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Re-structuring of the results page with the family histories is continuous. I do urge everyone to check their own line and make sure the information I have is correct and if you want a contact person and email listed do please let me know.
PLEASE NOTEWe have recently regrouped those who seem to be in the same lines by haplotype. This requires a re-ordering of the page on which the family histories tied to these results are listed. I HAVE been advised by one of the participants that we did mismatch one report so there could be others but so need to hear from everyone and ask that they review the results page.
I can display the name of the most distant ancestor in place of the family name if that is preferred but to do that effectively we need to have EVERYONE submit that information.
thank you

03.07.18 There has been a further re-odering of Y and mT results.  At this time there is no easy way for the administrators to post or classify autosomal information.