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R Z253

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Anyone wishing to see a deeper result within the R-Z253 Haplogroup, can do a Big Y test. This will discover all your SNPs that are presently known, and also a group of unnamed variants, often called singletons. These singletons are the most valuable, as amongst them will be the variants that define your most recent paternal lineage. When two distant paternal cousins, or a closish Y67 match, both do a Big Y, it is likely that most of the SNPs and a lot of the unnamed variants will match, so forming new branches on the Y tree.

Alternatively, it is possible to test for many of the R-Z253 known SNPs individually, or more economically using a SNP Pack. It is best to seek advice before ordering any SNP or SNP Pack. Big Y does not require any advice, unless a close relative has already.

R1b1a1a2a1a2c1a4b   S218/Z253
R1b1a1a2a1a2c1a4b2a  L226/S168
R1b1a1a2a1a2c1a4b2c  CTS9975/S893/Z2185

R1b-Z253 (xZ2185 xL226) top-layer and misc subclades (bridges to L226 & Z2185)
  R1b-L226 (Irish III)
  R1b-Z2185 (L1066/Irish IV)

Remember to get advice before ordering, or you take the chance.

R1b - Z253 SNP Pack Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
Z253, Z2201, L226, L643, FGC8244, A14, Z2185, Z2534, FGC17449, S15280, BY157, Z18132, S7898, A494, FGC3251, FGC3221, PF825.2, FGC3222, L554, FGC3268, BY312, FGC20561, FGC20562, Z17685, S846, S845, FGC20563, L1308, S856, S844, S847, BY279, DF73, BY325, FGC20566, FGC3249, FGC3236, S7897, BY410, A16, S933, BY4221, FGC5618, FGC5626, FGC5641, FGC5642, FGC5655, FGC5656, CTS2646, Z2184, A1002, A1040, A1041, A1046, A1048, A1054, A17, A20, A22, A277, A4661, A4662, A4664, A495, A499, A503, BY10, BY357, BY4064, BY4065, BY4066, BY4067, BY4068, BY4069, BY4070, BY4071, BY4072, BY4073, BY4074, BY4075, BY4076, BY4077, BY4078, BY4079, BY4080, BY4081, BY4083, BY4084, BY4085, BY4089, BY4220, F3590, FGC17434, FGC17448, FGC17450, FGC20559, FGC20565, FGC20567, FGC20568, FGC20571, FGC3238, FGC3244, FGC3245, FGC3247, FGC3250, FGC3252, FGC3258, FGC3263, FGC3265, FGC41890, FGC41891, FGC41892, FGC41893, FGC41894, FGC41895, FGC41896, FGC41897, FGC41898, FGC41905, FGC8533, FGC8537, FGC8539, FGC8561, PH1119, S7879, S841, S849, S850, S853, S854, S928, S932, YP4465, Z17259, Z17692, Z2188, Z2189, Z2190, Z2191, Z2195, Z2197, Z252, Z29748, Z29757, ZZ5_1, ZZ6_1, BY4302, BY4303, BY4304, BY4306, BY4307, BY4308, A7700, A7706, A7709, CTS6458, Z17683

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
BY4063, Z18133, CTS9623

R1b - L226 SNP Pack Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
L226, DC1, FGC5628, DC8, FGC12290, FGC5660, DC39, DC40, DC41, DC25, FGC5659, DC30, DC29, DC36, BY4091, BY4092, BY4100, BY4102, DC10, DC26, DC313, DC31, DC35, DC38, DC42, DC43, DC44, DC45, DC46, DC47, DC48, DC49, DC50, DC51, DC52, DC53, DC54, DC55, DC62, DC63, DC9, FGC12292, FGC12295, FGC12296, FGC12297, FGC12298, FGC12302, FGC5626, FGC5627, FGC5632, FGC5638, FGC5641, FGC5642, FGC5650, FGC5654, FGC5655, FGC5656, Y5610, ZZ31_1, ZZ34_1, ZZ35_1, DC106, DC135, DC199, DC201, DC205, DC246, DC269, DC291, DC297, DC69, FGC13418, FGC5639, FGC5645, FGC5647, BY5212, DC191, DC189, DC103, DC98, DC320, DC340, DC134, DC136, DC142, FGC12293, FGC12294, FGC12300, FGC12301, DC360

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
YFS231286, DC11, DC115, DC12, DC128, DC147, DC15, DC153, DC160, DC172, DC175, DC180, DC187, DC19, DC197, DC198, DC209, DC214, DC227, DC235, DC249, DC251, BY1092, DC275, DC278, DC280, DC284, DC292, DC310, DC311, DC315, DC317, DC318, DC64, DC65, DC70, DC80, DC93, DC185, DC186, DC190, DC192, DC364, DC367, DC137, DC138, DC140, DC141, FGC12289, FGC12291, FGC12299, DC203, DC204, DC238, DC254, DC263, YFS230971, DC219, DC229, DC286, YFS232181, DC304, DC326

R1b - Z2185 SNP Pack Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
L1066, F1969, CTS9881, Z2186, CTS4314, A287, FGC17551, Z2185, CTS10108, S23267, CTS4296, CTS9251, CTS12232, BY414, BY411, BY412, Z18123, Z18126, BY2744, A6113, A6116, A6119, BY1, A139, A2072, A2073, A2074, A2076, A532, A6117, A6118, A6120, A7037, A7500, A7501, A7502, BY2645, BY2646, BY2647, BY2648, BY2671, BY2674, BY2675, BY2678, BY2684, BY2685, BY2709, BY2710, BY2760, BY2848, BY3930, BY3931, BY3932, BY3933, BY3934, BY3935, BY3936, BY3937, BY3938, BY3939, BY3940, BY3941, BY3942, BY3944, BY3945, BY4104, BY4105, BY4106, BY4107, BY4108, BY4109, BY4111, BY591, CTS11831, CTS11843, CTS1788, CTS6906, FGC17240, FGC17241, FGC17242, FGC17244, FGC17246, FGC17247, FGC17552, FGC17553, FGC17554, FGC17555, FGC17556, FGC17557, FGC17559, FGC17561, FGC32679, FGC32680, FGC32922, FGC32925, FGC32926, FGC32928, FGC32929, FGC32930, FGC32931, FGC32933, FGC32934, FGC32937, FGC32946, FGC32950, FGC32954, FGC35529, FGC35530, FGC35533, FGC35534, FGC35539, FGC35540, FGC36533, FGC36535, FGC36536, FGC43038, L894, PH1793, PH199, PH2637, PH2683, PH2769, PH3046, PH93, S8120, S891, Y6065, Y6068, Z18124, Z18127, Z18128, Z18130, CTS2646, Z2183, Z2184, Z40246, A2077, FGC17243, FGC33176, FGC42861, FGC42867, PH1704, PH5115, S885, Y8154, BY4294, BY4295, BY4296, BY4297, FGC33170

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
CTS3849, YSC0000292, Z33816