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About us

Updated 01/28/14

Greetings fellow researchers,

Firstly we are lucky to have the help of a ‘co-administrator’and I can’t express how grateful we all are for that. It’s been some time sincewe updated the site with information other than the results which get updated automaticallywhen results become available.

If you go to the ‘results’ link under the ‘about this group’tab in the menu bar you will see out attempt at providing our participants someinformation they might be able to use in their search.

Welcome to the Scoggin/Scroggins Surname DNA Project.
I am glad to announce that we now have TWENTYNINE participants in our studywith a couple having asked for kits. A few others are known to have testedbefore the start of this group or at another service and we are trying to bringeveryone together. We’ve made a lot of progress from our meager start a fewyears ago and I want to thank all those that have participated.
PLEASE NOTE I have just updated the site Jan 2014 and am waiting forinput from a couple of participants. We have recently regrouped those who seemto be in the same lines by haplotype. This has required a re-ordering of thepage on which the family histories tied to these results are listed. I have beenadvised by one of the participants that we did mismatch one report so therecould be others but we need to hear from everyone and ask that they review theresults page. I have had some response to my request for checking and updatingyour information but would like to ask everyone to do so. I urge you all, andfor that matter anyone visiting the site to review the information posted onthe various test results and the lines they represent and send me an email withany suggestions. For those for which I have not added any narrative at allplease contact me and send me what we might want to post and (this isimportant) if you want me to post your name and address as a contact on thatline and who the ‘earliest proven ancestor’ might be. thank you.
 Eventually we hope to organize the information on this site using thework of the respected family genealogist to which we all owe a great deal. JohnM. Scroggins has done work for many years across the variant family spellings.He is now concentrating on his own family but has graciously provided theinformation by which we will organize the various family groups.