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2005 - Lance took his first DNA with a limited amount of Markers. 2006 - project started with Lance enhancing his previous test and Gerald taking the test. Though Gerald is not a direct descendant of a male Pimble he was interested to see his own results. See Blog June 2006 entry Gerald’s DNA test kit Apr to Jul 2006 – 3 more tests performed which included the single US result so far, the descendant of George and one where there had been a family name change in the last 100 years. The good news is that there is a 35 out of 37 marker match between the first piece of results from the descendants of Robert and George providing our first DNA link between previously separate family trees. The second piece of good news is with the other two tests. Though there were no matches to Robert / George they will serve as a basis for future tests that will help with tree consolidation. At this stage it was decided that we would encourage future participants to take the test at the 37 marker level. Aug/Sep 2009 - Lance arranged for kit 61480 (descendant of George) to be upgraded to 67 markers. Excellent news - this confirms the relationship between the two family trees. For more detail go to Results page and Y-DNA results page September 2009 – A test was performed on descendant of John which shows no matches with any of the other tests performed to date. Go to Results page and Y-DNA results page