European Royalty
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About us

Because to some extent we will be relying on published genealogical trees, gedcom files will continue to be required.

It is a major aim of the group to trace royal origins, which we believe began in the closing days of the Roman Empire. The group is entering into a mature phase, and with a series of published peer-reviewed ancient DNA papers, we believe we can trace royal lines across the European continent, and possibly into the Americas. If you are interested in joining, please survey our emerging results pages for similarities to your own results (please only request to join after you have received sufficient results to compare with the lines introduced in the project) and if you find a match, please make a join request. 

Please note that some well-known DNA profiles of prominent royal persons are disputed by qualified critics on sound genetic and genealogical grounds. At the present time, we will include close matches to all published royal DNA profiles, but do understand that inclusion in this group is not an official endorsement of someone's relationship to European Royalty. Please do not feel bad though if your DNA profile is not found or does not match a published profile or established genealogical tree: due to some quirks in genealogy, King Charles III of the United Kingdom could not prove his descent from Queen Victoria through mitochondrial DNA, so you would be in good company.