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Haplogroup Q-M242 in Northern Europe
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July 22nd, 2018
Family Tree DNA (FT DNA) has just recently released an upgrade for members having haplogroup Q-M242, Q-L804 or Q-L527. The upgrades are called “Q-L804 SNP Pack” and “Q-L527 SNP Pack”. This upgrade is NOT relevant if you have already upgraded to BIGY. The price of the upgrade is $34 until 1st of August, then $39. You will find link to the upgrade in the menu label “Add ons & Upgrades” after you log on to FT DNA. If the upgrade is not available on the “Add ons & Upgrade page” please contact us for further instuctions.
The purpose of the test is to locate your position within the existing sub-branches of Q-M242/Q-L804/Q-L527. If you are not sure this test is relevant for you, please contact one of the Q Nordic administrators 

You will find your predicated sub-branch in the result-list of QNordic. I you are predicted Q-L804 upgrade to “Q-L804 SNP Pack”, if you are predicted into the Q-L527 branches buy the “Q-L527 SNP Pack”.
Please notice that this is a prediction and after the upgrade you will get a confirmed location (haplogroup) within QNordic (Q-L804, Q-L527) tree.

You can find more information about the Nordic branch of haplogroup Q at:
We highly recommend this upgrade

February 20th, 2018

Kate Reed has made an update on Q-L804, with new trees. First, there were lots of upgrades in the sales in late 2017, including lots of new 111 markers. This has given us a really good picture of the STRs on each of three main branches; Eastern, Western and British. The updated STR tests (Y67 and Y111) will really help us predict where new members belong. We have also had a few new members join us and hopefully we will get more as they find us. Please let your new matches know we exist if you are in contact with them!

We have also had new BigY tests come in, with one more still to come. This will create several new branches of the QL804-tree , including a very early split on the Eastern Branch. If you are on the Eastern Branch you may notice a new step in your tree (Y9291) where this was created. We are hoping to get YFull updated as soon as FTDNA start releasing BAM files again, so we can get dating for these branches. Until then I’ve included them on the trees with dashed lines.

Finally, we have many new SNPs available to order. If you haven’t taken BigY and would like to know where you belong, then you can test a couple of these instead. The available SNPs are marked in blue at the bottom of all the trees, and they are also listed in the group names on the DNA results page on FTDNA. If you are unsure which one to test just ask one of the admins. For now, you have to order them through the ‘advanced SNP order form’ at the bottom of the haplotree page, but hopefully we will get nice ‘add’ buttons soon.

February 15th,  2018:
The Q Nordic project got 300 members!

15 July 2014:
The Nordic Q-project is started! Information and recruiting is planned for the next weeks.