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Updated 4th April 2016

So far 54 Rix and Ricks and Rex etc. have tested their Y-DNA and have received their results. Most have tested with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) while others have tested with Sorenson (SMGF) and Ancestry DNA. Results that match are assigned to subgroups that are summarised below. The testees in each subgroup match each other genetically, are related to each other, and have a common ancestor. The earliest researched ancestor together with dates and places are shown for each testee. The FTDNA results tables may be viewed here.

1 Rakes - origin unknown (FTDNA 210206)

Rex 1
1 Rex - George Rex 1809-1873 London, England (FTDNA N68535)

Rex 2
1 Rex - Thomas Rex 1730- Stepney, London, England (FTDNA 372443)

Ricks - Rueckes
1 Ricks - Rueckes - Germany (FTDNA 193147)

Ricks 1
10 Ricks - thought to descend from Isaac Ricks 1638-1723 USA (6 FTDNA 82715, 131073, 177202, 195650, 227170 and 327160; 3 SMGF; 1 Ancestry)

Ricks 2
1 Ricks - USA (FTDNA 194996)

Ricks 3
1 Ricks - Hanover, Germany (FTDNA 196441)

Ricks 4
1 Ricks - Scriven Ricks 1890-1935 Sumter, South Carolina USA (FTDNA 337412)

Rix Norfolk 1
4 Rix - John Rix c1714-1786 Wymondham/Shipdham/Letton/Cranworth/Mundford areas of Norfolk, England (1 FTDNA 95246; 3 SMGF)

Rix Norfolk 2
1 Rix - Richard Rix -1736 East Dereham, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 106545)

 Norfolk 3
1 Rix - John Rix 1808-c1841 Stoke Holy Cross/Poringland, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 196782)
1 Rix - Jonathan Rix 1704-1755 East Dereham, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 209579)
1 Rix - Robert Rix 1799-1855 Dersingham, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 214675)
1 Rix - Robert Rix 1796-1848 Wicklewood, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 204361)

Rix Norfolk 4
3 Rix - Samuel Birch Rix 1762-1848 Prince Edward Island, Canada (FTDNA 111335, 116663 & 476340)
1 Ricks - Nathaniel Ricks 1749-1796 Wootton Bassett and Purton area of Wiltshire, England (FTDNA 196290)

Rix Norfolk 5
2 Rix - Robert Rix 1592 Kenninghall, Norfolk and Thomas Rix c1622-1718 USA (the so called Brancaster, Norfolk, line) (FTDNA 8202 & 193646)
1 Rix - Charles Rix 1824-1895 Norwich, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 364236)

1 Rix - Edward Rix 1722-1797 East & West Rudham, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 191185)
2 Rix - William Lawrence Rix c1802-1881 Norwich, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 250020 & 384800)
1 Rix - Luke Rix c1660-1714 East Dereham > Ashill > Watton, Norfolk England (FTDNA 210298 & SMGF)
2 Rix - Henry Rix 1743-1820 Swannington > Bylaugh > Elsing, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 196684 & 248629)
1 Rix - Richard Rix c1763-1803 South Creake, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 181853)
1 Rix - John Rix 1769-1853 Sparham, Norfolk, England (SMGF)
1 Rix - Peter Rix 1707-1791 Swanton Morley, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 211091)
1 Rix - William Rix 1617-1649 Wrentham, Suffolk, England (FTDNA 237292)
1 Rex - Thomas Rex -1736 Whitechapel, London, England > Knysna, South Africa (FTDNA 177978)

Rix Norfolk 5a
1 Kinder - Francis Kinder c1762- 
Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, England (FTDNA 86562)
1 Firth - Thaddeus Firth 1789-1864 Heartshead, Yorkshire, England (FTDNA 218388)

Rix Norfolk 6
1 Rix - George Rix 1795-1846 Horsford, Norfolk, England (SMGF)

Rix Norfolk 7
1 Rix - Robert Rix 1766-1837 Longham, Norfolk, England (FTDNA 204360)

Rix Norfolk 8
1 Rix - William Rix c1767-1842 Burnham Overy, Norfolk, England (SMGF)

Rix Essex
1 Rix - William Blackhall Palmer Rix c1841-1877 Dagenham, Essex, England (SMGF)

Rix Denmark
1 Rix - Kiel, Denmark (Ancestry)

Uncategorised (not enough information available)
1 Rex (Ancestry)

Y-DNA is passed from fathers to sons down the generations in the same way that surnames are passed down. The two therefore go hand in hand. The study of one can help the study of the other.

If you suspect that you descend from one of the lines listed above, you are welcome to take a test to confirm your belief or otherwise.

We need representatives of other Rix and Ricks and Rex lines to test in order to broaden the knowledge and to make sense of where all these lines originated. If you have a brickwall in your research a Y-DNA test can break down that impasse by proving or disproving that you descend from one of the Rix or Ricks or Rex lines that have already been tested. The more people that test the more likely it is that we will be able to identify specific branches in a particular line and work out how those branches evolved.

Email me if you would like more information or advice. For anyone that tests I will help you research your line through conventional records, and help you interpret your Y-DNA results. A large database of Rix and Ricks and Rex research is being assembled and is being expanded and verified against original records.

The 37 marker Y-DNA37  test is the best value for money and is the test that I recommend. If your budget allows the 67 marker Y-DNA67  test is preferred because it is more refined and is less expensive in the long term if you subsequently decide to upgrade from 37 to 67 markers. The ultimate Y-DNA test is on 111 markers which sometimes reveals matches that do not show at a lower resolution. Testing or upgrading to 111 markers is recommended for those that are contemplating advanced SNP testing and for comparing close matches in more detail.

Trevor William Rix
Suffolk, England
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