European Royalty and American Patriots
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TO JOIN THIS GROUP YOU MUST SEND A JOIN REQUEST FROM YOUR PERSONAL PAGE. It is not possible to join this group until AFTER you have received your Y-DNA or mtDNA test results AND you have provided this information in your request to join. Autosomal testers are unlikely to have genetic proof going back far enough. You will be turned down unless you provide the required information. As a result of unsourced trees found on various internet sites, this project is taking a hard-nosed attitude to pedigree information without verifiable sources - chief of which is DNA. Testers MUST have a DIRECT male line (YDNA) or a DIRECT female line (mtDNA Full Sequence) back to the person you are claiming as your ancestor. This is a DNA project and YDNA and or mtDNA is essential - not autosomal DNA. On your FTDNA Dashboard page (the landing page when you log in) click on the Projects menu head in the upper left part of the page, then click on "Join a Project." When the next screen opens up, click on Surname Projects. In the next screen, click on R. Then on the next page click on the Join Request button. Please include your DIRECT male or DIRECT female tree so that the Project Administrators have a chance to confirm that you are an actual or likely member of Royalty. Do not include women in a Male tree. Do not include men in a Female tree. This is a public project so the project reports are viewable. We don't publish your full name or contact info and do respect your privacy. If you do not wish to share results please do not join this project.