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About us

Romany-DNA Ftdna Project's goal is to expand this project to include Romanies people from across the globe, and investigate our origins and connections across clans without bias.

Our main GOAL is just trying to build an
INTERNATIONAL TEAM of very serious, friendly and fully "reliable" people & project collaborators, to give the maximum support and to work on project Member's results.
The team wants to get an overall idea about our "
real & scientific" population’s origins & about our DNA relatives.

The team does not have any special goals or hidden plans or any kind of hidden data or
personal notoriety objectives.

All the information of this project are shared with members and all we know is what member share in the "Results" links on these pages, or what members personally write on the project feeds' section.

Administrators and collaborators do not request or gain anything: all is
FREE, and again we have no hidden or any profit goals and we do not want to be "known" as actual Romany DNA or Romany Culture "experts". We do not care of notoriety; in fact you will not easily find our names on the internet. If you want to trust us is up to you, if you do not trust our project and goals you can freely search elsewhere. It is not our “goal” to gain trust. Trust come from respect, friendship and TRUTHS and real (empiric/scientific) facts, not from self-promotion.

Ftdna Administrators main duty and goal, for a DNA project, is JUST to "
Group" well and scientifically people's Haplogroups in the DNA result pages. Also, on direct request, our duty is to provide members' contacts to another member in relation to people of the same sub-haplogroup in the results' page. So that members can collaborate to find their common ancestors. That is all.

Our duty is NOT to find single people’s ancestors or mythical origins or to stay in constant communication with you chatting about your roots & ethnology or to watch your old and wrinkled family pictures. That is not our team’s goal. Genealogy is a difficult matter and we cannot help too much with it, nor with your family tales, or lines or clans which you consider real Rom but not Kale, or Royals or Sinti but not Gitanos etc. We do not have time and we do not follow those “
peculiar matters at all.

We now know Romany *DNA*, admixture and matches. Project’s
GOAL is:
checking if a person has Romany DNA and matches, if so, he/she will be grouped in this Project in a proper and very scientific way, specially is the DNA is a known Romany "founder" haplogroup. So that we will develop a database in the project lists.

Anyway, if there is no Romany-Asian DNA or enough Romany matching cousins, then the person it is
not grouped and the sample is deleted from the project.  Ethnic matters like who is who and "which family is Gorja", Pajos, Tatars. Traveller or with 1700 CE pedigree or not, it is not a DNA matter, it is a genealogical, cultural or ethnic matter. We are not a Cultural group. Our “Goal” is to develop a DNA group and DNA speaks a different and very specific scientific language made of “ALLELE MUTATIONS”.

There are
VERY WELCOMED members here who have 20% S. Asia DNA, matching all Romany clans and matching known Romany people, from Romany haplogroups like Y H or mtDNA M5a but they are adoptive, so they do not know much about our Romany culture. Again, Ethnic and cultural prospectives are not “too much” prejudiced here, this is not a "Romany Culture" group. There are many groups for that. Search them on Google.

We request
*NOT to DISRESPECT Members & Administrators*. So, please AVOID:

1) Emailing Administrators without reading the listed scientific papers and hence telling that a line or haplogroup like R or J o G or H is Gorja or that we are wrong or worse liars because that person for your papers has a Gorja ancestors or that a specific person is a pure Rom or from a royal clan.

2) Avoid sending us banal questions or your photos or telling us the colours of the eyes of your children or the dress of your 1900 ancestor or the great "purity" of your clan, or even if genealogically someone is a real Romany or vice-versa.
With full respect our Team’s GOAL is to work only with DNA "markers" and we rely only to scientific papers about
Romany admixture and Romany DNA, not your phantasmagorical 1600 CE family tree. Some people wrote us telling that they found documents about a non Romany ancestor so that line was not Romany; first of all we do not have time to check documents of our hundreds of members from foreign countries, and secondly, we do not care of yours wrinkled & smudged  old archives’ papers from some dusty catacomb: we need DNA results from fresh blood…

For us, the specific haplogroup listed in (multiple) "official" study as Romany founder haplogroups, like Y
J-M67 , Y H-M82 etc, or mtDNA M5a or mtDNA U3b etc are (often “also” but not “only” Romany haplogroups, and we do not care if people share 1600 CE Gadjè or 1800 CE Romany ancestry..

The main Team’s GOAL is to have a good group and database of people having (known or new discovered!) Romany haplogroups’ branches determined and verified by their Admixture and “well” matching Romany cousins.

Thanks for your consideration and future friendly collaborations