. Also my uncle Stan #B166902 has recently did the upgrade to the Y700 and I just ordered my Y700 update for Kit No. 590783. Can you tell when this data might be put into the spreadsheet Thank You
Steve St Clair
August 11 @ 2:48pm
I'll check your results this week Jerry and do the update above the "Lineage" you're in.
Kathryn K2a10 Kathryn K2a10
April 19 @ 11:35am
Hello All. This is Kathryn from New Orleans. My great-grandfather FW Sinclair moved here from Gloucester, Virginia area to marry my sweet great-grandmother back in 1907. This line of Sinclairs has been in the Mobjack Bay/York River/Rappahannock River region of VA since the 1730s. I'd like to learn which DNA group my line of Sinclairs belongs to. Being a lady, I can only learn my mtDNA so I'll rely on the family men to share this information. I appreciate your time and attention to my request. Thank you!
Steve St Clair
April 28 @ 6:11pm
I suspect you'll be related to Alexander Sinkler given the Rappahannock River region you mentioned. Do you have men in the family who carry the surname and can do the DNA testing?
Steve St Clair
June 2 @ 4:02pm
My advice is to trace forward in FW's line moving toward the present. Try to find living male descendants to test that way.
Jackie Stoddard Jackie Stoddard
March 27 @ 3:34am
Hi Steve is Craig Sinclair no longer involved with this group? its important to me because of who we dna match in common namely Colin Stewart and the Corsica Stuart we all match (Bonkyll lines) my 2 paternal Stoddard uncles also match Corsica Stuart , along with my maternal 1st and 2nd cousins side do too (I have Stewart both sides) Boswell and Smyth has something to do with the Corsica links, and Cromwell used Smith / Smyth as a pseudonum (we have Cromwell) And Boswell who wrote " Journey to the Hebrides" (Auchinleck) same area as our Douglas, Maternal is Glenbervie Red Douglas Angus lines Douglas is on both side (as is Stewart and Sinclair) on my paternal many Mayflower lines is also many Magna Carta Barons , Randolph, Earls of Morton , and Angus Douglas, Stewart and Bruce and Bonktyll , I descend from Henry Sinclair who built Rosslyn , and royal stuart / Stewart my paternal uncles William Stoddard DNA was of interest to Craig for sometime as we have a rare SNP A2150 . I emailed him (with no response) to show we share DNA T967165 7.5 7.5 7.4 7.5 7.5 7.4 0.0 CraigSINCLAIR (rest of email removed) the complex thing is I have royal stewart both maternal (Bonnie Prince Charles) and Stewart Paternal in England late 1600s, which I'm totally stuck on I'd like to be able to work out the links between our combined matches and surnames Interstingly surnames similar to Herdman / Herdmanston are popping up in DNA matches, and separate from the Rosslyn Sinclair line it seams Sinclair, both sides of family; way back and of course Stewart and Douglas often married Sinclair lines. we also descend from Clare and Claret (which may well be same) french there frustrating thing that being female it seams theres not much help. I also DNA match on the Sinclair dna project I match on the Sinclair DNA project both (we share lots of same surnames) Matthew Bryon Smith and James Sinclair Denton and de Hann
Gail Hardy 791594/T124143
April 1 @ 9:46am
Sorry, Jackie, I forgot the rest of your question. I have a huge tree on Ancestry. I have a smaller one here that you can see by clicking on my name and wait for the family tree symbol to come sliding in at the top right hand corner. My Ancestry Tree is "Andrews Family Tree by ghparalgl".
Steve St Clair
April 9 @ 7:46am
Hi Jackie, Craig is no longer part of the group. I have his email and will get it to you if you email me at
Kelly Dunn
April 16 @ 6:03pm
GEDmatch.Com Autosomal Comparison - V2.1.1(c) Comparing Kit A730856 (Kelly Dunn) and A477132 (*Jackie) Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 300 SNPs Mismatch-bunching Limit = 150 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 1 145,843,443 151,664,910 4.0 829 6 135,180,683 137,512,449 3.4 420 8 142,527,235 144,484,791 3.1 517 9 833,707 1,969,053 3.7 557 9 78,441,049 81,061,320 4.0 685 14 70,366,663 73,096,578 3.3 689 16 20,245,385 22,727,551 3.3 363 16 77,549,980 78,505,516 5.1 496 18 13,449,766 18,019,737 3.2 375 18 73,603,849 75,333,697 4.1 484 Largest segment = 5.1 cM Total of segments > 3 cM = 37.3 cM 10 matching segments 655824 SNPs used for this comparison. Comparison took 0.03207 seconds. Ver: Jul 2 2018 11:49:04
lynn huddleston gregory
July 21 @ 8:55am
Hello Jackie, I am new to the group. My gedmatch was ran with yours and I was told I matched with you. At that time I was finding out if I was in the Stewart/Stuart line. My kit # is 249185 and gedmatch is MX1571116
lynn huddleston  gregory lynn huddleston gregory
July 21 @ 8:46am
lynn huddleston  gregory lynn huddleston gregory
July 21 @ 8:45am
Hello, I am new to the group and trying to learn more. My kit # is 249185 and gedmatch is MX1571116
Gregory St. Clair Gregory St. Clair
July 1 @ 3:00pm
My Big Y-700 is due in the next 10-14 days, hopefully we'll stir up some data!