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John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
September 27, 2018 @ 8:45pm
Haplotree The world’s largest Y-DNA Haplotree with more than 16,000 branches, 118,000 variants and 160,000 confirmed SNPs. Complete with every SNP tested man, with flags of origin. Our R-Z253 has 2257 men. IRE ENG SCT USA UK Spain France Wales N IRE GER 583 135 125 116 63 24 22 20 18 16 48.83% 11.31% 10.47% 9.72% 5.28% 2.01% 1.84% 1.68% 1.51% 1.34% Canada Norway Sweden USA NL SWI Mexico Dmk Rus Fed Australia 12 9 8 6 4 4 4 3 2 2 1.01% 0.75% 0.67% 0.50% 0.34% 0.34% 0.34% 0.25% 0.17% 0.17% NZ Brazil Italy PortugalPuer Rico Haiti Poland Finland Hond Colombia 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 0.17% 0.17% 0.17% 0.17% 0.17% 0.17% 0.08% 0.08% 0.08% 0.08% S Africa Trin&Tob Unk Total 1 1 1,063 2,257 0.08% 0.08% ** 100.00% * All origins are self-reported by the testers and may not reflect accurate haplogroup origins. ** Unknown Origins are not included in the calculated distributions. https://www.familytreedna.com/public/y-dna-haplotree/R
Simo Roman
October 3 @ 8:18am
One year later total 2576 of which 1172 MDKAs are from unknown country. Top ten: Ireland • 667 • 47.51% United States • 171 • 12.18% England • 160 • 11.40% Scotland • 140 • 9.97% United Kingdom • 69 • 4.91% Spain • 25 • 1.78% France • 25 • 1.78% Wales • 25 • 1.78% Northern Ireland • 20 • 1.42% Germany • 17 • 1,2 %
John Templer Harper
November 4 @ 4:33am
In February 2018 there were 267 branches below R-Z253 https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-z253/about/results Today in November 2019 there are now 3710 Variants/SNPs defining 530 branches https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-z253/about/updates There are 2607 R-Z253 men, including 885 with Big Y results.
John Templer Harper
November 4 @ 5:48am
In February 2018 there were 267 branches below R-Z253 https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-z253/about/results Today in November 2019 there are 2607 R-Z253 men with 885 Big Y results. There are now 3710 Variants/SNPs defining 530 branches https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-z253/about/updates Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Branches 1 8 12 21 32 43 41 SNPs 2 132 114 310 267 551 378 Average 2.00 16.50 9.50 14.76 8.34 12.81 9.22 Level 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Branches 56 48 47 39 44 41 41 SNPs 501 445 181 149 187 175 143 Average 8.95 9.27 3.85 3.82 4.25 4.27 3.49 Level 14 15 16 17 18 19 Total Branches 24 17 7 2 3 3 530 SNPs 78 61 16 3 7 10 3710 Average 3.25 3.59 2.29 1.50 2.33 3.33 7.00 First, BY (from Big Y-500), and now FT (from Big Y-700), coming to the fore. Prefix BY FT FGC DC A Y Z S CTS PH (20other) SNPs Lead 256 15 61 102 30 15 16 9 5 4 17 530 Equiv 1495 592 464 187 145 157 55 22 12 12 39 3180 Total 1751 607 525 289 175 172 71 31 17 16 56 3710 Lead 48% 3% 12% 19% 6% 3% 3% 2% 1% 1% 3% 100% Equiv 47% 19% 15% 6% 5% 5% 2% 1% 0% 0% 1% 100% Total 47% 16% 14% 8% 5% 5% 2% 1% 0% 0% 2% 100%
John Templer Harper
January 27 @ 12:58am
HOW & WHERE DOES HAPLOGROUP R-Z253 FIT INTO THE FTDNA HAPLOTREE If we start with the trunk; we see 39272 Big Y results, among 170014 men, drawing 25294 branches; then the 2712 R-Z253 men represent 1 in every 63 men tested. Haplogroup Level Men Big Y branches R-Z253 Trunk 170014 39272 25294 1/63 rd R -16 79664 21436 13473 1/29 th R1b -14 66039 18142 11517 1/24 th R-M269 -10 63385 18010 11423 1/23 rd R-P312 -5 38020 13026 8156 1/14 th R-L21 -3 22075 7994 4936 1/8 th R-DF13 -2 18946 7733 4800 1/7 th R-ZZ10_1 -1 3982 1553 954 R-Z253 0 2712 981 609 R-Z2534 1 1554 661 419 We are the biggest of 5 sons of ZZ10_1 (next is our little brother R-MC14). https://www.familytreedna.com/public/y-dna-haplotree/R;name=R-Z253 R-Z253 has one equivalent with Z252, and has 8 sons, with another 4 waiting to be drawn. The biggest is R-Z2534, with more than half our men having that variant. Next are 195 R-FGC3268 men, 183 R-S844, 124 R-BY4086, and four quite small brothers.
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
June 17, 2019 @ 11:17pm
DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK Never order ANYTHING, for any kit unable to supply a new sample, without first asking for advice. In such situations, any remaining sample is very valuable, and caution is required. Most men will need advice before ordering any sort of SNP test, except Big Y-700. Single SNP tests are the most expensive way to test, both in dollar terms, and also in the amount of sample being used. SNP Packs (shown in this link) are a half way house, and will help you sort through your STR matches, but cannot discover your own more recent family lineage SNPs (which only Big Y can do). https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-z253/about/goals 2012 Big Y > 2017 free upgrade Big Y-500 > 2019 new test Big Y-700 For all who did Big Y-500 already at FTDNA with only 37 or 67 STR-Markers. There is an offer to upgrade to 111 Markers for just $29. Just click the blue upgrade button at top right! For those with Big Y-500 already, it is better to test a known 3rd or 4th cousin with Big Y-700, than to upgrade your own Big Y. Of course it costs more, but this can be as little as $130 extra, if they are already at Y111, in a sale. The big advantage, is that you will likely get an extra branch in your haplotree. Big Y-700 is the premier SNP discovery test, and can be used irrespective of Haplogroup, so you cannot go wrong by ordering this test. The exception is when a close relative already has Big Y, because your results would be almost identical. You only need do Big Y-700 once. Prior to 2018, we had to buy one of the STR tests (Y12, Y25, but mostly Y37, Y67 or Y111) before we qualified to buy Big Y. Now Big Y-700 includes the complete Y111, plus a heap more new STRs to get to Y700 (most actually get >700), plus a true SNP discovery test, that will pick up the vast majority of known and new SNPs that define our more recent family Y lineage. New members can jump straight into Big Y-700, and anyone without Big Y can upgrade. Best to hold off now until the Holiday Sale, usually mid Nov to end Dec. The most helpful test after Big Y-700, is for a 4th cousin to do a Big Y-700, as they will likely match all your singleton unnamed variants but one or two (on average). The next most helpful test is for a 8th cousin (or closish Y67 match) to do a Big Y-700, as they will likely match all but three or four of your singleton unnamed private variants. Taken together, this will likely give you two extra branches, each of which can be aged. Next step is to now upload the VCF to the Data Warehouse (and your matches too), for free analysis, placement on The Big Tree, and ageing of relationships. https://ydna-warehouse.org/submit.php https://ydna-warehouse.org/instructions.html http://www.ytree.net/Instructions.html PLEASE MAKE ANY COMMENTS IN A NEW FEED STARTING AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. That way you will be advised through notifications of any comments, and this post can then remain at the top uncluttered by other posts.
James Moore
March 1 @ 2:23am
Hi, I am still a novice at this. I see that I upgraded to Y-500 (Big Y-500 Ordered 08/01/2017; Completed 04/19/2018). But I don't see the buy option to upgrade for $130. I to see the Y-700 for over $200
John Templer Harper
March 1 @ 5:57am
Hello James, in my SALE NOW OVER, PROJECT DISCOUNTS GONE, BUT PRICES SLASHED post further down the feed, I advised all the new prices. Anyone with Big Y-500, can get the new Big Y-700 test for $209 anytime, and less 10% or more in sales. The alternative of getting someone (maybe a 4th cousin, or good Y67 match) with Y111 to upgrade to Big Y-700 is now $239 anytime, and less in sales. So the original calculation is now much reduced, $239-209 = $30 (not $130 extra anymore) extra to upgrade someone else, rather than yourself. Even someone with no prior testing, can now get Big Y-700 (includes Y111) for $449 anytime; it was $399 in the last sale. I am expecting a sale to celebrate DNA Day late in April.
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
January 19 @ 6:51pm
IMPORTANT NOTICE A few days ago Mike 'Tiger' Walsh (R1b admin) sent out an appeal for new members. "Please ask your Y111 matches to join the R1b All Subclades project, particularly those with Big Y. I'm about to start downloading the project to recreate the R1b Gold Haplotypes spreadsheet. This is essentially an "ancient clade mates" colorized report with genetic distance calculations and sorting from any individual in the spreadsheet to any other individual in the spreadsheet or to the overall spreadsheet modal haplotype." We have previously used this tool very successfully, but it will work much better with more R-Z253 men included. Hence, we are about to join all our membership up to the R1b project. Further elaboration is being sent out in a bulk email to all members in the next day or so.
John Templer Harper
January 29 @ 5:13pm
The R1b Gold spreadsheet has been posted. It's default view is what I call "Ancient Clademates report". It is sorted in the same sequence as the haplotree. ....... Tiger Walsh https://www.familytreedna.com/public/y-dna-haplotree/R;name=R-M343 Of our 898 R-Z253 confirmed members, we have 668 with Y111, and 519 with Big Y results. Mike has 924 R-Z253 men included in his Hapltoypes spreadsheet; 564 with Big Y results. https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-1b/activity-feed
John Templer Harper
April 12 @ 7:32am
Tiger has advised he will soon update this spreadsheet.
Matthew Rosario Matthew Rosario has a question!
May 22 @ 4:19pm
This is Matthew Rosario (444409) I am currently at R-DF73. I just upgraded to BY-700 from Y-111 and various SNP testings, on 5/6. It shows that it is analyzing data, batch # 1088. It shows an expectation date of 7/15 - 7/29. Is this two month turn around what i really should expect? I'm wondering if it ever gets processed faster than the time frame given. Thank you.
Gilbert McGurl Gilbert McGurl has a question!
May 17 @ 1:54pm
Just got a new haplogroup of R-FT76164. Is there any estimate of the timeframe for emergence of the haplogroup?
Ray Murta
May 18 @ 3:47am
FT76164 is one of a block of four SNPs that you share with O’Carroll and belongs to a Subgroup of FGC20652 which is estimated to have originated approximately 1000 years ago. Based on the average SNP period for your particular branch the FT76164 block is estimated to have originated approximately 750 years ago and your family line is estimated to have split from the O’Carroll line approximately 300 to 400 years ago.
Lee Canipe Lee Canipe
April 19 @ 8:53am
My terminal SNP was determined to be R-S856 at FTDNA. At the time I tested I was negative for any known subclades below S856. I just notice two new SNP added under S856 on the FTDNA tree. They are marked in blue (labeled "downstream"), does this mean I might be positive for this new SNP?
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Steven Reese
April 28 @ 6:41pm
I'm one from R-FT89012. I'm the one who thought my ancestors descended from Wales originally and they still could be, but I'm not certain. Good luck in testing further. I hope to get more matches to Big Y test.
Lee Canipe
April 29 @ 12:18pm
I'm planning on doing the Big Y soon.
John Templer Harper
May 7 @ 2:37am
Lee, can you upgrade my access to Advanced please? I want to have a closer look at your SNP results, in particular the S845+ vs FGC8533- and FGC8537- results. Any one of the Clark men would be good Big Y candidates too, as would your predicted 3rd Cousin - 5th Cousin Canipe.
Lee Canipe
May 8 @ 2:20pm
Hi John, I just upgraded your access to Advanced. Please let me know if you find anything interesting.
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
May 8 @ 2:46am
At present we have 241 men with Big Y-500 results (net of Big Y-700 orders/results), and 325 with Big Y-700 results (164 of those with both); may include a few non R-Z253 men. Results = 241 Big Y-500, plus 325 Big Y-700 = 566 now +4 upgrades+6 new orders = 576 soon.
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
May 7 @ 7:25pm
N57209 Crawford R-Z2534* or ZZ5_1 maybe Big Y-700 Results R-Z253>Z2534> new son in waiting With 44 singleton private variants, and no Big Y matches. There are three sons of R-Z2534; you are FGC41891 negative (and same with all equivalents), but get no result for BY25450, and ZZ5_1 (which is not seen in Big Y tests). You are presently the only R-Z2534* man with Big Y results. Being only 1 point off WAMH you get lots of Y12 matches. Your only Crawford matches are Y12, with 5 at 23/25, despite some testing to Y37, Y67, and/or Y111 markers. Best matches in the project are GD 18 at Y111, and two GD 9 at Y67 men (but they are FGC3268, for which you are negative). Perhaps your best chance is getting your 63/67 Morris match to upgrade, or even your 36/37 McCann match; but they might be too distant even given your 44 singletons. Otherwise look for a Crawford man with ancestral links to the same area as your paternal EKA/MDKA. Please invite Morris, and any other Y67 matches to join us here. https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-z253/about Confirmed Z253+ and/or Z2534+ but ZZ5 negative or unknown
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
February 7 @ 6:52pm
449400 Eade R-Z2185* Big Y-700 Results Please complete the Earliest Known Ancestor details, with place of birth. https://www.familytreedna.com/my/genealogy R-Z253>Z2534>ZZ5_1>Z2185>a new son in waiting Haplogroup Level Men Big Y branches ZZ5_1 2 806 388 258 Z2185 3 643 290 181 A7037 4 41 17 13 BY44331 4 531 272 166 Eade 4 3 1 0 With 60 singleton private variants, and so no Big Y matches, you are the only R-Z2185* man with Big Y results. While it sounds like a lot of singletons, it is comparable with the 52 total average R-BY44331 variants, and 55 R-A7037 variants. To get the new branch onto the haplotree will require another Big Y result matching some of your singletons. Best chances are 35/37>-/67 R-M269 Ede, and x/37>63/67 R-M269 Edes. Please ask them both to join the project. https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-z253/about/background
Greg Hockings
February 8 @ 12:31am
Jason Eade's BY44331 result is a no-call, with a little over 50% of the reads being derived, so he may turn out to be BY44331+. I will check the reads on the SNPs immediately downstream from BY44331 when I can make the time.
John Templer Harper
February 8 @ 2:43am
Greg, he is negative all 4 sons of R-BY44331, but likely +ve the parent with 13 of 23 high quality reads being positive. Have asked FTDNA to review the ? call. It looks like there is already 1 R-BY44331* man with a Big Y result, but I cannot see him in any project, or in Eade's matches (even the 2373 Y12 matches). It would be great to have him as a member here, as that would allow us to compare his results with these.
John Templer Harper
May 7 @ 5:17am
449400 Eade R-BY186298 A 5th Son of R-BY44331 No idea who you match, but there are now two R-BY186298 men, averaging 39 singleton private variants. You have 55 now, so he must have about 23, possibly from Big Y-500 results. It will not take much of a match to draw another new branch below; best chance your 63/67 Edes match. John Edes aka Eedes b. cc1670 Surrey, England Confirmed Z253+ and Z2534+ and ZZ5+ and Z2185+ and BY44331+ and BY186298+
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
March 25 @ 10:52pm
N113093 Buchan R-Z2534* or ZZ5_1 maybe Big Y-700 Results R-Z253>Z2534> new son in waiting, unless (perhaps more likely) R-Z253>Z2534>ZZ5_1> (because ZZ5_1 is not seen in Big Y tests) With 38 singleton private variants, and yet 1 Big Y match, R-ZZ5_1 Mair. You are definitely negative one son (including all the equivalents) of R-Z2534, but possibly (maybe likely) ZZ5_1 which is not seen in Big Y tests. http://www.ytree.net/BlockInfo.php?blockID=177 There are only two ZZ5_1 men with Big Y results, averaging 22 singletons. Given you have 38, Mair must have about 6 (likely from Big Y-500 results), but possibly more. He is not a member here, so please invite him, and any other Y67 matches. https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-z253/about Confirmed Z253+ and/or Z2534+ but ZZ5 negative or unknown
John Templer Harper
May 7 @ 4:06am
N113093 Buchan R-ZZ5_1 Single SNP Results Confirmed Z253+ and Z2534+ and ZZ5+, but the status of downstream SNPs is negative or not known
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
April 20 @ 5:24pm
DNA Day Sale started April 18, ends April 26, 2020 @ 11:59 pm CT. mtFull Sequence was $159 $139 Family Finder was $79 $49 These are some of the cheapest Big Y prices that I have seen. To \ From Nil Y12 Y25 Y37 Y67 Y111 Big Y-500 Usual price Y37 $119 $79 $49 Y67 na $149 $119 $89 Y111 $249 $199 $189 $139 $89 Big Y-700 $449 $399 $389 $339 $279 $239 $209 On sale Y37 $99 $59 $39 Y67 na $139 $109 $69 Y111 $199 $149 $139 $119 $79 Big Y-700 $379 $359 $349 $319 $259 $229 $189
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
January 4 @ 3:06pm
SALE NOW OVER, PROJECT DISCOUNTS GONE, BUT PRICES SLASHED FTDNA have announced permanent price reductions, and trimmed their product list down to just seven tests/reports. FF $79, mtFull $159, Y12 $59, Y37 $119, Y111 $249, Big Y-700 $449, BAM $100, plus shipping US $9.95 ($12.95 international). UPGRADE To \ From Y12 Y25 Y37 Y67 Y111 Big Y-500 PRICES Y37 79 49 na na na na Y67 149 119 89 na na na Y111 199 189 139 89 na na Big Y-700 399 389 339 279 239 209
John Templer Harper
January 22 @ 5:36am
Save $25 on Big Y-700 Group Project Members can get $25 OFF Big Y-700 when they use the below promo code! Promo Code: GROUPSBIGY Use code GROUPSBIGY at checkout to receive the offer. Additional Offer Rules & Details: • Promo code expires 1/25/2020 @ 11:59 pm CST • Only one promo code may be applied to the cart per transaction • Promo code may not be used in conjunction with other offers • Offer may be applied to a new kit, as an add-on test to an existing kit, or as an upgrade • Big Y-700 turnaround time is now approximately 6 weeks or less
John Templer Harper
February 12 @ 6:23pm
FTDNA Announcement on Shipping Costs – Discounted for Additional Kits "For multi-kit orders, new “additional kit” shipping prices are now in place. A kit is considered to be an “additional kit” when the kit is purchased in addition to the “first kit" in an order." This will help when you order Family Finder kits for siblings, and cousins. Start at the top; GPs, aunts, uncles; all their children when they are not available. Y testing (mt too) only needs one per family, plus a 4th cousin, 8th cousin, etc.
John Templer Harper
March 8 @ 6:20am
St Patrick's Day Sale has begun; FF $59 on sale until March 17th. Siblings share only 50% of autosomal DNA; so test all, unless you can test the parent. DNA Day Sale late in April usually has Y tests on sale.
John Templer Harper
April 17 @ 9:57am
Russel McCurdy Russel McCurdy has a question!
July 17, 2019 @ 8:43am
My earliest known ancestor was born in 1806 and adopted into the family whose surname we carry. I found only one match after receiving my father's Z253 results. Both men tested 111, but the genetic distance is 6. Is that genetic distance too much to confirm the connection in or about 1800? Also am interested in what would be the next upgrade test to do. Can't afford the Big Y.
Borja de Arístegui Arroyo
August 29 @ 3:46pm
I think I'm going to change my last name and start calling me McAristegui so maybe I find a close relative in this group. It does not appear that there are many Basques / Spaniards participating in this group
Michael McConnell
September 27 @ 5:05pm
After some delay my BigY700 results are in. My Haplogroup was refined and I am down the line at R-FT18023.
John McCracken
September 29 @ 9:46pm
Mike, you share R-FT18023 and the address of a private SNP with a Mr McDonald. If the actual values match, you'd each get a new haplogroup. I've read that it might take 2 to 4 weeks to show up. Please join us on the Big Tree. Your kit would be in the lower right corner of this display: https://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=3485 These links were copied from a pinned post, above. https://ydna-warehouse.org/submit.php https://ydna-warehouse.org/instructions.html http://www.ytree.net/Instructions.html
Michael McConnell
April 15 @ 11:37pm
John, it’s been a while but you were right I’ve been assigned the new R-FT183060