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John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
September 27, 2018 @ 8:45pm
Haplotree The world’s largest Y-DNA Haplotree with more than 16,000 branches, 118,000 variants and 160,000 confirmed SNPs. Complete with every SNP tested man, with flags of origin. Our R-Z253 has 2257 men. IRE ENG SCT USA UK Spain France Wales N IRE GER 583 135 125 116 63 24 22 20 18 16 48.83% 11.31% 10.47% 9.72% 5.28% 2.01% 1.84% 1.68% 1.51% 1.34% Canada Norway Sweden USA NL SWI Mexico Dmk Rus Fed Australia 12 9 8 6 4 4 4 3 2 2 1.01% 0.75% 0.67% 0.50% 0.34% 0.34% 0.34% 0.25% 0.17% 0.17% NZ Brazil Italy PortugalPuer Rico Haiti Poland Finland Hond Colombia 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 0.17% 0.17% 0.17% 0.17% 0.17% 0.17% 0.08% 0.08% 0.08% 0.08% S Africa Trin&Tob Unk Total 1 1 1,063 2,257 0.08% 0.08% ** 100.00% * All origins are self-reported by the testers and may not reflect accurate haplogroup origins. ** Unknown Origins are not included in the calculated distributions. https://www.familytreedna.com/public/y-dna-haplotree/R
John Templer Harper
July 17 @ 6:30pm
There are now 4855 R-Z253 SNP tested men, 666 without a downstream branch. There are now more than 1153 R-Z253 men with Big Y results, 3 R-Z253* men. We have 587 project members with Big Y results, and 19 pending. Plus #16274, 58369, 214737, 547539 going from Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 pending. Also #124291, 183871, 192651, 211858, 257069, 329685, 365177, B6750 where FTDNA are reviewing Y500 STRs. Pending #11261, 19695, 46694, 93440, 110930, 133426, 159378, 198796, 202817, 218167, 242499, 270417, 349324, 395014, 414821, 550308, 574022, 797660, B583678 On average 49 Aggregated Public variants, and 6 singleton private variants, on 742 branches below R-Z253. There are 9 sons; with 501 R-Z2534, 63 R-BY4086, 64 R-S844, 100 R-FGC3268, 2 R-BY19652, 1 R-BY39773, 0 R-PH3052, 0 R-FT97863, 2 R-S3530 branches. One massive, three big, five tiny.
Patrick Cotteverte
August 24 @ 9:20am
Bonjour, d'apres mon test Y700 :11 50 Z253>Z2534>ZZ5_1>Z2185>Z2186>L1066>CTS11831>CTS9881>Z18123>CTS9251>CTS4296>FGC32679
Patrick Cotteverte
August 24 @ 9:21am
et suite R-FT114790- R-CTS114
John Templer Harper
August 29 @ 7:25pm
Patrick, there are 2163 SNP tested R-CTS114 men, many like you from National Geographic. Big Y-700 still on sale for a couple of days.
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
June 17, 2019 @ 11:17pm
DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK Never order ANYTHING, for any kit unable to supply a new sample, without first asking for advice. In such situations, any remaining sample is very valuable, and caution is required. Most men will need advice before ordering any sort of SNP test, except Big Y-700. Single SNP tests are the most expensive way to test, both in dollar terms, and also in the amount of sample being used. SNP Packs (shown in this link) are a half way house, and will help you sort through your STR matches, but cannot discover your own more recent family lineage SNPs (which only Big Y can do). https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-z253/about/goals 2012 Big Y > 2017 free upgrade Big Y-500 > 2019 new test Big Y-700 For all who did Big Y-500 already at FTDNA with only 37 or 67 STR-Markers. There is an offer to upgrade to 111 Markers for just $29. Just click the blue upgrade button at top right! For those with Big Y-500 already, it is better to test a known 3rd or 4th cousin with Big Y-700, than to upgrade your own Big Y. Of course it costs more, but this can be as little as $130 extra, if they are already at Y111, in a sale. The big advantage, is that you will likely get an extra branch in your haplotree. Big Y-700 is the premier SNP discovery test, and can be used irrespective of Haplogroup, so you cannot go wrong by ordering this test. The exception is when a close relative already has Big Y, because your results would be almost identical. You only need do Big Y-700 once. Prior to 2018, we had to buy one of the STR tests (Y12, Y25, but mostly Y37, Y67 or Y111) before we qualified to buy Big Y. Now Big Y-700 includes the complete Y111, plus a heap more new STRs to get to Y700 (most actually get >700), plus a true SNP discovery test, that will pick up the vast majority of known and new SNPs that define our more recent family Y lineage. New members can jump straight into Big Y-700, and anyone without Big Y can upgrade. Best to hold off now until the Holiday Sale, usually mid Nov to end Dec. The most helpful test after Big Y-700, is for a 4th cousin to do a Big Y-700, as they will likely match all your singleton unnamed variants but one or two (on average). The next most helpful test is for a 8th cousin (or closish Y67 match) to do a Big Y-700, as they will likely match all but three or four of your singleton unnamed private variants. Taken together, this will likely give you two extra branches, each of which can be aged. Next step is to now upload the VCF to the Data Warehouse (and your matches too), for free analysis, placement on The Big Tree, and ageing of relationships. https://ydna-warehouse.org/submit.php https://ydna-warehouse.org/instructions.html http://www.ytree.net/Instructions.html PLEASE MAKE ANY COMMENTS IN A NEW FEED STARTING AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. That way you will be advised through notifications of any comments, and this post can then remain at the top uncluttered by other posts.
James Moore
March 1 @ 2:23am
Hi, I am still a novice at this. I see that I upgraded to Y-500 (Big Y-500 Ordered 08/01/2017; Completed 04/19/2018). But I don't see the buy option to upgrade for $130. I to see the Y-700 for over $200
John Templer Harper
March 1 @ 5:57am
Hello James, in my SALE NOW OVER, PROJECT DISCOUNTS GONE, BUT PRICES SLASHED post further down the feed, I advised all the new prices. Anyone with Big Y-500, can get the new Big Y-700 test for $209 anytime, and less 10% or more in sales. The alternative of getting someone (maybe a 4th cousin, or good Y67 match) with Y111 to upgrade to Big Y-700 is now $239 anytime, and less in sales. So the original calculation is now much reduced, $239-209 = $30 (not $130 extra anymore) extra to upgrade someone else, rather than yourself. Even someone with no prior testing, can now get Big Y-700 (includes Y111) for $449 anytime; it was $399 in the last sale. I am expecting a sale to celebrate DNA Day late in April.
Patrick Deady Patrick Deady
7 hours ago
My results of the upgrade to the Big Y 700 are now available on test no. 218167. Will be interested to see where I fall vis a vis my cousin, Patrick Francis Deady of New Zealand!
Edward Godfrey Edward Godfrey
September 3 @ 1:26pm
John, please move 213174 BY182633 from my group at Z253+ & Z2534+ & FGC41891+. I believe 213174 belongs in the group Z253+ and Z2534+ and ZZ5+ etc., joining B359338 Wilson, who is also BY182633. Thanks! - Ed Godfrey 106724.
John Templer Harper
September 3 @ 5:02pm
Edward, good pickup, thanks; moved him to Confirmed Z253+ and Z2534+ and ZZ5+ and BY25447+ and BY13693+ and BY182633+
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
September 17 @ 3:47pm
Thank you! I am no longer alone! This was one of my 7 of 8 Wilson matches at y67 that I convinced to take BigY. Is there any way to get an age of our most recent common ancestor? We cannot make the connection on paper, so guessing it's 8 or more generations.
Lee Ramsey Lee Ramsey has a question!
September 17 @ 10:56am
When will the sale for Big Y 700 test end?
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
September 13 @ 8:21am
IN67781 Horwill R-FGC41890 Big Y-700 Results NEW MEMBER This is an unusual result at first glance. The haplotree lists all the R-FGC41891 variants in green, and then its son R-FGC41892 with only 2 of 5 in green, yet that is followed by one of its grandsons R-BY50659 with 6 of 10 in green. R-Z253>Z2534>FGC41891>FGC41892>FGC41890>FGC41890 R-Z253>Z2534>FGC41891>FGC41892>FGC41890>BY50659 This result will split the R-FGC41892 block to become R-Z253>Z2534>FGC41891>FGC48197 ........ FGC48209, FT73835 R-Z253>Z2534>FGC41891>FGC48197>FGC48187, TBC Please ask your 3rd cousin to join this project as well. Confirmed Z253+ and Z2534+ and FGC41891+
Edward Godfrey
September 17 @ 9:15am
Hi John. Update: IN67781 Horwill is now BY166974, apparently a new branch of FGC41891. -Ed
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
September 17 @ 8:34am
IN47011 Brooks R-FT195427 Big Y-700 NEW MEMBER With 4 unmatched singleton private variants, and 1 Big Y match Confirmed Z253+ and Z2534+ and ZZ5+ and Z2185+ and BY44331+ and Z2186+ and L1066+ and FT25222+
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
September 13 @ 3:07am
B560078 Kong R-PH4912 Big Y-700 Results NEW MEMBER R-Z253>Z2534>ZZ5_1>Z2195>Z2189>DF73>S933>Z17259>Z29749>Z29748>PH4912 Confirmed Z253+ and Z2534+ and ZZ5+ and Z2195+ and Z2189+ and DF73+ and S933+
Ryan Thompson Ryan Thompson
September 11 @ 2:42am
This is me: B633289 R-M269 R1b L21>DF13> ZZ10>Z253> FGC17436. I saw that I was moved to that potential group, but I have to be honest, I am clueless as to what any of it means. I am also not at a place where I. An accord to upgrade to big Y financially right now, and apparently I made a couple dumb upgrade moves by upgrading my 37 test to 67 instead of 111 and then I purchased the M269 snap test... oh well water under the bridge now. That said, even if it was all confirmed, I don’t really get what is going on. I feel no closer to understanding my paternal lineage than I was when am started this back in June. Anybody willing to break it down potato head style for a complete noob? Thanks.
Ryan Thompson
September 11 @ 2:43am
Sorry for typos. It is late and I’m on my phone.
John Templer Harper
September 11 @ 6:47am
Ryan, first, invite your 25/25>33/37>63/67 R-M269 Thompson match to join us here. William M Thompson b 1864 d 1949 Please complete Earliest Known Details with year, and place of birth/lived. https://www.familytreedna.com/my/genealogy Haplogroup Probability Fitness Fitness 2 1 R1b L21>DF13> ZZ10>Z253> FGC17436 99.99 66.71 1.11 https://www.nevgen.org/ There are 116 R-FGC17436 SNP tested men, most on to R-A494 downstream. You have two R-BY13078 matches, both likely convergent (false), although they will be right alongside you. I would not do any more testing until you can save up for Big Y-700, because anything else would not tell us much more than we already know. Looking at your FF matches, there are 16 4th and 5th to remote Thompson matches. Many female, but also 4 men without any Y testing. I suggest comparing trees with all these matches, and asking the men if they would consider Y testing. These days, FTDNA will allow men to go straight to Big Y-700, with no prior Y testing. That is the cheapest way to get the best results. Remember too, that females will likely know Thompson men who could be interested to do Y testing on their behalf.
Ryan Thompson
September 11 @ 9:05am
Hi thanks for the response. I will certainly invite my matches to join the project. I also appreciate the suggestions. I suppose I will save up for Big Y. It seems to be the next logical step. However, in the meantime, it looks like there is very little doubt that R1b L21>DF13> ZZ10>Z253> FGC17436 is going to be my haplogroup. I guess that is a start and I can start learning what that means. In my ancestry autosomal DNA results, I have a fair amount of Scottish and Norwegian DNA. I know that most of my Norwegian is from my maternal grandfather who was fully Norwegian. But it says I've got some Norwegian and Swedish from my father. I guess the Thompson name makes sense for the Scottish DNA. Anyway, thanks for the help.
Eugene Kelly Eugene Kelly has a question!
September 2 @ 7:02pm
Hi, My YFull result is Z253->R-S844->RS845->R-Y14298->R-A17994. Where can I get information on interpreting both upstream and downstream branches? Thanks.
Eugene Kelly
September 3 @ 5:08am
Thanks for all the information, very helpful. I am not well versed in the subject so trying to get some bearings. My Y grouping information is from YFull based on a Dante test so I am not able to enter it into FTDNA. I am interested in the timing of the branches and see the S845 clade is dated to 293 AD (subject to usual caveats) but what about the later subclades, Y14298 & BY22225? Is there just not enough data yet to date them however approximately? I presume also that the two equivalent clades with different labels (A17994 & BY22225) come from different naming conventions, is this correct? (BTW by a Z253 result I meant I was so classified by YFull)
Dominic O'Ceallaigh Basher
September 3 @ 5:31am
You probably know about the Kelley Project here in FTDNA? Worth joining if not in it already.
John Templer Harper
September 3 @ 8:09am
Eugene, I worked out what you meant, but we use - after the variant name to indicate someone is negative that variant. Prefixes denote the name of the organisation/person who named the variant. Will not be such an issue now that FTDNA have decided to name variants immediately they are discovered, rather than waiting for someone to match the variant. The easiest place to see alternate names is on The Big Tree. On the same row are alternate names; different row are equivalent variants. Age Analysis - Iain McDonald Method (Work in Progress) Using the aging method developed by Iain McDonald, the median age of this block is 1151.56 YBP (799 AD). The 95% confidence interval is 370 AD to 1178 AD. https://www.ytree.net/BlockInfo.php?blockID=2889
Eugene Kelly
September 3 @ 8:48am
Thanks for the clarification about the '-' suffix! Great to see the date calculation for the most recent clade, even though very uncertain it gives a sense of possible timescales. I will look into uploading my data into Ytree. I will also check out the Kelley project.
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
September 2 @ 7:51pm
198796 Sutherland R-FGC3222* Big Y-700 Results Please complete Earliest Known Details with place of birth/lived. https://www.familytreedna.com/my/genealogy R-Z253>FGC3268>ZZ6_1>FGC3220>FGC3222 Clade Best guess 95% confidence interval FGC3222 166 AD (460 BC — 657 AD) http://www.jb.man.ac.uk/~mcdonald/genetics/p312/table.html With 10 unmatched singleton private variants, and 4 Big Y matches. There are 7 sons of R-FGC3222, but also 9 men (including you) with Big Y results waiting for a match that will draw another on the haplotree, hence the asterisk. Sometime in the next month, FTDNA will compare your results with all these men to see if there is a new branch to be drawn, but I suspect not. Your best STR matches are GD 5&6 from Y67, but only one of them has Y111 results. Prye R-FGC3222 61/67 does not have Big Y results, his is a single SNP test result. I see you have a Y12 match with a Sutherland man, who has not progressed beyond; he might be a candidate. Another way, is to contact your 2nd Cousin - 4th Cousin, and 3rd Cousin - 5th Cousin, who include Sutherland in their Ancestral Names. Maybe they know a Sutherland surnamed man who might do Big Y. Confirmed Z253+ and FGC3268+ and ZZ6+ and FGC3222+
John Templer Harper John Templer Harper
September 2 @ 7:07pm
159378 Anderson R-FT156818 Big Y-700 Results Confirmed Z253+ and Z2534+ and ZZ5+ and Z2185+ and BY44331+ and Z2186+ and L1066+ and BY3946+