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Y-haplogroup Q is found in areas of the Nordic countries at around 3-5 % of the population.

Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Nordic countries: Scandinavia, Iceland, Finland

All men with haplogroup Q from these and related areas are welcome members!

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Two main branches of Q in the Nordic countries

The 2 branches of Q found in the Nordic countries are distinct, and have probably arrived here at different times:

They have SNP L56 in common, and are split by L53.

Q-F1161+/F1513+/L940+ (L527+ probable for all these, we need more tests to know) 

This group might have existed in the Nordic countries for a while. It is mainly found in Sweden and Eastern Norway.

Typical STR:

  • (Y12) DYS392=14-15,
  • (Y25) DYS454=12
  • (Y37) DYS607=15, DYS442=12-13, DYS438=12


This is most probably a younger group.It is mainly found on the Norwegian west coast.

Typical STR: 

  • (Y12) DYS392=12-13,
  • (Y25) DYS454=11
  • (Y37) DYS607=13, DYS442=11, DYS438=11

Simple SNP-chart of Q Nordic

ISOGG's page on Y-haplogroup Q.


Gurianov et al. 2013. “Phylogenetic Structure of Q-M378 Subclade Based on Full Y-Chromosome Sequencing.” I: The  Russian  Journal  of Genetic Genealogy ISSN: 1920-2997 http://ru.rjgg.org
- paper on the M378 branch found in large Eurasian areas.

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