Gitano Rom Sinti Kale Manouche Romany Romaní Khorakhanè Джипси هناج دومي
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About us

RomanyDNA Project is not to any further extent a “*remote* Romany ancestry’s research group”.
This group is a specific ethnic DNA research project for verified (or verifiable by DNA) Romany people and Clans (Vitsa).

Ancestors claimed as “possibly” Romany extremely far back in join applicants’ family-trees are not considerable.

Too small single segments’ matches (under 11 cM) with JUST a few Romany people or surnames are NOT valuable for our DNA research project.

The RomanyDNA project needs people with actual Rom, Sinti, Kale and GITANO's Chromosome’s segments to run DNA tools and segments’ triangulations; even a single wrong sample will divert calculations and clan’s clusters.

Picking up randomly a family name from our surnames list to subscribe to this project (when the surname is not certified in the applicant’s ancestor tree) is a red alert for the membership scrutinizers team.
People do not realize how small the Romany world is, due to sad historical bottle-necks in our population.

We had reiterated interferences in the past from racists or simple "novelists" and even scientific researches or students who claim to be Rom or to have had Romany ancestry in order to gain information and use our (@CC) researches, surnames, pictures or family histories for personal purposes and their novels and magicians' careers: always out of Romany people's fates. We had too many bad experiences and we had to Protect the Privacy of the members in our project.

(*ATTENTION: This project is set as Legally PRIVATE on Ftdna platform and under the strict: "General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR)". Members' names or members' results or members' feeds & messages are NOT showed on the public Web but only shared between project members and admins. The members of this project are checked to avoid bad intrusions.
You are forbidden to copy any content or to share on websites, emails or public web pages or Facebook, Social, etc. ANY or the information [@cc4.0 researches] results, and names on this Project's pages.

Violations will be reported to Ftdna and the Ftdna account could be suspended).

The administrators & research team of the RomanyDNA project.