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Janet Hart Allen Sinclair
Allen Sinclair
June 24 @ 12:21pm
Thanks for accepting me into the project. I'm waiting for the results of my first DNA test, and am excited about finally getting past my genealogical brick wall, Hugh Sinclair (Cumberland Co. NC USA 1820).
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June 19 @ 3:04pm
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June 17 @ 1:13pm
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Beth Poust Donald Johnson Jan Nelson Luke Settee
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June 6 @ 11:18am
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James Carrell D Sinclair Arthur Sinclair
Malcolm Sinclair Malcolm Sinclair
May 20 @ 10:49am
So, Steve & Craig, I now find that I am Z16533. No others that I can see like this in the Sinclair Project, although there are many who have not gone further than R-M269.Any thoughts on this would be very welcome? I have linked to the Z16526 Project (formerly R-P314) and their initial feedback is that my DYS 388 at 14 and DYS 438 at 13 are pretty rare, and I have no immediate correlation with the others in their group as I am negative for Z16538.
Stephen St. Clair
May 29 @ 8:58am
Hi Malcolm, Z16533 is a mutation that Yfull have pegged occurring about 1500 years ago. That's quite recent in the DNA terms. Far upstream of your Z16533 mutation is DF21. Craig has them in the G7i section of our results page. We have several DF21+ kit members in our study. It’s quite old. Several members show DF21 and we’ll press those who haven’t to order the DF21 SNP pack. 6 others have already ordered it. I’ve dug around a bit today and cannot find anyone who shares any of the upstream SNPs of your Z16533 among those who have done deeper SNP testing. You hit the nail on the head when you said many people in the study have not gone further than R-M269. This is the key to all our lineages learning more and we’re constantly working on the members to take the lower cost SNP packs to verify which of our lineages they fit into. Steve
Stephen St. Clair
May 29 @ 8:58am
Gail Mottola Gail Mottola has a question!
May 7 @ 6:21pm
Steve, Lynn Sinclair with whom I've done much research on our Sinclair families has gotten her father to agree to take the DNA test. We need to know whether he should take the 37, 67, or 111 test. Can you advise, as I do not know what to tell her. He is 90 years of age and she is willing to pay to have the complete testing done, so please answer. Thank you. Gail
Craig Sinclair
May 9 @ 1:34pm
Hi Gail, I'll answer if Steve doesn't see this. My opinion is that if your budget just stretches to the cost of the Y67 test, then order the Y37 instead and add an SNP pack once your haplogroup is predicted. SNP testing is critical unless you are a particularly close match with lineages which have already explored advanced SNP testing.
Gail Mottola
May 15 @ 7:15am
Thanks, Craig, I'll let Lynn know. Just got back from seeing my family in FL.
Gail Mottola
May 19 @ 12:42pm
Hi Craig: I'm checking to see if my brother or my son might be able to be DNA tested re: Sinclair. Though our male Sinclair line stops at the great-great grandfather generation, I recently heard from a cousin that in her line (not Sinclair), they found a person who connected at the 6th great-grandfather generation. Please let me know.
Stephen St. Clair
May 29 @ 8:29am
Hi Gail, your brother or son could take the Family Finder test and achieve a reasonable bit of accuracy, however back beyond 3 generations it becomes a bit sketchy. Testing your brother would be better than your son for that reason. Another possibility is to back up a generation or two before your g-g-grandfather and look for living descendants of those older generations, then test them.
Sabrina Burchell Greer Sabrina Burchell Greer has a question!
March 10 @ 6:19pm
Is anyone connected to the SINCLAIR line that Glenn Close is? She is my distant 9th cousin from the GREER/LACKEY/PECK line, but I noticed today she has MARY M. SINCLAIR b. 1823 Gloucester County, VA d. 1902 Middlesex, VA m. Thomas Booth Taliaferro. Mary's parents were JOHN SINCLAIR b. 1798 Isle of Wright, VA m. Margaret Ann Munford b. Gloucester, VA. John's line goes to Scotland from his father - CAPT. JOHN SINCLAIR b. Isle of Wright VA 1755 - HENRY SINCLAIR b. Aberdeen, Scotland 1729 - DONALD SINCLAIR b. Cairnquoy, Caithness, Scotland in 1780. I can't connect hers to my ALEXANDER SINCLAIR b. Scotland or his son my immigrant ancestor, CHARLES SINCLAIR b. Augusta, VA 1717-1725 m. Nancy A. Salling/Salin. Maybe someone has a connection I am not aware of. Virginia was certainly a hot-bed for connections to early families to America. I have numerous cousins on FTDNA from those families!
Stephen St. Clair
March 11 @ 6:22pm
Wow!!! I know that Taliaferro family !! There are several mentions of them on my page about our 1698 immigrant Alexander Sinkler who crossed the Atlantic to end up in Prince William County, Va from Glasgow. See this page - While I have him on the Virginia page because that's where the records were, that doesn't mean he's connected to the Virginia Sinklers... There is evidence that he goes back to Caithness, northern Scotland.
Jackie Stoddard
March 25 @ 8:09pm
Yes I think I have Glenn Close and Taliaferro is a lot in matches, but wasn't sure of connection yet, I will report back later
Sabrina Burchell Greer
May 24 @ 9:16am
Jackie, did you find anything interesting yet?
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May 9 @ 7:02pm
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Scott Sinclair
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April 28 @ 3:48am
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Kenneth Douglas John Sinclair
William Stoddard William Stoddard
April 25 @ 4:26am
William has the rare A2150 SNP (U106 & P310) William Leslie Stoddard (Jackies paternal uncle) Sinclair dna study dna matches (brother John in next post , because I can't seam to put 2 -4 images on one post) would be great if more joined this group