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R Z253

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Q: I have tested for Big Y, do I need to purchase the Z253 Pack?

        A: No.  Having tested for Big Y, the results of testing the SNPs included in the Z253 Pack has all ready been determined.

Q: I have tested for Big Y, how do I share my BAM file?

        A: From your FTDNA home page, click on "BIG Y Results", then in the upper right there will be a "Download Raw Data" blue button. As on May 2015, this will pop up a form that gives two options regarding your BAM file: 1) "Download BAM" and 2) Share BAM.   For the latter, "Copy" the link to and either post it on the activity feed or send it to the appropriate group administrator (Dennis Wright would be a good choice).  For the former, download the relatively large file to your computer, then make it accessible to someone else by uploading it to a sharing facility like DropBox or GoogleDrive.  If you need help with this, an administrator can provide more details.

Q: There are many administrators, how do I find out which one to contact?

        A: Please take a look at his chart:  Z253 Project Tree and Administrators