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Scoggin, Scoggins, S

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About us

Update 01.28.2009 Welcome to the Scoggin/Scroggins Surname DNA Project.

I am glad to announce that we have fourteen participants ask for test information thus far and a few more have expressed interest. There are also three or four participants In other studies we hope to have join us. There are also a few who were tested before we started the group that we may be able to add.

The purpose of this project is to determine possible relationships between the various lines regardless of how we spell the name around the world. By using a simple DNA test we hope to find out which family members share which common ancestors. This includes but is not limited to the lines listed in the group name and below.

Some of the earliest family members we know of are one George Scoggin who emigrated from England to Virginia in the 1650s. Another is Johan Scoggin/Schaggen who came from Sweden to 'New Sweden' or the Delaware area in the 1640s. There are probably other immigrants and we would love your help in identifying them. We also know of quite a few early Scoggins/Scoggans in England we hope to connect to.

We will organize the information on this site using the work of the respected family genealogist to which we all owe a great deal. John M. Scroggins has done work for many years across the variant family spellings. He is now concentrating on his own family but has graciously provided the information by which we organize the various family groups.