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Welcome to the Pimble / Pymble DNA Project. The project was set up 2006 and we have interesting, if somewhat limited results, so far. People with this uncommon surname are mostly to be found today in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. Those in the UK, Australia and a significant number of those in the US can trace their descent from a handful of individuals from the counties of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire in the United Kingdom. Participation in the project is an opportunity to uncover information not provided by paper records. The results of test may help you to identify which family tree you belong to and which family trees are related. For more information on the project goals and the seven areas of DNA focus please go to the Project Goals page For more recent news go to the News page and for results received so far please go to the Results page The Y DNA test tells you about your direct male line, which would be your father, his father and so on back in time. The Y DNA test can only be taken by males, if you are female then perhaps you have a father, brother, cousin who might take the test on your behalf. The Y DNA test result contains no personal information and the test is different from those used by forensic scientists in criminal investigations and by doctors to identify paternity. Furthermore the test can NOT identify a unique individual as close male family members (brothers, cousins, uncles) will in all probability have identical results. For more information you might like to read Family Tree DNA FAQ's The Journey of Mankind is recommended watching, it'll take a few minutes only and it's worth it. Click on Journey of Mankind To order your test kit, please click on the "Request to join this Project" on the left. Tests ordered through this project are charged at a special discounted group rate.