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Haplogroup Q-M242 in Northern Europe
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Main Results: Distribution and Phylogenetics 

Y-haplogroup Q-L804 and Q-L527 were originally found in areas of the Nordic countries at around 1-2% of the population. For L527, the highest percentage has been found around the Götaland area of Sweden, and for L804, there is a high density in the Møre og Romsdal area of Norway.  Both branches of Q Nordic have since been identified in the United Kingdom, France, America (with ancestry from Europe), Germany (L804 only), Poland (L527), and the Scottish Islands including the Hebrides, Orkneys, and Shetlands. Q-L804 is the only Q Nordic branch which has so far been found in these Scottish Islands.  In Europe the percentage of Q Nordic is lower than in Scandinavia, being in general, less than 1% of the population. 

Further on this page, the current status of Q-L804 and Q-L527 is presented.

Status July 2020: The phylogentics of the Q-L804

The Q-L804 have three major branches, JN14, BY387 and BY459. Please notice that the flags and geographic references represent the geographic location of the kit owners, not the location of the mutations.

The scale on the right hand side is yBP (years before present) for TMRCA (Tthe most recent common ancestor). Known family groups (shared surname, paper trail or some other evidence of a closer relationship), is drawn with a box around their flags to indicate this relationship (family, shared surname).

Arne Solli, July 2020

Status in December 2019

The Q-L527 and its sub-branches (December 2019)

L527 has grown significantly this year, with many new branches. It is definitely the larger and more complex of the two QNordic branches (Q-L804/Q-L527). Unfortunately many of the new branches have been created by people who are not members of the QNordic or Q-M242 projects, so dating for all of these is very rough. You may see some changes to the existing predicted dates, due to the new BigY700 tests.

Some key features of the Q-L804 and Q-L527

The two branches of the Nordic Q - the Q-L804 and Q-L527 - found in the Nordic countries are distinct, and have probably arrived in Northern Europe at different times. The Q-L804 and Q-L527 have SNP L56 in common, and are split by L53. 

Q-L527 including Q-F1161+/F1513+/L940+ 

This group might have existed in the Nordic countries since 3500 yBP. It is mainly found in Sweden and Eastern Norway. Individuals with Q Nordic haplogrup born outside Scandinavia (UK and US) are probably descendants of Scandinavian vikings and 19th century emigrants.

Typical STR of Q-L527: 

  • (Y12) DYS392=14-15,
  • (Y25) DYS454=12, DYS449=30,
  • (Y37) DYS607=15, DYS570=16-18, DYS442=12-13, DYS438=12

The distribution of the Q-L804+ 

The Q-L804 subgroup is is most probably a younger group. It is mainly found in Scandinavia, with a hot-spot at the Norwegian west coast. 

Typical STR values:

  • (Y12) DYS392=12-13,
  • (Y25) DYS454=11, DYS449=30,
  • (Y37) DYS607=13, DYS570=16-18, DYS442=11, DYS438=11