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R R1b ALL Subclades

R-M269, R-P25 and R1b of all types Project and Gateway
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About us


The goals of the R1b and Subclades project are to encourage deeper DNA testing to support deeper understanding of the origins and migrations of our male lineages, as R1b people, while helping individuals find family paternal lineages and deep ancestral origins.

This project also performs a gateway service is to support DNA testing steps that will help identify where you fit within R1b and get you to the right subclade project. This project is for Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) tested members or National Genographic Project customers that transfer their results to FTDNA.

This web page and the project in general is geared towards genetic genealogy as a hobby and should not be considered a platform for forensic, legal or academic research. FTDNA policies apply.

Please read Background page under the "About this Group" menu for additional details and instructions on joining.