Gitano Rom Sinti Kale Manouche Romany Romaní Khorakhanè Джипси هناج دومي
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About us

Romani, Gitano, Kale, Rom & Sinti Y-DNA, mtDNA, & autosomal (Family Finder) INTERNATIONAL project. Members must be descended from actual (real) Romani: Manouche, Gitano, Kale or Rom / Sinti, دومي families. You could have had, in the past 100 to 500 years, a Romany ancestor, as you surely also had for example an Italian, a Greek, an African, a Scandinavian, etc. but this does not mean you belong to an Italian or Greek DNA Project ! In the same way, if your Romany DNA is NOT "REALLY" relevant, you do not belong to a proper Rom DNA project. This must be very clear. Do NOT join without providing the following information or you will be **REJECTED**: << NO REMOTE Romany DNA people with too low South Asia DNA % and matching only few known people at less than 11cM. This kind of join requests will be rejected. Romany population is Endogamous: You need to have a "considerable" South Asia DNA and to match * MANY! * actual "verified" Romany families ABOVE 11cM SINGLE SEGMENT! >> * * * JOIN REQUESTS' RULES : * * * ATTENTION --> For security & to protect our members' privacy and results we *MUST* have some information to process your Join request, otherwise you join request will be surely REJECTED: 1. Did you test Autosome? Sometimes we "could" need your Kit number to check if you belong to this project *BEFORE* to accept any Join request. Specially if you are American or English because we have too many request as it is a trend in US/UK. So, if you have one, please write your [ GedMatch kit ] in the Join request “notes” and send it to us *BEFORE JOINING* ! 2. Please tell us something about your own family root!: where are you from? What is your Clan or family? 3. Are you Romany or NOT? (if you are adoptive, we are happy to help). 4. Why do you "think" you belong to the Romany DNA (Rom/Sinti/Kale/Gitani) project? 5. Are you Romany with ancestor's birth certificates / documents or just a suspicion, etc? 6. Do you have Romany ancestors or maybe an actual family heritage, spoken Romany chib (language) or, even, just old family tales, hints etc.? Please reply to this questions when trying to join us. PLEASE DO NOT! JOIN ONLY FOR A MATCHING SURNAME! Most surnames listed are shared between Romany and non-Romany families. The RomanyDNA project is not a “*remote* Romany ancestry’s research group” but a specific ethnic DNA research project for verified (or verifiable by DNA) Romany people and Clans (Vitsa). Also, few or small unphased segments’ matches less than 11cM are not valuable for our DNA research project. After you will be admitted and joined, YOU MUST Opt-in to show results & set project privacy to Advanced or Basic and to show mtDNA "CR" region and your "Origin" to admins. - Please specify your mtDNA and Y-DNA & in which of the following Asian or Eurasian groups SURNAMES & CLANS you belong (you can tell us your group in the notes if it is not included) :