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Mar 23 2015: The R1b_Haplotypes spreadsheet has been updated with all 67 STR or longer haplotypes in the R1b project. There is a plethora of statistics about R1b STRs built-in including variance, modes, means, counts by STR for all of R1b or selected subsets. Genetic Distances can be calculated to any individual in the file or to the file modal haplotype.

Mar 03 2015: A major clean-up and re-categorization of individuals by subgroupings has commenced.

Mar 01 2014: FTDNA has started to delivery Big Y results.

Nov 2014: FTDNA announces a new product, Big Y. It is a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) offering that scans millions of locations of the Y chromosome to discover new SNPs as well as test for known SNPs. This is the preferred Y SNP testing route as it has the ability to identify SNPs that are useful into the genetic genealogy timeframe - the last several hundred years.

Dec 9 2012: The joining (addition) of deep clade tested members to the major subclade projects has commenced. R1b members will remain in the R1b project, however, so this is just an addition to the subclade projects.

Nov 27 2012: A bulk email went out to all of the current project members that described the project changes and referenced the project's web pages for more details. The new "gateway" process where R1b project administrators will add SNP tested people in the correct major/high level subclade projects is a part of this update. This does NOT remove existing members from the R1b project. They are still welcome. There is an exception to honor an existing agreement. L1+ people and U198+ people will not be added to the R1b-U106 subclade project. Note: The project administrators followed through with the "captcha/reply/send" processes for those members that have spam control filtering in place so every member who wants email updates should have received them.

Nov 2012: The National Genographic Project is reporting Geno2.0 results. The results can be transferred to FTDNA accounts.

Nov 2012: Project reaches 4000 participants. Over 2300 have tested to at least 67 STR markers. Over 500 have tested to 111 STR markers.

Nov 8 2012: The project has gone through a comprehensive restructuring. The project web pages have been completely replaced, except the News archive information (parts of this web page.) The new "gateway" process where R1b project administrators will add SNP tested people in the correct major/high level subclade projects is an integral part of the restructuring.

Oct 2012: Michael W. Walsh joins project as a co-administrator.

Jul 2012: National Genographic Project and FTDNA announce Geno 2.0 SNP test package, which will effectively replace the FTDNA deep clade test package.

Apr 2012: FTDNA deep clade test upgrade, due to the high number of SNPs tested, price goes up to 139 USD

Dec 2011: Project reaches 3500 participants.

Jun 2011: Vincent Tilroe joins project as co-administrator.

Apr 2010: Project re-groupings completed by Tibor Fehér, co-administrator.

Feb 2010: Project reaches 2300 participants.

Aug 2009: Project reaches 2000 participants.

Jul 2009: Project reaches 1800 participants.

Mar 2009: Project reaches 1700 participants.

Dec 2008: Project reaches 1651 participants.

Nov 2008: Project reaches 1600 participants.

Sep 2008: Project reaches 1500 participants.

Mar 2008: FTDNA announces it is now taking orders for the newR1b SNP P312 (rs34276300, aka S116).

Mar 2008: Project reaches 1400 participants

Feb 2008: R1b-U152 Haplogroup Subclade Project Launched by Charles Kerchner

Jan 2008: Project reaches 1300 participants.

Feb 2008: New U Series of Y SNPs launched. FTDNA announced today that they now have several new U Series Y SNP tests available. U152 is equivalent to S28. U106 is equivalent to S21

Sep 2007: Project reaches 1200 participants.

Jun 2007: Project reaches 1100 participants.

Apr 2007: Project reaches 1000 participants.

Feb 2007: Project reaches 900 participants.

Dec 2006: Project reaches 800 participants.

Oct 2006: Project reaches 700 participants.

Sep 2006: Project reaches 600 participants.

Jul 2006: Project reaches 500participants.

Jun 2006: Initial statistics published for Min, Mode, Max and other stats for initial test results for the new 38-67marker upgrade panel offered by FTDNA.

May 2006: Project reaches 300participants.

Apr 2006: R1b Project Modal Haplotype added to Ysearch.org database and link to comparison and genetic distance calculations tools addedto project results page.

Mar 2006: Project hits 200participants mark.

Jan 2006: Project hits 100participants mark.

Dec 2005: R1b Y DNA Haplogroup FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) Project launched by Charles F. Kerchner, Jr, P.E.

We all owe thanks to Dr. Kerchner for his ground-breaking working in initiating and guiding this project through its early years. The original Background, Goals and Results have been replaced as of November 2012. The News page still contains pre-2011 information from Dr. Kerchner. The original Background, Goals, Results and News pages are Copyright (c) 2005-2010, Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. All Rights Reserved.