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Haplogroup Q-M242 in Northern Europe
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1. Should I order the Q-Backbone test?

The Q-Backbone test several SNPs for a good price, however it is not recommended for members of Q Nordic. Please notice: If your haplogroup is Q-M242 and your are predicted to be in the Q-L804 or Q-L527 subgroup the Q Backbone is of NO PRACTICAL USE. If you already are confirmed Q-L804, e.g. by National Geographic, a Q Backbone-test is totally useless.  In stead order either the Q-L527 SNP Pack or Q-L804 SNP Pack according to your predicited haplogroup.

2. I have taken a Y12-test (or Y25 or Y37) should I update?
For haplogoup Q kits Y37 is recommended minimum, but you should consider Y67.

3. What are the benefits of BigY?
Big Y is an expensive product, and whether or not you should upgrade are dependent on several factors. Please contact the administrators for futher advice.

4. Which SNP test should I take?
If you are predicted to be in the Q-L804 group order the "Q-L804 SNP Pack" and if you are in the Q-L527 group order the "Q-L527 SNP Pack". It is not recommended to by single SNPs.

5. I am not english-speaking. Can I ask questions in my own language?
Yes QNordic speaks Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English.

6. I am not living in Scandinavia. Can I join the Q Nordic?

Yes. I your haplogroup is Q (Q-M242) and you suspect ancestry from Europe, you should join.