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* Discover information to help you with your family history research * Discover which family trees are related * Validate existing paper family history research * Discover information that might resolve known issues or brick walls * Preserve DNA results for future research, in the event that a male line becomes extinct Most people with the name Pimble and Pymble of English descent can trace their ancestry back to Herefordshire and Gloucestershire in the UK, where four main branches have been identified. They originate with the following people: 1. Robert Pymble (died 1861) who emigrated to Australia in 1821. It is from Robert that Lance and the other Australian Pymbles are descended. We have Lance's DNA as a base comparison point. 2. George Pimble, Cheltenham & Aston, Birmingham (died 1849) birthplace is unknown. We do however know that the DNA test of one of his descendants proves a connection to Robert, though this is way back in history. This knowledge may help in assist in further research of the paper records. Though George and Ann Pimble had 3 sons, all surviving Pimbles in this line come through son Charles Joseph who married Maria Astley in 1854 and who had 5 sons, two of whom have male descendants. a). Charles Joseph who married Ann Stafford in 1887. This is the line where we have a participant’s DNA. b). Arthur who married Gertrude Swetham Holland in 1895. Volunteer participants welcome 3. John Pimble, Herefordshire (died 1857) who Gerald has as his maternal 3xg grandfather. Many of the current South Wales and Norfolk Pimbles are believed to be descended from John. Parish Records do not confirm the declared birthplace he stated on the 1851 census. A single test on one branch of John's descendants shows not direct relationship between John and the Robert / George tree. The three main family lines from John Pimble through to today are: a). Through his son also named John Pimble who married Mary Ann Whittingham in 1846 and their son George William Pimble who married Emily Louisa Webb in 1878. This is the line where we have a participant’s DNA. b). Through his son Thomas who married Jane Parry in 1849, through their son James who married Mary Ann Hoare in 1880. He died in Westbury on Severn in 1930. Volunteer participants welcome c). Through his son William who married Frances Edmunds in 1877, through their son Thomas who married Mary Ann in 1877. He died in 1896 in Penarth. Volunteer participants welcome 4. Thomas Pimble (born 1862 Hartpury, Gloucestershire) emigrated to the US in the late 1890's and is the common ancestor for many of those in the US of English descent. There are few possibilities to test this through the male line in the UK. There is one school of thought that John above is related to Thomas though the paper evidence is not available. Volunteer participants welcome There are other smaller but equally important English non-related trees and it would be helpful for further research if these could be linked into the overall Pimble/Pymbles trees through DNA evidence. Two of these are noted below. 5. Samuel Pimble (born 1808, died 1874 Gloucestershire) where the sole surviving male descendant appears to reside in Canada. Volunteer participants welcome 6. William E Pimble (born 1862 in Connecticut, USA). This is an interesting tree in that William's parents were James and Sarah and they appear to have been born in England. However we can't trace them in England before they emigrated - help would be welcomed. Volunteer participants welcome 7. And then there are African-American Pimbles and we have so far only a single test completed. It would be extremely interesting to pursue this grouping to establish if there is a single Common Ancestor. Volunteer participants welcome If you are descended from one of the main lines visit PIMBLE WEBSITE for more information. If not from one of the 4 main lines please contact one of us.